17 Best Venture Capital (VC) Investors for Real Estate Startups

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If you’re searching for a VC investor who really gets the real estate startup scene, you’ve landed in the right spot. This guide is all about connecting you with the best venture capital firms that are not just funders but true partners in real estate innovation. We’ve done the legwork to spotlight VC firms with a track record of elevating real estate startups from great ideas to market leaders. 

It’s more than a list; it’s your go-to resource for finding a VC that aligns with your vision and understands the unique pulse of the real estate sector. Get ready to partner with investors who share your passion for transforming the real estate landscape. 

  1. Arthur Ventures

Arthur Ventures, established in 2008 and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a venture capital firm focusing on early growth capital in B2B software companies. They are known for investing beyond Silicon Valley, covering every region of the U.S. and Canada. The firm allows founders to run their companies while providing value where necessary. They usually invest between $500,000 and $3 million in early-stage companies and participate in later-stage investments with other investors. 

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, Canada

Operating since: 2008

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

Investment Focus: B2B/Enterprise Software (AgTech, MarTech, FinTech, InsurTech, CyberSecurity, Dev Tools, HRTech, EdTech, HealthTech, Real Estate) 

Number of investments: 100

Number of exits: 20

Check size: $500k – $3m

Notable investments: Keap, Stream.io, Terminus

Founders/Key People: Patrick Meenan, Ryan Kruizenga

Website: https://arthurventures.com 

  1. Blackfinch Ventures

Blackfinch Ventures is a VC firm primarily investing in high-tech companies, focusing on innovative, high-growth technology firms. They have a diverse industry focus, including Enterprise IT, FinTech, HRTech, Internet & IoT, and more. Their investment strategy includes supporting technology-enabled firms at their growth stages to foster their next phase of progress.

Headquarters: UK

Investment Geography: UK

Operating since: 1997

Stages: Seed, Series A

Investment Focus: Tech (Enterprise Software, HRTech, EdTech, Digital Media, Fitness, Real Estate, PropTech, TravelTech, CyberSecurity)

Number of investments: 52

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $200k – $10m

Notable investments: Odore, Futr, StaffCircle

Founders/Key People: Richard Harley, Nic Pillow

Website: https://blackfinch.ventures 

  1. Carnrite Ventures (CVC)

Carnrite Ventures is a venture capital firm primarily investing in tech companies across the USA. The firm manages approximately $25 million in assets and has a track record of investing in early-stage companies over the past decade. Carnrite Ventures focuses on sectors like energy, climate technology, and healthcare technology. The firm’s approach involves actively leveraging its experience, network, and capital to help scale businesses and create value for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, founders, and investors​​.

Headquarters: USA 

Investment Geography: USA, UK 

Operating since: 2015

Stages: Seed, Series A

Investment Focus: AI, Data Analytics, Real Estate, PropTech, FinTech, Enterprise Software, HealthTech, CyberSecurity, Sensors, Semiconductors, Aerospace, CPG, Oil & Energy, Sustainability, Marketplaces

Number of investments: 48

Number of exits: 13

Check size: $50k – $2m

Notable investments: Workrise, Persefoni

Founders/Key People: Michael Aquino, Jeffrey Carnrite

Website: https://carnriteventures.com 

  1. Columbia Ventures Corporation

Columbia Ventures Corporation (CVC) is a private investment company with a primary focus on the international telecommunications industry. Its portfolio includes significant investments in entities like Hibernia Networks, which provides global capacity telecommunications services to large corporate clients, the financial services industry, and major telecommunications providers. The firm was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in the USA.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, Australia, Ireland, Iceland

Operating since: 1988

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

Investment Focus: Agriculture, AR, Biomedical, Manufacturing, Real Estate Development, SaaS, Telecom

Number of investments: 63

Number of exits: 36

Check size: $500k – $50m

Notable investments: AbSci, Saladax Biomedical

Founders/Key People: Ken Peterson, David Brewer

Website: https://colventures.com 

  1. Motley Fool Ventures

Motley Fool Ventures, established in 2018 as a sister company of The Motley Fool, is an early-stage venture capital fund. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, this fund specializes in identifying and investing in exceptional early-stage technology companies. Motley Fool Ventures blends traditional venture capital fund attributes, like having outside limited partners and focusing on investor returns, with the unique advantage of being backed by a successful operating company, The Motley Fool. This combination allows them access to resources uncommon in the venture capital industry.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: United States, Ireland, Nigeria, India, United Kingdom.

