4 Best Venture Capital (VC) Firms in China

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Looking for the best VC firms to take your startup to the next level in China? You’re in the right place. This guide cuts through the noise to bring you a curated list of China’s top venture capital firms. These players have a history of smart investments and strong support for their portfolio companies. Whether you need funding, mentorship, or access to a vast network, understanding which VCs fit your needs can make all the difference. Dive in to find out which VC might be the best partner for your venture’s journey.

Redpoint China Ventures

Redpoint Ventures China is a prominent part of the Redpoint Ventures Group. It launched its first China-focused fund in 2016. This fund is managed independently by the Redpoint China team. The firm specializes in early-stage investments across various sectors, including consumer internet, technology-driven enterprise IT services, and emerging frontier tech startups. Notably, in January 2019, Redpoint China Ventures raised two new funds totaling $400 million, emphasizing consumer, enterprise, and emerging frontier tech startups in China.

Headquarters: China (Beijing)

Investment Geography: China

Operating since: 2016

Investment Focus: Consumer Internet (Consumer Services, Marketplace, Social Networking, Video Entertainment, Digital Advertisement), B2B/Enterprise IT (Big Data, Cloud, SaaS/Software, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence)

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 175

Number of exits: 11

Check size: $100k – $10m

Notable investments: Kyligence, Stripe, Pony.ai, Apus Apps, OPay, Zendesk, Megatronix

Founders/Key People: Lu Huangxian, Yujie Zhu

Website: http://rpvchina.com/ 

GSR Ventures

GSR Ventures is a leading early-stage venture capital firm founded in 2004, focusing on digital health and technology. It has successfully managed over $3.7 billion in funds, investing in companies that significantly leverage emerging technologies to enhance efficiency. GSR Ventures operates with a highly knowledgeable team comprising physicians, founders, and engineers, providing unparalleled expertise and support to its portfolio companies.

Headquarters: China

Investment Geography: China, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Nigeria, Philippines, Taiwan, Barbados, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Finland

Operating since: 2004

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: AI-enabled Enterprise Software, Consumer Platforms & Health Care Technology, HealthTech

Number of investments: 423

Number of exits: 78

Check size: $500k – $50m

Notable investments: Horizon Robotics, OPay

Founders/Key People: Richard Lim, Sonny Wu

Website: https://gsrventuresglobal.com 

Fosun RZ Capital

Fosun RZ Capital, founded in 2013, is a significant venture capital investment fund affiliated with the Fosun Group. The firm is headquartered in Beijing, China, and is led by Chairman Wilson Jin Hualong. It specializes in investing across various stages of a company’s lifecycle, from early startup phases to initial public offerings (IPOs). The firm’s assets under management total approximately $1.2 billion, and it has made significant investments in countries like India, Israel, and Southeast Asia, in addition to China and the United States. Fosun RZ Capital manages over 10 billion RMB and has led investments in more than 100 high-quality companies. 

Headquarters: China

Investment Geography: China, USA, Canada, India, Israel, Belgium, Indonesia

Operating since: 2013

Stages: Seed,Series A,Series B,Series C

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software,Cloud Infrastructure,AI,Big Data,Data Analytics, IoT, Hardware, Automotive,Consumer Retail,FinTech,EdTech,E-commerce,Supply Chain, Logistics, HealthTech, FoodTech,Digital Media, Mobility, MarTech, TravelTech, HRTech, Semiconductors, Marketplaces

Number of investments: 143

Number of exits: 16

Check size: $500k – $75m

Notable investments: Deeproute.ai, Feidee, Vision X

Founders/Key People: Nir Halachmi, Zach Sun

Website: https://www.frzcapital.com 

Qiming Venture Partners

Qiming Venture Partners is a well-established venture capital firm based in China, with a significant focus on technology, internet, and healthcare sectors. Since its inception in 2006, the firm has expanded its presence with offices in major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, and Hong Kong, and has also established branches in the United States with offices in Seattle, Cambridge, and San Francisco. The firm manages a substantial portfolio with eleven US Dollar funds and seven RMB funds, demonstrating a robust financial foundation. Their investment strategy has been marked by early investments in several high-profile companies such as ByteDance, Xiaomi, Meituan, and Bilibili. The total capital raised by Qiming Venture Partners amounts to $9.5 billion, indicating their significant impact in the venture capital landscape.

Headquarters: China (Shanghai)

Investment Geography: China, USA

Operating since: 2006

Investment Focus: TMT (Mobile Internet, Social Networking, Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Semiconductors, Enterprise Software, Blockchain), Health Care (Digital Health, Diagnostics, R&D, Equipments, Services)

Stages: Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 1,024

Number of exits: 202

Check size: $100k – $5m

Notable investments: Kira Pharmaceuticals, Element Science, OKKI (acquired by Alibaba)

Founders/Key People: Gary Rieschel, Nisa Leung, William Hu

Website: https://www.qimingvc.com/en 


Now that you’ve got the scoop on the best VC firms in China, it’s time to take action. Consider which top investors align with your startup’s goals and values. Reaching out to the right VC can be a game changer, offering capital and crucial guidance and resources to scale your business. So, polish your pitch, prepare your numbers, and get ready to make some impactful connections.

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