12 Best Venture Capital (VC) Firms In Toronto

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Toronto is a bustling hub for entrepreneurs and startups, full of opportunities for growth. If you’re on the hunt for investment, you’re in the right place. We’ve carefully selected the top 12 VC firms that are making waves in Toronto’s startup ecosystem. These firms are known for their commitment to nurturing new businesses. 

Framework Venture Partners

Framework Ventures is a venture capital firm that specializes in blockchain technology. It’s a thesis-driven firm that actively collaborates with founders to build token-based networks and develop the necessary crypto-economics, governance, and community structures to scale. Their investment focuses on reshaping consumer and enterprise web business models through permissionless innovation enabled by blockchain technology. Framework Ventures is known for partnering with teams to facilitate the global transition to decentralized technology. 

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: Canada, China, USA, UK, India, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, Vietnam, Ukraine, France, Denmark, Greece, Nicaragua, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Finland

Operating since: 2018

Stages: Series A,Series B,Series C

Investment Focus: Enterprise (FinTech,InsurTech,AI,ML,Big Data,Business Intelligence, SaaS, Cloud, Mobile,Retail,E-commerce,FoodTech,Data-Driven Services)

Number of investments: 29

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $3m – $10m

Notable investments: Andalusia Labs, Incode Technologies

Founders/Key People: Michael Anderson, Vance Spencer

Website: https://www.framework.vc 

Genesys Capital

Genesys Capital is a prominent venture capital firm specializing in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. They focus on building companies in these high-growth areas. With over $250 million invested, Genesys Capital has an impressive portfolio, comprising 38 companies and achieving 18 exits. Their investments are mainly in innovative areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and more. Their successful track record reflects their approach to investment and company building.

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: USA, Canada, Spain, Switzerland

Operating since: 2000

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: Life Sciences (BioTech, AI, Data Analytics, Biopharma, Pharma, Software, Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, MedTech)

Number of investments: 61

Number of exits: 26

Check size: $1m – $20m

Notable investments: InVitae, Inversago Pharma

Founders/Key People: Yves Checoury, Kelly Holman

Website: https://www.genesyscapital.com 

Georgian Partners

Georgian, formerly known as Georgian Partners, is a fintech company specializing in growth-stage software companies. Georgian’s investment focus remains on high-growth B2B software companies, generally targeting investments in the range of $25 million to $75 million, typically in Series B or later rounds. The company’s strategy includes investing in companies with a minimum of $500k in monthly recurring revenue, looking to raise $25 million or more, and led by strong teams aligned with their thesis areas. Georgian’s fund strategies include Growth Funds, with check sizes ranging from $25M-$50M for Series B, C, and D rounds, and Alignment Funds, offering $100M-$300M checks in late-stage rounds for leading Georgian Growth Fund companies.

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: Israel, UK, USA, Canada, Indonesia

Operating since: 2008

Stages: Series B,Series C,Series D

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software (Applied AI,Security First,Conversational AI)

Number of investments: 125

Number of exits: 26

Check size: $25m – $75m

Notable investments: ClickUp, Devo, Oyster

Founders/Key People: Justin Lafayette, John Berton

Website: https://georgian.io 

Golden Ventures

Golden Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Toronto, Canada, established in 2011 by Matt Golden. It specializes in funding seed-stage companies across North America. The firm’s investment focus includes a wide range of sectors such as manufacturing, business services, consumer products and services, education, energy, eSports and gaming, fintech, food, logistics, media, and e-commerce. Golden Ventures is known for its early-stage investments, predominantly in seed-stage companies, but also provides follow-on investment up to Series A and occasionally beyond. Golden Ventures typically issues initial checks between $500K and $2M.