Operating since: 2018.

Investment Focus: FinTech,Digital Health,Industry Tech,Enterprise Software,SaaS,Real Estate, PropTech,Consumer Internet Consumer Services,Marketplace.

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 50

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $500K – $2M

Notable investments: Esusu, Caribou

Founders/Key People: Brendan Matthews, Thomas Jones

Website: https://foolventures.com/

  1. Bloomberg Beta (CVC)

Bloomberg Beta, founded in 2013, is an early-stage venture capital firm operating as Bloomberg’s corporate venture arm. It’s headquartered in San Francisco, California, and manages $375M, capitalized solely by Bloomberg​​​​​​. The firm primarily focuses on investing in startups that emphasize machine intelligence and the future of work, aiming to expand Bloomberg’s horizons by investing in companies that create profound changes in business operations​​​​​​.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Israel

Operating since: 2013

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: Future of Work, AI, Machine Intelligence (Content Discovery, CyberSecurity, Data Sets and Services, Dev Tools, Hardware, Human-Computer Interaction, Media Distribution, New Organizational Models, Open-Source Software, Productivity Tools, Professional Networks, Real Estate, Tech Platforms, Workflow Tools, Workplace Communication)

Number of investments: 357

Number of exits: 93

Check size: $5k – $1m

Notable investments: Gong.io, Olive

Founders/Key People: James Cham, Karin Klein

Website: https://www.bloombergbeta.com 

  1. M25

M25 is an early-stage venture firm based in Chicago, specializing in investing in tech startups headquartered in the Midwest. Established in 2015, M25 has become the most active investor in its region. M25 is known for its concentration on Series A investments and has made significant strides in diversifying its investment portfolio​​​​​​​​​​.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, Sweden.

Operating since: 2015

Investment Focus: Big Data Analytics & IoT,Consumer Apps, E-commerce, EdTech, GovTech & LegalTech, Enterprise/B2B,SaaS/Software,Media & Entertainment & Sports, FinTech & Banking,Food & Beverage/FoodTech,Digital Health/HealthTech Hardware, MarTech/AdTech,Real Estate/PropTech,Transportation & Logistics

Stages: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 194

Number of exits: 20

Check size: $1M – $3M

Notable investments: Axuall, Astronomer, Branch App.

Founders/Key People: Mike Asem, Victor Gutwein

Website: https://m25vc.com

  1. Maor Investments

Maor Investments is a Luxembourg-based venture capital firm, established in 2017, with a strategic focus on investing in Israeli technology startups. Maor Investments targets companies with established proof of concept and a need to scale up, thereby focusing on businesses that have already demonstrated some level of viability and are ready for growth. The firm’s approach is specifically tailored towards nurturing the growth and development of these startups, leveraging its expertise and resources to drive their success in the technology sector​​​​​​​​.

Headquarters: Luxembourg

Investment Geography: United States, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Northern Mariana Islands.

Operating since: 2017.

Investment Focus:Israeli Tech (SaaS,Enterprise Software,AI,Business Intelligence,Data Analytics, FinTech,MarTech,Cyber Security,HealthTech,E-commerce,Real Estate Tech,Digital Media,Sports,EventTech).

Stages: Pre-seed, Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 24

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $3M – $5M

Notable investments: Caralogix, Bizzabo.

Founders/Key People: Philippe Guez, Ido Hart

Website: https://maorinvestments.com

  1. Morpheus Ventures

Morpheus Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm founded in 2016, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Morpheus Ventures is noted for its role in guiding early-stage companies to overcome traditional roadblocks and achieve hyper-growth.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Ireland

Operating since: 2016.

