15+ Tailored DALL-E Prompts for Podcast Producers

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Hey there Podcast Producers! Imagine being able to make amazing pictures for your podcast without needing to be a pro artist. That’s where DALL-E comes in. It can generate anything you want just by telling it what to create. We’ve got a bunch of prompts that you can use to make DALL-E create super cool images for your podcast. Let’s dive in and see what these prompts are.

20 DALL-E Prompts for Podcast Producers

1. Podcast Cover Art Creation: “Create an eye-catching podcast cover featuring [central theme/subject], with a vibrant color scheme. Include the podcast title ‘[Podcast Title]’ and subtitle ‘[Subtitle]’ in a modern font.”

2. Social Media Graphics: “Design a social media graphic for a podcast episode. Include the quote ‘[Quote from Episode]’, the episode title ‘[Episode Title]’, and a background that visually represents [theme/topic].”

3. Website Imagery: “Generate a website banner for a podcast site featuring a collage of themes including [List of Themes], with the podcast’s name ‘[Podcast Name]’ prominently displayed.”

4. Visualizing Episodes: “Illustrate a scene from podcast episode ‘[Episode Title]’ where [specific scene description]. Use a style that’s [realistic/cartoonish/etc.], focusing on [key elements].”

5. Merchandise Design: “Create a design for [type of merchandise, e.g., T-shirt] with the slogan ‘[Slogan]’ and imagery that represents [podcast theme/subject].”

6. Promotional Posters: “Generate a promotional poster for [Podcast Name]. Include the title, a compelling image representing [specific topic/theme], and the tagline ‘[Tagline]’.”

7. Storyboarding for Video Versions: “Create a storyboard frame for a podcast video on [topic/subject]. Include key elements [list elements], ensuring it visually narrates [part of the episode/story].”

8. Animation Frames: “Design an animation frame that depicts [specific action or scene] from the podcast episode ‘[Episode Title]’, styled in [desired animation style].”

9. Infographics: “Generate an infographic for podcast episode ‘[Episode Title]’ covering the topic of [topic]. Include key statistics [list statistics] and a color scheme that reflects [chosen theme/colors].”

10. Guest Portraits: “Create a portrait of [Guest’s Name], styled in [desired style, e.g., digital painting]. Incorporate elements that reflect their personality or expertise in [field/topic].”

11. Themed Backgrounds for Video Calls/Interviews: “Design a virtual background for video interviews with a theme of [specific theme or podcast theme], including subtle branding of ‘[Podcast Name]’.”

12. Email Newsletter Graphics: “Generate a header image for an email newsletter, incorporating [specific episode theme] and the text ‘[Headline/Title]’ in an engaging design.”

13. Patreon or Crowdfunding Rewards: “Create a digital artwork as a reward for Patreon supporters, featuring [specific request/theme] and personalized with ‘Thank you’ message for ‘[Podcast Name]’ supporters.”

14. Holiday or Special Occasion Artwork: “Design a special [holiday/occasion] themed image for [Podcast Name], blending elements of [holiday/occasion] and podcast-specific themes.”

15. Audiogram Visuals: “Generate a visually engaging background for an audiogram clip, matching the theme of ‘[Episode Title]’ with an overlay of soundwaves.”

16. Podcast Transcription Illustrations: “Illustrate a scene or concept from the podcast transcription ‘[Episode Title]’, focusing on [key moment or theme].”

17. Listener Art Requests: “Create an image based on a listener’s request: ‘[Specific Request]’, interpreting it in a style that reflects [Podcast Name]’s ethos.”

18. Episode Thumbnails: “Design a thumbnail for ‘[Episode Title]’, featuring [key visual element] and the episode number in a clear, readable font.”

19. Visual Jokes or Memes: “Create a meme or visual joke related to [specific podcast topic or inside joke], ensuring it aligns with the tone and style of ‘[Podcast Name]’.”

20. Fan Interaction: “Generate an image inspired by [fan suggestion/theme], incorporating elements that connect to [specific episode or podcast theme].”


And there you have it, a handy guide to using DALL-E prompts to make your podcast visually stunning! With these prompts, you can ask AI to make all sorts of cool pictures for your podcast. From designing your podcast cover to making funny memes, there’s so much you can do.

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