14 BEST Venture Capital (VC) Firms in Singapore

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Venture capital firms in Singapore are renowned for propelling businesses to new heights, making the search for the perfect partnership an exciting journey. Whether you’re in the early stages or ready to scale, the best VC firms in Singapore offer more than just financial support; they provide a network, expertise, and a pathway to success

These folks understand the pulse of Singapore’s diverse startup ecosystem – whether you’re breaking ground in fintech, e-commerce, or biotech. Get ready to meet the VCs who can turn your startup dreams into reality in Singapore’s dynamic landscape. 


Antler started in Singapore in 2017 and has quickly become a big name in the early-stage investment scene. They’re famous for being the go-to investor from the very start, focusing on early-stage companies. By 2023, Pitchbook crowned Antler the most active seed-stage VC firm globally. They’re not just about the numbers; they’re deeply invested in nurturing startups that are changing the game, creating jobs, and making a positive impact​​​​. Region-wise, Antler has a strong footing in the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian regions, thanks to its Singaporean roots.

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Indonesia, Norway, Germany, India, South Korea, Denmark, Vietnam, Canada, Kenya, France, Brazil, Pakistan, Finland, Malaysia, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Philippines, UAE, 

French-Guiana, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, Japan, Federated States of Micronesia, Lithuania, China, Latvia, British Virgin Islands, Colombia, Estonia, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Austria, Ethiopia

Operating since: 2017

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: AI/Machine Learning, Consumer Tech, EdTech, Energy, FinTech, Food and AgriTech, HealthTech, HRTech, Logistics and Manufacturing, Media and Communication, Mobility, PropTech, Retail and E-Commerce, SaaS

Number of investments: 1175

Number of exits: 77

Check size: $250k

Notable investments: Xanpool, SuperOrdinary, Airalo

Founders/Key People: Edward Knight, Andrea Hajdu-Howe, Anthony Millet

Website: https://www.antler.co 


BEENEXT is a venture capital firm founded in 2015 based in Singapore. The firm primarily focuses on investments in startups from India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the USA. BEENEXT is particularly interested in tech startups in sectors like the marketplace, Analytics, EdTech, fintech, AI, data, SaaS, IoT, healthcare, and agritech. 

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, USA, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Myanmar, Nigeria

Operating since: 2015

Stages: Seed, Series A

Investment Focus: AgriTech, AI, Analytics, Cloud Kitchen, EdTech, Enterprise SaaS, FinTech, FoodTech, Gaming, Geotagging, HealthTech, HRTech, IoT, Lifestyle, Logistics, Marketplace, Media, Mobility, PropTech, Real Estate, Satellite, Sustainability 

Number of investments: 418

Number of exits: 35

Check size: $100k-$10m

Notable investments: 90 Seconds, 42 Cards

Founders/Key People: Teruhide Sato, Dirk Van Quaquebeke

Website: https://www.beenext.com 

Calibre Ventures

Calibre Ventures is an active venture capital firm that engages in venture capital investments from post-seed up to Series B stages, specifically focusing on enterprise tech start-ups seeking institutional capital to accelerate growth. Calibre Ventures kindles the creative sparks of entrepreneurs to build future technologies and is backed by first-generation entrepreneurs. The firm’s industry focus includes sectors like eCommerce, and they seek to invest in tech-focused companies.

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Denmark, USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania

Operating since: 2019

Stages: Post-Seed, Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: Enterprise Tech (Enterprise Software, AI, Data Analytics, Messaging, Retail)

Number of investments: 3

Number of exits: 1

Check size: $1m – $5m

Notable investments: Deelish Brands

Founders/Key People: Bala Venkatesan, Rachita Jain

Website: https://www.calibreventures.com

Cento Ventures

Cento Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Singapore that was established in 2011. This firm invests in Southeast Asian digital and technology sectors, particularly Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Known for its focus on under-invested emerging digital markets, Cento Ventures seeks companies that blend local insights with proven digital business models. The firm typically invests in Series A startups with 1-2 years of operating experience in Southeast Asia’s emerging markets.