Investment Focus: AI & Data Analytics,Robotics & Hardware,Industrial Automation & Industry 4.0,Quantum Computing,B2B/Enterprise,SaaS/Software, FinTech/InsurTech, HealthTech,Real Estate/PropTech,Consumer Tech/Consumer Internet

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 42

Number of exits: 5

Check size: $500K – $5M

Notable investments: Bridg, Bestow

Founders/Key People: Joseph Miller, Howard Ko

Website: https://morpheus.com

  1. Newfund Capital

Newfund Capital, founded in 2008, is a venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage investments. It is distinguished for being the first early-stage VC based in both Paris and Silicon Valley. With $300 million in assets under management (AUM), Newfund has been a significant player in the venture capital landscape, mainly supported by entrepreneurs and family offices. The firm operates in France and North America, demonstrating a broad geographic reach in its investment strategy​​​​​​​​.

Headquarters: France

Investment Geography: France, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Luxembourg, China, Mauritius, Senegal.

Operating since: 2008

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software,Infrastructure & Networks,Retail, RetailTech, E-commerce,Enterprise,Consumer,Hardware,Energy,CleanTech,FinTech,HealthTech,Marketplaces,EdTech,Construction & Real Estate,FoodTech, HRTech,AdTech,Hospitality, TravelTech,Gaming,Entertainment,Automotive,IoT,NanoTech,Blockchain,Crypto.

Stage: Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 185

Number of exits: 32

Check size: €500K – €2M

Notable investments: Aircall, Zinier

Founders/Key People: Francois Veron, Patrick Malka

Website: https://newfundcap.com/

  1. Activant Capital

Activant Capital is a global investment firm that takes a research-driven approach to partnering with high-growth companies transforming commerce. They typically invest in businesses that have the potential to transform entire industries and are led by founders who can drive their companies through fast growth. Initially, they focused on tech companies involved in e-commerce and retail infrastructure. Over time, they have expanded into logistics, fintech, insurance, and healthcare.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Thailand, Singapore

Operating since: 2015

Investment Focus: Technology (Enterprise/B2B,Data Science,Machine Learning, Software/SaaS, FinTech,Business Services,Platform/Marketplaces,Digital Transformation, Retail, Health Care,Logistics,Real Estate)

Stages: Series A, Series B, Series C

Number of investments: 95

Number of exits: 19

Check size: $20m – 40m

Notable investments: Bolt, Celonis

Founders/Key People: Steve Sarracino, Andrew Steele

Website: https://activantcapital.com/ 

  1. Alumni Ventures Group

Alumni Ventures Group, established in 2014, stands out as the #1 most active venture firm in the US as of 2022 (according to PitchBook). It’s also America’s largest venture firm for individual investors. The firm’s uniqueness lies in its vast network, which is considered its “secret sauce.” By collaborating, they create more value than they could alone. They manage fund families investing across diverse sectors, stages, and regions, led by other established venture firms

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, Canada, UK, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, India, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Finland

Operating since: 2014

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: IoT, Advanced Manufacturing, MarTech, Food & Agriculture, AI/ML, Consumer, AR/VR, Mobility, FinTech, Big Data, CleanTech, CyberSecurity, HealthTech, SaaS, Industrials, Life Sciences, Real Estate Tech, TMT

Number of investments: 1667

Number of exits: 239

Check size: $100K to $10M

Notable investments: BlockFi, Dataminr

Founders/Key People: Michael Collins, Luke Antal 

Website: https://www.av.vc


BEENEXT is a venture capital firm founded in 2015 based in Singapore. The firm primarily focuses on investments in startups from India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the USA. BEENEXT is particularly interested in tech startups in sectors like the marketplace, Analytics, EdTech, fintech, AI, data, SaaS, IoT, healthcare, and agritech. 

