EarlyNode is an Indie HoldingCo and SaaS Startup Studio.

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B2B SaaS
Increasing product retention by updating users fast & easy

Announce your latest product release notes with an in-app widget and standalone changelog site.

StageOne Studio

Launch new products & features in weeks, not months

Supporting SaaS companies using React and Node.js by shipping new products & features as an extension of their in-house engineering team.

EarlyNode Ventures


Investing in early-stage B2B SaaS Startups

Together with selected angel investors we invest in pre-seed B2B SaaS and other startups. 


The Future of European Tech Recruiting

CARA connects leading tech companies with the best female engineers from Europe, providing a seamless and simple experience for talents and companies alike.

Elastic Engineers

Building Your React Frontend

Elastic Engineers is used by agencies and startups to get React & React Native frontends built by specialized developers.

What drives us

We build remote-first companies focused on creating more value than we capture.


No outside investors. Only founders committed for the long haul.


Always striving to create long-term value for our companies, employees and customers.


Seeking meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

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