12 Must-Read SaaS Newsletters For Founders

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For SaaS professionals, staying current on industry trends is essential. However, finding the time to read with multiple resources can be overwhelming. And the information may not always be helpful at times. That’s where newsletters come in, providing a convenient and timely way to stay informed without having to navigate multiple media sources or read entire articles.

Today, we’re giving you a list of the best SaaS newsletters you can subscribe to keep up with industry trends and developments.

Let’s dive in.


  1. Swipe Files
  2. The SaaS Operator
  3. SaaStr
  4. The Bootstrapped Founder
  5. The SaaS Weekly
  6. The SaaS Revolution
  7. Product-Led Newsletter
  8. PeerSignal
  9. SaaS Playbook
  10. SaaS Roundup
  11. Forget The Funnel
  12. Startup Business Tips

What Makes A SaaS Newsletter Perfect?

SaaS companies often create newsletters to keep their subscribers updated on the latest industry news, product releases, and other important information. But, not all newsletters are created equal.

A good SaaS newsletter has certain qualities that make it stand out from the rest.


One of the most important aspects of a successful SaaS newsletter is valuable content. Newsletters that are packed with high-quality and relevant information that brings value to subscribers are more likely to succeed than those that do not. SaaS companies that publish newsletters full of interesting and valuable information are more likely to keep people engaged and subscribed for longer periods.


Another crucial aspect of a successful SaaS newsletter is current content. If a newsletter stops providing new and current content, subscribers may lose interest and unsubscribe, impacting customer loyalty. Therefore, it is important to consistently provide subscribers with fresh and up-to-date content that keeps them engaged.


The design of a newsletter plays a significant role in its success. Eye-catching colors and design make newsletters more attractive and increase the chances of them being read and shared. Personalization is also an effective way to grab readers’ attention. You can use their names or info that matters to them in the subject lines. This way, they’re more likely to read your emails and engage with your brand.

Best SaaS Newsletters

1. Swipe Files

Best For: SaaS marketing insights & practical tips.

Swipe Files is a newsletter for SaaS founders looking to build a reliable marketing strategy. It was created by SaaS growth expert Corey Haines, who shares his priceless tips and strategies for effective SaaS marketing in this weekly newsletter.

Whether you’re a first-time founder or a SaaS veteran, Swipe Files provides tested and proven marketing tactics and industry insights to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

2. The SaaS Operator

Best For: SaaS marketing, product strategy, hiring, and fundraising tips from featured SaaS experts.

The SaaS Operator by EarlyNode is a 5-minute weekly newsletter packed with insights and actionable tips and strategies for SaaS founders. It covers a wide range of SaaS topics from product strategy to sales, PLG, fundraising, and hiring.

What really makes this newsletter different is that you get hot tips from real SaaS veterans; people who have been there and done that, growing and scaling startups from 0 ARR to $10M+ ARR.

Some experts who have been featured include Corey Haines (Swipe Files), Kipp Bodnar (HubSpot), Lauryn Isford (Notion) and many more.

3. SaaStr

Best For: New trends, b2b market news, & saas updates.

This top-rated blog and community, founded in 2013 by Jason Lemkin, is dedicated to helping startups become more successful and achieve their goals.

The SaaStr newsletter is a weekly digest that provides a deep dive into everything new in the SaaS industry, from blogs and podcasts to news and tweets. The team at SaaStr is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who bring a unique perspective to the content they publish.

With over 250,000 members, the SaaStr community is incredibly engaging and supportive.

4. The Bootstrapped Founder

Best For: Bootstrap advice and growth tactics.

If you’re a bootstrapped founder in search of practical strategies to expand and run your business, the Bootstrapped Founder’s newsletter is the place for you.

It is written by serial entrepreneur Arvid Kahl, who founded Feedback Panda and wrote Zero to Sold. Arvid’s experience as a successful entrepreneur shines through in every issue of the newsletter, which is chock-full of insights and strategies for bootstrapping and audience building.

From practical tips on marketing and sales to advice on product development and customer acquisition, you’ll find everything you need to scale your bootstrapped SaaS.

5. The SaaS Weekly

Best For: SaaS weekly news, case studies, & updates.

For SaaS startup founders looking to stay on top of the latest strategies and stories in the industry, SaaS Weekly is the perfect newsletter. Created by founder Ian Ito, this weekly newsletter filters out loads of information about the industry and provides you with only the most actionable insights.

You’ll get articles and case studies, tips, and tricks for growing your SaaS business in this weekly digest. And with Ian’s help, you’ll be able to build a successful and sustainable SaaS business.

6. The SaaS Revolution

Best For: SaaS insights from other SaaS veterans.

Looking for a reliable source of SaaS insights? Look no further than The SaaS Revolution newsletter, powered by SaaStock.

This weekly newsletter is packed with valuable content from experienced entrepreneurs and investors who provide a well-rounded view of the SaaS industry as it applies to startups, funding, and enterprise software.

With exclusive offers and updates on SaaStock events, it’s the ultimate resource for anyone looking to stay informed and connected in the world of SaaS.

7. Product-Led Newsletter

Best For: Learning to transform your product into growth tool.

Leading your growth with your product as the speartip is kinda new in SaaS – there’s still so much to learn and only a few have embraced this new style. The Product-Led Institute, a hub for SaaS veterans, wants the entire industry to shift toward a product-led growth approach.

They help SaaS founders in starting a product that keeps up with modern trends and drives growth.

Wes Bush, the chief at PLG Institute, sends out this weekly newsletter filled with juicy insights and valuable resources to rev up your product engines to become the drivers of your company’s growth. If you’re keen on turbocharging your business, this newsletter is a must-read. 

8. PeerSignal

Best For: Carefully curated saas market data.

PeerSignal is your go-to source for real, easy-to-understand market data. They send out carefully curated insights that have become a staple for top exec teams, helping them make informed, day-to-day decisions.

This data-driven newsletter is a must-read for every SaaS entrepreneur.

9. The SaaS Playbook

Best For: SaaS strategies & real-life case studies.

This newsletter from Scaleworks is a masterpiece if you want to scale your business. It is packed with tactics, strategies, and practical insights to help you scale your SaaS business.

With The SaaS Playbook, you’ll find juicy case studies from businesses sharing what has and hasn’t worked for them. As well as the latest industry news, and interviews with SaaS experts.

10. SaaS Roundup

Best For: All about the saas insights & data charts.

This is a weekly newsletter delivered by ChartMogul, an analytics platform for subscription-based businesses.

SaaS Roundup is a perfect summary for busy SaaS professionals looking for the most important news and actionable insights of the week in a quick read. From the latest product updates from top SaaS companies to recent developments in the sector, SaaS Roundup covers it all.

With founder Nick Franklin at the helm, you’ll get the most relevant insights and news about the industry.

11. Forget The Funnel

Best For: SaaS marketing tips & strategies.

Founded by Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop, Forget The Funnel is a weekly newsletter packed with marketing strategies and insightful interviews to help you create a flawless SaaS funnel. You will get access to unlimited exclusive interview guides in your inbox.

It is free to subscribe to and is full of advice to market your business, improve your sales process, or use social media to grow your business.

12. Startup Business Tips

Best For: B2B SaaS strategy & growth tips.

Startup Business Tips is a bi-weekly newsletter written by Alexander Estner who has over a decade experience in SaaS and marketplaces.

Every issue, readers get 3 actionable B2B SaaS GTM tactics and strategies. The newsletter is completely free and comes with bonus templates and frameworks.

A weekly dose of insights to grow your SaaS.

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