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: Canada, Singapore, USA, France

Operating since: 2011

Stages: Seed,Series A,Series B

Investment Focus: AdTech, Aerospace, Biotechnology, E-commerce, EdTech, FinTech, FoodTech, Hospitality, HealthTech, Life Sciences, Analytics, Digital Media, Entertainment, Marketplaces, Hardware, MarTech, Material Science, Robotics, Enterprise Software

Number of investments: 183

Number of exits: 34

Check size: $500K and $2M

Notable investments: Zynga, Salesforce

Founders/Key People: Matt Golden, Bert Amato

Website: https://www.golden.ventures 

Information Venture Partners

Information Venture Partners is a Toronto-based investment firm founded in 2014, specializing in early-stage investments in business services, technology, and financial services sector companies across Canada. The firm focuses on supporting startups and growing businesses in these sectors, offering both financial investment and strategic support to help them scale and succeed in competitive markets. With a strong presence in the Canadian venture ecosystem, Information Venture Partners has managed three closed funds as of May 2021, indicating its active engagement in funding and growing innovative companies.

Headquarters: Canada.

Investment Geography: Canada, United States.

Operating since: 2014

Investment Focus: Enterprise FinTech, Enterprise SaaS.

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 77

Number of exits: 23

Check size: $50K – $1M

Notable investments: Verafin, Adaptive Insights

Founders/Key People: David Unsworth

Website: https://informationvp.com/

Loyal VC

Loyal VC is a global early-stage investment firm founded in 2018. The firm has made over 100 investments in more than 30 countries. It is supported by a team of over five investing professionals and 250 expert advisors distributed globally across various industries and functions. Notably, 35% of Loyal’s portfolio companies have a woman CEO, and about 45% feature a woman in a leadership role, reflecting the firm’s commitment to diversity and an investment approach that prioritizes company performance over pitches.

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Australia, India, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Egypt, Germany, Taiwan, Israel.

Operating since: 2018

Investment Focus: Consumer Internet,FinTech,EdTech,FoodTech,E-commerce,Enterprise Software/SaaS,MarTech,Cyber Security,Media,Gaming.

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed.

Number of investments: 174

Number of exits: 1

Check size: $10K – $200K

Notable investments: DaDa, Mytm.

Founders/Key People: Kamal Hassan, Michael Kosic.

Website: https://www.loyal.vc

Mistral Venture Partners

Mistral Venture Partners is a venture capital investment firm established in 2013 and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The firm focuses on making pre-seed and seed investments in companies operating in enterprise software, artificial intelligence, and marketplace sectors. Mistral Venture Partners is distinguished by its team of seasoned investors, who are former entrepreneurs, operators, and long-time venture capitalists, each bringing extensive experience in company building. 

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: Canada, USA, Israel.

Operating since: 2014.

Investment Focus: Enterprise SaaS,Enterprise Software,IoT,Marketplaces,Cloud Computing, AI,ML,Data Analytics,FinTech,Blockchain,CyberSecurity, EdTech, FoodTech,Sensors,Telcom,LegalTech,HRTech,MarTech.

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 64

Number of exits: 7

Check size: $100K – $2M

Notable investments: Ritual.co, Rewind

Founders/Key People: Pablo Srugo, Code Cubitt

Website: https://mistral.vc

N49P Ventures

N49P is a venture capital firm that concentrates on seed-stage investments in Canadian technology startups. Founded in 2019, N49P is actively seeking new investments and operates primarily out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. N49P’s investment strategy is characterized by its focus on early-stage Canadian venture scale technology startups, spanning a broad range of industries and business models, with a preference for software companies. The firm’s approach is tailored to startups at various stages of development, from idea and pre-product to the seed round​​​​.

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: USA, Canada

Operating since: 2019.

Investment Focus: Software,SaaS,B2B,Enterprise,FinTech, PropTech,HealthTech, EdTech, Blockchain, AI/ML,Cyber Security,HRTech,Consumer Tech

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A.

Number of investments: 40

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $100K – $1M

Notable investments: Moonshot Brands, Voiceflow

Founders/Key People: Alex Norman, Omar Dhalla

Website: https://www.n49p.com

OMERS Ventures

OMERS Ventures is a venture capital investment firm based in Toronto, Canada, established in 2011. It is the venture capital arm of OMERS, the pension plan for Ontario’s municipal employees. The firm primarily focuses on technology, media, and telecommunications markets. It operates on a multi-stage investment strategy and has a significant presence with offices in Toronto, Palo Alto, and London. 