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines

Operating since: 2011

Stages: Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software, AI, FinTech, InsurTech, E-commerce, Fashion, RetailTech, Digital Consumer Services, Consumer Internet, FoodTech, AdTech, JobTech, Digital Media, Digital Entertainment, Marketplaces

Number of investments: 39 

Number of exits: 13

Check size: $5m – $10m

Notable investments: Pomelo, Foodpanda

Founders/Key People: Lee Buckerfield, Ali Fancy

Website: https://www.cento.vc 

Cocoon Capital 

Established in 2016, Cocoon Capital is a venture capital firm headquartered in Singapore. The firm invests in early-stage companies operating in Southeast Asia’s B2B enterprise and deep tech sectors. Cocoon Capital supports a range of sectors, including B2B, B2C, SaaS, e-commerce, and FinTech companies.​

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, USA, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Burma (Myanmar), Australia

Operating since: 2016

Stages: Seed, Series A

Investment Focus: Enterprise (Software, SaaS, Enterprise IT, AI, Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, FinTech, CyberSecurity, AdTech, MarTech, HealthTech, E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain, MedTech, PropTech, EventsTech, Marketplaces)

Number of investments: 52

Number of exits: 4

Check size: $100k – $1m

Notable investments: Buymed, SensorFLow

Founders/Key People: Will Klippgen, Zong Sia

Website: https://cocooncap.com 

Golden Equator Capital

Golden Equator Ventures, a Singapore-based fund management firm, operates under Golden Equator Capital. The firm focuses on creating positive social and commercial impacts through high-growth ventures across Southeast Asia and North Asia. Golden Equator Capital manages various venture capital funds, particularly in the technology and innovation sectors, and private capital funds concentrating on infrastructure, energy, and financial sectors.

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar

Operating since: 2012

Stages: Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software,E-commerce,FinTech,Digital Marketplaces, HealthTech, Media & Entertainment, PropTech

Number of investments: 13

Number of exits: 4

Check size: $1m – $20m

Notable investments: Glints, 17LIVE

Founders/Key People: Shirley Crystal Chua, Rai Rummaan Kharal

Website: https://goldenequatorventures.com 

Golden Gate Ventures

Since its inception, Golden Gate Ventures has launched four funds, managing Assets Under Management (AUM) of approximately $250 million. The firm has made significant strides in the venture capital landscape, having invested in over 170 companies, including 9 unicorns, across various sectors such as social commerce, healthtech, marketplaces, agritech, entertainment, and fintech. Golden Gate Ventures is recognized for its deep involvement in Southeast Asia. 

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Portugal, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Canada, China

Operating since: 2011

Stages: Pre-Seed,Seed,Series A

Investment Focus: Services, Education, E-commerce, Payments, Marketplaces, Mobile, FinTech, SaaS, Entertainment, Fashion, Gaming, Social, Travel, Media

Number of investments: 176

Number of exits: 38

Check size: $500k – $5m

Notable investments: Wellfound, Carro

Founders/Key People: Jeffrey Paine, Vinnie Lauria

Website: https://www.goldengate.vc

Monk’s Hill Ventures

Monk’s Hill Ventures, established in 2014, is a venture capital firm based in Singapore. The firm primarily invests in early-stage and later-stage companies operating in diverse sectors such as software, media, commercial services, SaaS, Mobile, fintech, big data, and TMT, all within the Southeast Asian region. As an active participant in the venture capital landscape, Monk’s Hill Ventures has significantly impacted the growth of tech companies, particularly focusing on Series A and beyond stages of development.

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, Indonesia, United States, Malaysia, Philippines, Estonia, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, United Kingdom

Operating since: 2014.

Investment Focus: Consumer Internet, FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, Social Media, Mobility, TravelTech, B2B Software/SaaS, B2B Services, HRTech, CyberSecurity, AdTech, Logistics, PropTech.

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 72

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $100K – $10M

Notable investments: Ninja Van, Scalable Capital

Founders/Key People: Kuo-Yi Lim, Peng Ong

Website: https://www.monkshill.com

Openspace Ventures

Openspace Ventures, established in 2014, is a Singapore-based venture capital firm specializing in the Southeast Asian market. The firm focuses on various sectors like logistics, fintech, agtech, edtech, healthtech, cleantech, and B2B SaaS. The firm’s team comprises 25 members of 12 nationalities, with offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, and an upcoming office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Headquarters: Singapore 

Investment Geography: Southeastern Asian markets from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore, among others

Operating since: 2014

Investment Focus: Consumer Brands, E-commerce, HealthTech, FinTech, EdTech, AgTech, Enterprise Software, Hardware, Robotics, Fashion, FoodTech, Digital Media, Marketplaces, TravelTech, Transportation, Logistics

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 105

Number of exits: 7

Check size: $3m – $5m

Notable investments: Biofourmis, Kredivo Holdings (formerly FinAccel), Grojek

Founders/Key People: Shane Chesson, Hian Goh

Website: https://www.openspace.vc/ 

Saison Capital (CVC)

Saison Capital, the venture capital arm of Credit Saison, focuses on supporting ambitious and agile founders who are making significant changes across various sectors, including fintech, e-commerce, and web3. Their investments range from Pre-Seed to Series A stages, targeting companies globally with a special focus on SouthEast Asia and India. They aim to foster long-term relationships with their portfolio companies, offering patient equity financing and support beyond capital. Their team consists of multi-disciplinary operators with rich experiences across Asian startups and unicorns, contributing to their strong track record in emerging markets. 

