18 Seed & Pre-seed Top Venture Capital Firms

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You’ve landed on this blog because you’re looking for the perfect venture capital partner for your early-stage startup. Well, we know it’s hard, so to make it a little bit easier, here are the top VC firms that specifically invest in early-stage startups.

We’re talking about the crème de la crème of top seed funds and top venture capital firms that are eager to invest in startups like yours. You’ll get the inside scoop on what these firms offer beyond just cash, like mentorship, industry connections, and a roadmap to scale your business. 

We’ve handpicked 18 firms that are champions in turning early-stage ideas into market successes. So let’s dive in:

  1. Loyal VC

Loyal VC is a global early-stage investment firm founded in 2018. The firm has made over 100 investments in more than 30 countries. It is supported by a team of over five investing professionals and 250 expert advisors distributed globally across various industries and functions. Notably, 35% of Loyal’s portfolio companies have a woman CEO, and about 45% feature a woman in a leadership role, reflecting the firm’s commitment to diversity and an investment approach that prioritizes company performance over pitches.

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Australia, India, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Egypt, Germany, Taiwan, Israel.

Operating since: 2018

Investment Focus: Consumer Internet,FinTech,EdTech,FoodTech,E-commerce,Enterprise Software/SaaS,MarTech,Cyber Security,Media,Gaming.

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed.

Number of investments: 174

Number of exits: 1

Check size: $10K – $200K

Notable investments: DaDa, Mytm.

Founders/Key People: Kamal Hassan, Michael Kosic.

Website: https://www.loyal.vc

  1. MaC Venture Capital

MaC Venture Capital, established in 2019, is a venture capital investment firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California. MaC Venture Capital invests in technology startups that leverage shifts in cultural trends and behaviors, providing both financial support and strategic guidance

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: United States, Nigeria, Kenya, France, Germany, Ghana, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico.

Operating since: 2019

Investment Focus: Consumer Internet,FinTech,EdTech,Digital Health,Digital Media,E-commerce,Logistics/Infrastructure,Mobile,Services,Regulatory,Productivity,SaaS/Software,B2B/Enterprise.

Stages: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 225

Number of exits: 18

Check size: $500K – $3M

Notable investments: Pipe, Genies.

Founders/Key People: Michael Palank, Marlon Nichols

Website: https://macventurecapital.com

  1. Magic Fund

Magic Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund that was established in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles, California. It primarily focuses on investing at the pre-seed and seed stages. Magic Fund’s unique approach is that it is built by founders for founders, emphasizing a community of founders-turned-investors. The firm’s team consists entirely of founders who have transitioned into investors, offering a distinctive perspective and support system for the startups they invest in.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: United States, Nigeria, India, Canada, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Netherlands

Operating since: 2017.

Investment Focus: FinTech,Health Care,Digital Health,Women’s Health,MarTech,Hospitality Tech,RetailTech,Logistics,Dev Tools,Blockchain,Crypto,SaaS,B2B,Software,Consumer Tech.

Stages: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A.

Number of investments: 172

Number of exits: 9

Check size: $10K – $10M

Notable investments: Retool, Bolt

Founders/Key People: Luke Day, Jacob Cohen

Website: https://www.magic.fund

  1. Moonfire Ventures

Moonfire Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Europe, is focused on investing in technology startups with high potential to become world-leading companies. The firm is recognized for combining a human and tech approach, leveraging proprietary machine learning models and software across the venture capital value chain. This innovative approach allows Moonfire Ventures to address founder challenges at scale, with enhanced knowledge and speed.

Headquarters: UK

Investment Geography: United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland.

Operating since: 2003.

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software,FinTech,Entertainment,Digital Media,AR,VR,Gaming.

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 33

Number of exits: 0

Check size: $100K – $2M

Notable investments: Faculty, Pento

Founders/Key People: Mattias Ljungman, Mike Arpaia

Website: https://www.moonfire.com

  1. N49P Ventures

N49P is a venture capital firm that concentrates on seed-stage investments in Canadian technology startups. Founded in 2019, N49P is actively seeking new investments and operates primarily out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. N49P’s investment strategy is characterized by its focus on early-stage Canadian venture scale technology startups, spanning a broad range of industries and business models, with a preference for software companies. The firm’s approach is tailored to startups at various stages of development, from idea and pre-product to the seed round​​​​.

