How to Prepare for a Product Marketing Interview in a SaaS Company

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So, you’re interested in working in product marketing at a SaaS company. Whether you have an interview date set or you’re waiting to get called in for one you have to be prepared for the interview.

This article will take you through the basic preparation process for a product marketing interview in a SaaS company.

What is product marketing and what are the responsibilities of a product marketing manager?

Product marketing is the engine that takes products to market and ensures they stay there. Product marketers play multiple roles, such as crafting a compelling story that effectively communicates the product’s messaging and positioning. 

They ensure that product launches go smoothly and that your sales team has the necessary materials to effectively promote the product, such as brochures and slides.

What do SaaS companies look for when hiring product marketers?

Determining the necessary skills for a product marketing position can be challenging. Here are things SaaS companies look out for when hiring for product marketing positions. 


As a product marketer you must understand the customers’ perspectives to properly address any issues they may have with the product. By doing so, you can tailor their efforts to stir up genuine emotions about the product.

Collaboration skills

Product marketers are front-line players in successfully launching products in the SaaS industry. However, you’ll have to work collaboratively with devs, sales experts, executives, and external stakeholders to ensure the product’s success.


As a product marketer in the SaaS industry, you have many things to take care of. Your success relies on how you multitask effectively. To make the most impact, prioritize the tasks and campaigns that generate the most attention whilst concentrating on the major projects that will have a significant effect.

Communication skills

As a product marketer, your role is to bridge the communication between the company and the customers. Your main objective is to communicate effectively through compelling and straightforward messages that highlight your product’s benefits.

How to prepare for an interview

Here are some tips to help in your preparation process. 

Carefully examine the job description

To succeed in your SaaS product marketing interview position, you must thoroughly understand the company’s expectations. 

This involves carefully reviewing the job posting and taking note of the outlined responsibilities. By doing so, you’ll have a better idea of whether you’re a good fit for the job and if it’s the right fit for you.

Investigate the company

Gain a clear understanding of the company by reading blogs or interviews featuring the CEO. 

Also catch up with someone who’s already in the company for a chat. It’s a good way to understand what sort of challenges you might come across and what the atmosphere is like in the office.

Plus, it shows you’re genuinely keen and taking the initiative about the role. 

Get fully engaged and involved

When interviewing for a product marketing position, crank up your knowledge about the company’s products. Try using them yourself, especially if there’s a freemium version available, and make notes on what works well and what could be improved. 

Stay up-to-date with industry news by setting up alerts and reading customer reviews of the product.

This will demonstrate your proactive and informed approach, as well as give you insight into the company’s culture.

Understand the OKRs

To better understand the daily tasks you’d be handling, try finding out the OKRs of product marketers. This will also allow you to whip up some impressive ideas to showcase during your interview. It’s a surefire way to make a lasting impression.

Plan your questions

During every job interview, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions. Take up that  chance to show interest in the position and learn more about it. 

Research the company beforehand so that you don’t ask questions that you are expected to know the answer to, such as their target audience.

Instead, ask about the team size and structure, the role of product marketing within the company, how they measure success or the communication flow between different departments.


There’s no guaranteed list of interview questions, but you’ll generally face two types: behavioral questions such as “What are your strengths?” and role-specific such as “Can you walk us through your last product launch?”. 

Rehearse these common questions, focusing on how your skills benefit the business and keeping your responses structured. 

Pro tip 💡: prepare flexible answers for general questions, and link it back to the question asked.

What to do during your Interview

Link your experience

When preparing for an interview, review your past work experience and connect each responsibility listed with specific examples. It’s best to include measurable business impacts, rather than just stating your skills.

For example, instead of saying you’re good at teamwork, share a difficult situation you resolved through collaboration.

You should be prepared to showcase how your actions have influenced real outcomes, such as lead generation, conversion rates, or purchasing decisions.

This approach will demonstrate your comprehension of the role and highlight how you can connect your past experiences and abilities to the job you’re applying for.

Prioritize the customer

As a product marketer, your ultimate aim should be centered around your customers, acting as their voice throughout product launches. To understand them better, dig into the company’s current customer base and read as many reviews as possible on platforms like Product Hunt, G2 Crowd, Trust Pilot, and even social media.

This research will set the stage for a meaningful conversation about the company’s future objectives and where you believe you can contribute.

Focus on outcomes, not activities

A common error product marketers make during interviews is listing past activities without tying them to tangible business outcomes. 

Remember, it’s assumed that experienced marketers have handled messaging, sales enablement, or product launches. But, the key is in the impact – the product adoption, revenue influence, market share growth, or churn reduction. 

Be clear about your goal and how your actions helped the business achieve that.

Base decisions on data

Business outcomes are like company goals. These could be, making more cash, growing your market presence, or encouraging folks to use your products more. 

You might aim to wow big clients, keep customers loyal, or have happy customers bring in new ones. Track these goals using data to level up in the SaaS world.

Ask strategic questions

Instead of focusing on tactical, lower-level questions, try to stand out by asking strategic ones that show you can think critically. Try not to ask questions but to engage in a conversation that shows you’re not just ticking a box but genuinely understanding and thinking about the answers.

Our advice? Come prepared with at least three strategic discussion points for your next interview.

To ace your job interview, understand the company and its needs as deeply as a product marketing manager knows their customers. Do your homework on the company and see how your unique skills can become their solution.

Always remember, you are the product they’re in the market for, and they are your customer. Think of yourself as the answer to their needs, because, in truth, they’re buying what you’re selling.

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