Headquarters: Singapore (Singapore)

Investment Geography: South East Asia and India

Operating since: 2019

Investment Focus: FinTech, Embedded Finance, SaaS/Software, Enterprise/B2B, E-commerce, Consumer Internet, Marketplaces

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

Number of investments: 101

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $100k – $2m

Notable investments: Stashfin, Ula, GrowSari

Founders/Key People: Qin Looi, Visa Kannan

Website: http://www.saisoncapital.com/ 

Spiral Ventures

Spiral Ventures Asia is a venture capital firm based in Singapore. Established in 2017, it focuses on addressing social needs and fostering exponential growth in Southeast Asia and India. The firm’s mission is to support innovative startups that have the potential to make significant social impacts and achieve rapid growth in these regions. Spiral Ventures operates with a vision of creating a bridge between corporates and growing Asian startups, facilitating market access and providing strategic support beyond financial investment​​​​.

Headquarters: United States

Investment Geography: Japan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, United States, Australia, Vietnam.

Operating since: 2013

Investment Focus: X-Tech (AI, Big Data, IoT, App Development, Contents, E-commerce/Marketplace, Education, FinTech, Health Care, HRTech, Marketing, Media Platform, Mobility, Real Estate, SaaS, Transportation, Sharing Economy, Online Advertising, O2O).

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 161

Number of exits: 13

Check size: $1M – $10M

Notable investments: Coda Payments, Carsome

Founders/Key People: Yuji Horiguchi

Website: https://spiral-ventures.com/

Tanglin Venture Partners

Tanglin Venture Partners is a capital firm focusing on early-stage investments primarily in Southeast Asia and the United States. Founded in 2017 by Taizo Son, the firm has a portfolio spanning various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and consumer goods. Tanglin Venture Partners aims to support innovative startups with disruptive potential, providing not only financial backing but also strategic guidance and operational expertise. The firm emphasizes collaboration and long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses successfully.

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: India, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia.

Operating since: 2018

Investment Focus: FinTech, Consumer Tech/Consumer Internet, Creator Economy, SaaS/Software.

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 32

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $1M – $5M

Notable investments: Inshorts, NinjaCart

Founders/Key People: Ravi Venkatesh

Website: https://www.tanglinvp.com/

TNB Aura

TNB Aura is a Singapore-based venture capital firm that focuses on investing in Southeast Asia. The firm employs a thesis-led, high-conviction approach, utilizing data-driven methodologies to identify and invest in companies that are poised for future success and capable of transforming their industries. TNB Aura is sector-agnostic and aims to support founders with visionary ideas for growth in the region, particularly those addressing the region’s most significant challenges. 

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines.

Operating since: 2016

Investment Focus: Consumer Internet, E-commerce, EdTech, Mobility, PropTech, B2B/Enterprise, SaaS/Software, SalesTech, RetailTech.

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 31

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $100K – $1M

Notable investments: Prism+, Super

Founders/Key People: David B.

Website: https://tnbaura.vc/

TRIVE Ventures

TRIVE Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Singapore, focuses on early-stage investments across Southeast Asia. With a mission to enhance health and wealth in the region, TRIVE has USD 35M in assets under management and has funded 21 companies. It operates in 6 countries and has a portfolio enterprise value of USD 550M. TRIVE prioritizes investments at the intersection of high-growth technology and positive social impact, supporting startups from their seed rounds​​.

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, United States, Vietnam.

Operating since: 2015

Investment Focus: Sustainability (AI, Data Science, Impact Investments, DeepTech, Blockchain, B2B/Enterprise, SaaS/Software, MarTech).

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 21

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $500K – $5M

Notable investments: Byte Academy, CoderSchool

Founders/Key People: Leck Yan

Website: https://www.trive.vc/


So, you’ve just navigated the who’s who of Singapore’s VC scene. Each VC firm in Singapore we’ve highlighted offers a unique blend of support, insight, and resources tailor-made to elevate your startup to unprecedented success. It’s time to take that leap and pair up with a VC as ambitious and forward-thinking as your startup. Singapore’s startup landscape is ripe for innovation, and you’re now equipped to make your mark.

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