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: USA, Canada

Operating since: 2019.

Investment Focus: Software,SaaS,B2B,Enterprise,FinTech, PropTech,HealthTech, EdTech, Blockchain,AI/ML,Cyber Security,HRTech,Consumer Tech

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A.

Number of investments: 40

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $100K – $1M

Notable investments: Moonshot Brands, Voiceflow

Founders/Key People: Alex Norman, Omar Dhalla

Website: https://www.n49p.com

  1. New Stack Ventures

New Stack Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Chicago, Illinois, known for investing in early-stage startups, particularly those that are pre-revenue, in pilots/proofs of concept, or in the early stages of commercialization. The firm is recognized for its approach of making angel, pre-seed, and seed stage investments. After its first fund demonstrated top decile performance, New Stack Ventures raised a significantly larger second fund of $42.6 million to further its investment strategy, reflecting its commitment to supporting transformative startups​​​​​​​​​​.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: United States, Canada

Operating since: 2015

Investment Focus: DeepTech,HardTech,Internet of Things,Smart Hardware,Connected Devices,Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain,Marketplaces,Platforms,Enterprise/B2B Software,SaaS for legacy industries.

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 61

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $200K – $2M

Notable investments: Hologram, FiarMarkIT

Founders/Key People: Nick Moran, Gregory Thompson

Website: https://www.newstack.com/

  1. New York Venture Partners

New York Venture Partners, founded in 2014, is an angel group based in New York City. It focuses on early-stage companies, particularly in seed rounds, and has a portfolio of 65 companies. New York Venture Partners provides an ecosystem of financing, mentorship, and strategic marketing consulting, targeting pre/seed startups. The group is known for its commitment to creating deep relationships with founders and has a particular interest in diverse teams using technology to address significant challenges in various strategic areas.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: United States, UK, Denmark

Operating since: 2014

Investment Focus: Consumer Internet,E-commerce,Digital Media/Social Networks,Hardware/Robotics,Enterprise/B2B,SaaS/Software,Developer Tools.

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A.

Number of investments: 65

Number of exits: 15

Check size: $25K – $1M

Notable investments: Pinterest, Apple

Founders/Key People: Anne Rotondi

Website: http://www.nyvp.com

  1. 1818 Venture Capital

1818 Capital was founded in 2012. This VC firm primarily invests in early-stage startups based in the UK. Additionally, 1818 Venture Capital manages a specific fund, the 1818 Venture Capital Fund, which invests in fintech companies within the UK. One of the firm’s key objectives is to invest in early-stage digital tech startups, specifically pre-seed and seed stages. Their investment strategy is geared towards businesses that not only generate wealth for their clients but also contribute positively to the world.​

Headquarters: UK

Investment Geography: UK, Ireland 

Operating since: 2012

Investment Focus: FinTech, Payments, InsurTech, Digital Health, SaaS, Enterprise Software, CyberSecurity, MarTech, HRTech, LegalTech

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Number of investments: 34

Number of exits: 9

Check size: $25k – $3m

Notable investments: Willo, RideTandem

Founders/Key People: Richard Avery-Wright

Website: https://1818venturecapital.com/ 

  1. 1984 Ventures

1984 Ventures specializes in seed-stage investments, particularly focusing on founders with a strong engineering culture who are addressing real-world problems across various industries. 

They lean towards companies operating in diverse areas such as e-commerce, supply chain management, proptech, and healthcare. The VC firm supports founders with recruiting, fundraising, and founder therapy. 

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Netherlands, Colombia, Australia

Operating since: 2017

Investment Focus: Software (E-commerce, Supply Chain, PropTech, FinTech, HealthCare, SaaS, Consumer, Marketplaces, Staffing)

Stages: Seed

Number of investments: 104

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $500k – $1million

Notable investments: Postscript, Kyte, FairMarkIT

Founders/Key People: Ramy Adeeb, Aaron Michel

Website: https://1984.vc/

  1. 2048 Ventures

2048 Ventures identifies itself as a “firm for founders, experienced operators, nerds, and dreamers” and is particularly interested in supporting pre-seed or seed-stage startups. They have a notable track record, having backed over 200 startups, demonstrating their experience and conviction in leading early-stage investment rounds. The firm operates mainly in the United States and Canada and is known for its focus on investing in exceptional first-time entrepreneurs with a strong vision, a mission-driven team, and founder-market fit.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Canada, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia

Operating since: 2018

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software, AI/ML, FinTech, HealthTech, Cyber Security, Dev Tools, Hardware, Genomics, Marketplaces, D2C, Robotics, AR/VR, IoT, Climate, Energy, Space, Mobility

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Post-Seed 

Number of investments: 82

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $500k – $2m

Notable investments: GlossGenius, Soona, Bridge

Founders/Key People: Alex Iskold, Neha Khera

Website: https://www.2048.vc/

  1. Active Capital

Active Capital is a seed-stage VC firm that’s into helping ambitious founders, especially those building the future of cloud infrastructure and B2B SaaS. They’re a group of founders and operators themselves, so they’ve got a pretty hands-on approach. They’re based in Texas, but they invest globally, focusing on B2B SaaS companies that are looking to grow with minimal initial capital. Their style is to lead seed rounds for companies outside Silicon Valley.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Mexico, Italy, Uganda, Canada

Operating since: 2017

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software/B2B SaaS, Cloud Infrastructure

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Number of investments: 104 

Number of exits: 16

Check size: $100k-$3m

Notable investments: Freshbooks, Datarobot,

Founders/Key People: Pat Matthews, Cat Dizon

Website: https://activecapital.com/ 

  1. Act One Ventures

Act One Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles, California, founded in 2016. They primarily focus on investing in pre-seed, seed-stage, and early-stage companies, especially in sectors like e-commerce infrastructure, vertical SaaS, and fintech. Act One Ventures typically writes checks ranging from $100,000 to $1 million. They have the capacity to invest millions more in subsequent funding rounds and are open to leading rounds or joining rounds where another firm leads.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Mexico

Operating since: 2016

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: Enterprise/B2B Software/SaaS (Computer Vision, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Ambient Computing – Voice Controls, Health Care IT)

Number of investments: 72

Number of exits: 10

Check size: $300k-1m

Notable investments: AuditBoard, Afterparty

Founders/Key People: Michael Silton, Alejandro Guerrero

Website: http://www.actoneventures.com/ 

  1. Amplify LA

Amplify LA, founded in 2011 and based in Los Angeles, California, is a pre-seed fund dedicated to supporting strong startups at the earliest stages of their journey. They specialize in making early-stage investments in technology, e-commerce, mobile, healthcare, fintech, gaming, enterprise, and SaaS. Amplify is known for backing LA startups and is a prominent player in the Los Angeles technology scene. 

Headquarters: United States

Investment Geography: USA

Operating since: 2011

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: B2B/Enterprise Software, Consumer Products, Consumer Services, FinTech, CyberSecurity, Blockchain, eSports, Gaming, E-commerce, Retail, Fashion, Digital Health, HealthTech, FoodTech, HRTech, Automobile, Marketplaces 

Number of investments: 158

Number of exits: 51

Check size: $100k – $10 million

Notable investments: Cascade, Fleet Defender

Founders/Key People: Paul Bricault, Oded Noy

Website: http://amplify.la 

  1. Animo Ventures

Animo Ventures is a VC firm that specializes in seed investments across the United States. They are usually the first to back companies from the ideation phase to early traction. The firm primarily invests across the United States, with a focus on sectors such as enterprise, fintech, digital health, B2C/e-commerce, and AI/dev tools. Their investment strategy is both dynamic and aggressive, as they typically invest between $500,000 and $2.5 million in early-stage enterprises. This demonstrates their dedication to nurturing startups and helping them scale​. 

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, Canada, UK

Operating since: 2018

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: Industry Agnostic (B2B/Enterprise, B2C/Consumer, Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, FinTech, Digital Health, Consumer Products/D2C, FoodTech, Marketplaces)

Number of investments: 68

Number of exits: 6

Check size: $500k – $2.5m

Notable investments: Sage, Codi, Lev

Founders/Key People: Nico Berardi, Antonio Osio

Website: https://animo.vc 

  1. Antler

Antler started in Singapore in 2017, and has quickly become a big name in the early-stage investment scene. They’re famous for being the go-to investor from the very start, focusing on early-stage companies. By 2023, Antler was crowned the most active seed stage VC firm globally by Pitchbook. They’re not just about the numbers, though; they’re deeply invested in nurturing startups that are changing the game, creating jobs, and making a positive impact​​​​. Region-wise, Antler has a strong footing in the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian regions, thanks to its Singaporean roots.

