How To Hire a React Developer Through an Outstaffing Agency

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  1. Outstaffing provides you with individual developers who become a part of your team and work under your supervision.
  2. Outstaffing is more cost-effective and flexible, allowing you to scale the size of your team up or down as needed.
  3. Contact the agency and define your requirements.
  4. The agency gives you a candidate based on your specs + availability.
  5. Interview & vet the candidate based on technical skills, portfolio, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.
  6. Discuss pricing and contract details, sign the contract, and start working together.

As the demand for SaaS apps continues to grow, ReactJS has emerged as a popular choice for developers. But finding the right ReactJS developer for your project can be a daunting task. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of outstaffing and how it can help you find the perfect ReactJS developer for your project. From the benefits of outstaffing to the step-by-step hiring process, we’ll give you the tools you need to make a successful hire. 

So if you’re looking to build an exceptional web app, keep reading to learn how to find your perfect ReactJS developer through an outstaffing agency.

Why is ReactJS so popular?


When it comes to software development, ReactJS is a miracle worker. Its reusable components are a godsend for developers, who can create custom apps with ease. Components come with their logic, rendering control, and can be reused across multiple apps with the same functionality, significantly reducing development efforts while ensuring flawless performance.

Fast Rendering

ReactJS boasts the virtual DOM feature, allowing developers to define their app’s structure and improve performance while keeping components unaffected. This ensures a top-notch user experience, as the loading of web pages is sped up, resulting in faster response times and happy users.


Stability is key for business apps that prioritize quality and user-friendliness. ReactJS has a stable core and downward data flow, allowing developers to make changes to its structure without affecting other app elements.


Mobile compatibility is essential in today’s digital age. ReactJS provides mobile-friendly applications with cross-platform capabilities, which translates to a broader audience for your web app.

Popular & vast community support

ReactJS has a vast and supportive community, including Netflix, PayPal, NASA, and Facebook. As a result, ReactJS is quickly becoming a popular choice for front-end development.

Outstaffing vs. Outsourcing

These two are common ways of hiring developers to handle your project, but people think they’re the same thing.

Outsourcing agencies typically provide a team of developers who work on your project remotely. They manage the team, oversee the development process, and deliver the final product. 

Outstaffing agencies, on the other hand, provide you with individual developers who work exclusively on your project. These developers become a part of your team and work under your supervision, but they’re technically employed by the outstaffing agency. 

You have complete control over your projectAgency handles almost every aspect of software development
You only pay for the developer you needYou may be paying for a team of developers, even if you don’t need all of them
Might be a bit slower since you still have to go through a recruitment process and other aspects of businessOptimized for speed since the agency already has experts and is solely focused on the project
The developer is part of your in-house team and is under your supervisionThe agency works outside your in-house team

Why should you hire a React developer from outstaffing agencies?

Outstaffing agencies come with a lot of benefits. This is why you should consider them: 

  1. Outstaffing agencies are more cost-effective than other business models because you only pay for the developers you need.
  2. You get access to a good developer who is fully dedicated to your project.
  3. You still get full control over your project, unlike with outsourcing agencies. 
  4. With outstaffing, you have more flexibility to scale the size of your team up or down as needed. You can add or remove developers from your team based on your project’s changing needs.

Hiring a React developer from an outstaffing agency: Step-by-step process

Hiring from an outstaffing agency is quite straightforward: 

  1. Contact the agency and define your requirements. After researching and settling on the agency of your choice, reach out to them and lay out the scope of your project and your requirements. 
  2. The agency gives you a candidate based on your specs + availability
  3. Interview & vet the candidate. You need to review the candidate to see if they’re a right fit before you proceed. Interview them based on: 
  • Technical skills
  • Portfolio
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  1. Discuss pricing and contract details, such as NDA, IP rights, etc.
  2. Sign the contract and start working together
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