Headquarters: Singapore

Investment Geography: Singapore, USA, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Myanmar, Nigeria

Operating since: 2015

Stages: Seed, Series A

Investment Focus: AgriTech, AI, Analytics, Cloud Kitchen, EdTech, Enterprise SaaS, FinTech, FoodTech, Gaming, Geotagging, HealthTech, HRTech, IoT, Lifestyle, Logistics, Marketplace, Media, Mobility, PropTech, Real Estate, Satellite, Sustainability 

Number of investments: 418

Number of exits: 35

Check size: $100k-$10m

Notable investments: 90 Seconds, 42 Cards

Founders/Key People: Teruhide Sato, Dirk Van Quaquebeke

Website: https://www.beenext.com 

  1. Change Ventures

Change Ventures was founded in 2016 and is based in Tallinn, Estonia. The firm primarily invests in technology startups, with a preference for B2B and SaaS businesses across Eastern Europe. It positions itself as a seed-stage venture capital fund, backing ambitious Baltic founders globally. Change Ventures typically invests between €100k and €500k in pre-seed capital for its initial investments.

Headquarters: Estonia

Investment Geography: Estonia, USA, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Australia

Operating since: 2016

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: EdTech, JobTech, FinTech, AI, ML, Data Analytics, Enterprise Software, Digital Media, EventTech, Real Estate, PropTech, Marketplaces

Number of investments: 56

Number of exits: 4

Check size: $100k and $500k

Notable investments: Veriff, Printify

Founders/Key People: Yrjoe Ojasaar, Rait Ojasaar

Website: https://www.changeventures.com 

  1. Company Ventures

Company Ventures is a New York City-based, seed-stage venture firm that focuses on investing in a variety of industries. They’re mainly interested in digital health, fintech, and enterprise software. They are known for forming a community of exceptional founders and providing an ideal environment for building companies. They have a philosophy centered on the importance of being in good company while building the future​​.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: UK, USA

Operating since: 2016

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

Investment Focus: Consumer, FinTech, Health & Wellness/Digital Health, Enterprise Software, Real Estate

Number of investments: 175

Number of exits: 17

Check size: $500k – $1m

Notable investments: Maven Clinic, Republic

Founders/Key People: Hunter Hillenmeyer, Matthew Harrigan

Website: https://www.companyventures.co 

  1. Moderne Ventures

Moderne Ventures, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a strategic venture capital firm. The firm predominantly invests in technology companies operating within the substantial real estate, finance, insurance, and home services industries. Moderne Ventures has an expansive approach, focusing on technologies innovating around real estate, finance, insurance, ESG, and home services industries.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: United States, France, United Kingdom, Finland, India, Canada.

Operating since: 2015.

Investment Focus: Real Estate/PropTech,Mortgage,FinTech/InsurTech,Hospitality,Home Services, B2B/Enterprise,SaaS/Software,Data & Analytics, Consumer Internet/Consumer Tech, IoT.

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 103

Number of exits: 21

Check size: $1M – $7M

Notable investments: ICON, Better Mortgage

Founders/Key People: Constance Freedman, Alex Allison

Website: https://www.moderneventures.com

  1. Lool Ventures

Lool Ventures, founded in 2012, is a prominent venture capital firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The firm is dedicated to supporting Israel’s best founders from the seed to scale stages, providing guidance, support, and capital to help transform their innovative ideas into successful companies. Lool Ventures is known for its significant involvement in the Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence sectors. The firm’s peak activity was in 2015, with significant exits recorded in 2018.

Headquarters: Israel

Investment Geography: United States, Israel, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Operating since: 2011

Investment Focus: Digital Space, AI, Deep Learning, IoT, Digital Health, Robotics, Internet, E-commerce, Mobile, Food, Fashion, IT, Enterprise Software, MarTech, AR/VR, Digital Media, FinTech, Mobility, Cybersecurity, Real Estate, LegalTech, EdTech, HRTech, Marketplaces

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A.

Number of investments: 78

Number of exits: 9

Check size: $500K – $2.5M

Notable investments: Beewise, Flip.

Founders/Key People: Avichay Nissenbaum, Yaniv Golan

Website: https://www.lool.vc


And there you have it, the cream of the crop in the VC world for real estate startups. This isn’t just about bagging funds; it’s about teaming up with a VC who’s as invested in your vision as you are. Use this guide to pinpoint the venture capital partner who can help your real estate startup soar. 

Your journey is filled with promise, and the right VC can turn your groundbreaking ideas into solid, market-changing realities. Here’s to finding that perfect VC ally and reshaping the real estate industry together.

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