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Indonesia, Norway, Germany, India, South Korea, Denmark, Vietnam, Canada, Kenya, France, Brazil, Pakistan, Finland, Malaysia, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Philippines, UAE, 

French-Guiana, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, Japan, Federated States of Micronesia, Lithuania, China, Latvia, British Virgin Islands, Colombia, Estonia, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Austria, Ethiopia

Operating since: 2017

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: AI/Machine Learning, Consumer Tech, EdTech, Energy, FinTech, Food and AgriTech, HealthTech, HRTech, Logistics and Manufacturing, Media and Communication, Mobility, PropTech, Retail and E-Commerce, SaaS

Number of investments: 1175

Number of exits: 77

Check size: $250k

Notable investments: Xanpool, SuperOrdinary, Airalo

Founders/Key People: Edward Knight, Andrea Hajdu-Howe, Anthony Millet

Website: https://www.antler.co 

  1. Arali Ventures

Arali Ventures is a VC firm focused on investing in early-stage companies, particularly in the B2B technology sector. The firm has a keen eye for startups in various tech domains, including SaaS, robotics, fintech, healthtech, and more. Regarding check sizes, Arali usually puts in anywhere from $300k to $1 million in a startup. Their investments primarily focus on the Indian enterprise-tech landscape, showcasing their expertise in recognizing and elevating promising tech solutions in the region

Headquarters: India

Investment Geography: India, USA, Norway

Operating since: 2017

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: DeepTech Enterprise/B2B Tech (Software, AI, Robotics)

Number of investments: 26

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $300k – $1m

Notable investments: FinBox, Wingman

Founders/Key People: Arun Raghavan, Harshal Gupta

Website: https://araliventures.in 

  1. Arka Venture Labs

Arka Venture Labs is an early-stage accelerator fund that backs B2B entrepreneurs from India who are building global companies. Launched in 2018, they provide not just capital but also mentorship and access to the startup ecosystems of both Silicon Valley and India. They like to give the first institutional check for pre-seed and seed-stage startups, typically investing up to $400K in each company. Arka’s got a sharp focus on B2B tech/Enterprise/SaaS startups looking to build a global company with their primary customer being in the US/Northern Europe. Their portfolio includes more than 33 diverse startups.

Headquarters: India

Investment Geography: India, USA, Singapore

Operating since: 2018

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed 

Investment Focus: Indian B2B startups (Enterprise Software, B2B, B2B2C, RetailTech, HealthTech, FinTech, Smart City, AgTech, TravelTech, EdTech, Automotive, Energy and Utilities, DeepTech)

Number of investments: 34

Number of exits: 6

Check size: $100k – $400k

Notable investments: ObviouslyAI, Essenvia

Founders/Key People: Yashwanth Hemaraj, Aarushi Khanna

Website: https://arka.vc 

  1. Array Ventures

Array Ventures, a venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California, focuses on empowering early-stage startups through strategic guidance, equity-based investments, and a comprehensive ecosystem of services. Established in 2015, they specialize in investing in startups that use revolutionary technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and enterprise solutions to solve impactful problems and reshape industries. The firm primarily invests in the United States, particularly in companies that are about 2-3 years old and are in sectors like SaaS and machine learning​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, India, Netherlands, Sweden 

Operating since: 2015

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: Enterprise DeepTech, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, AI/ML, Workflow Automation, B2B (HealthTech, RetailTech, EdTech, CyberSecurity, SaaS, Communication) 

Number of investments: 79

Number of exits: 18

Check size: $1m – 3m

Notable investments: Oro Labs, XWING

Founders/Key People: Shruti Gandhi

Website: https://www.array.vc 


And there you have it! You’re now armed with insights on 18 of the best VC firms out there, ready to fuel startups at the seed and pre-seed stages.

Remember, choosing the right VC is more than just securing funds; it’s about finding a partner who believes in your vision and can propel your business forward. As you embark on this exciting phase of your startup journey, keep these firms in mind and tailor your pitch to resonate with their philosophies.

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