Headquarters: Canada (Toronto)

Investment Geography: Canada, USA, Europe

Operating since: 2011

Investment Focus: AI, ML, HealthTech, Digital Health, PaaS, Synthetic Biology, SaaS, FinTech, AR, VR, MR, Privacy, Consumer,Smart City, Decentralization, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Gaming, eSports, Micro Services, AutoTech, Enterprise Software, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence

Stages: Series A, Series B, Series C

Number of investments: 161

Number of exits: 26

Check size: $3m – $50m

Notable investments: Shopify, Crunchbase, Embark Trucks, Medal, Jobber

Founders/Key People: Jambu Palaniappan, Damien Steel, Michael Yang

Website: https://www.omersventures.com/

Plaza Ventures

Plaza Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Toronto, Canada, established in 2008. It focuses on growth-stage investments, particularly in companies operating in sectors like business products and services, information technology, SaaS, and mobile technologies. The firm primarily invests in the United States and Canada. Plaza Ventures connects growing B2B companies to private capital from successful families, leveraging its expertise to stimulate the Canadian innovation economy. The firm’s approach integrates private investors and deploys capital in high-potential ventures.

Headquarters: Canada (Toronto, Ontario)

Investment Geography: USA and Canada 

Operating since: 2008

Investment Focus: B2B, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Location-based Services, IoT, Smart City, Digital Media, Marketplaces

Stages: Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 55

Number of exits: 21

Check size: $1m – $15m

Notable investments: Symend, Keek, FanXchange

Founders/Key People: Daniel Brothman, Matthew Leibowitz, Daniel Israelsohn

Website: http://www.plaza.ventures/

Ripple Ventures

Ripple Ventures is a venture capital and private equity firm focused on early-stage investments. Founded in 2018 and based in Toronto, Canada, the firm is particularly interested in companies developing creator and developer tools, as well as enterprise software. Ripple Ventures provides both capital and operational support to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. The sectors they are involved in include software, cloud, infrastructure, health tech, cryptocurrency, developer tools, e-commerce, retail, wholesale, fintech, finance, and payments. They are known for investing in stages from Pre-Seed to Series A, showing a commitment to supporting startups through various early phases of growth.  

Headquarters: Canada (Toronto)

Investment Geography: USA, Canada

Operating since: 2018

Investment Focus: B2B Software/SaaS, Enterprise (Workflow Automation, Data Tools)

Stages: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A

Number of investments: 40

Number of exits: 4

Check size: $500k – $2m

Notable investments: Voiceflow, Lula, Wisedocs

Founders/Key People: Matt Cohen, Dominic Lau

Website: http://www.rippleventures.com/ 

StandUp Ventures

StandUp Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Toronto, Canada, that champions seed-stage technology companies led by women. With a strong belief in the unique value women-led companies bring, including innovative thinking, exceptional talent recruitment, and serving larger markets, StandUp Ventures requires at least one woman in a C-level leadership position with equitable ownership for investment consideration. The firm has launched two funds, with the second fund aiming for a target of at least $35 million, indicating strong investor confidence in its focus on gender diversity and the potential of women-led startups.

Headquarters: Canada

Investment Geography: Canada

Operating since: 2017

Investment Focus: Female Founders (Enterprise Software, Digital Health, B2B SaaS).

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 39

Number of exits: 1

Check size: $100K – $1M

Notable investments: Tealbook, Arteria

Founders/Key People: Michelle McBane

Website: https://www.standupvc.com/


Finding the right VC firm is crucial for the success of your startup. In Toronto, you’re spoiled for choice with some of the best in the business. Each of the twelve firms we highlighted has its unique approach to investment and support. Think about what your business needs to thrive and consider these options carefully. The perfect VC firm for you is out there, ready to help you make your mark.

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