4 Best Venture Capital (VC) Firms in the Luxembourg

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Are you eyeing Luxembourg for your startup’s next big leap? Finding the right VC in this hub can dramatically boost your business. Our roundup of the best VC investors in Luxembourg simplifies your search, spotlighting the go-to firms known for their strategic support and successful investment histories. Whether you need funding, networking, or expert guidance, knowing who the top players are can be your key to unlocking potential.

Cogito Capital Partners

Cogito Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that predominantly supports the growth of later-stage technology companies, particularly at Series B. They focus on European tech companies with potential for U.S. market and global expansion, specializing in sectors like enterprise software & data analytics, fintech & insurtech, and healthtech. The team consists of experienced venture capital and corporate executives with international backgrounds. They bring a wealth of experience from various industries, providing valuable guidance and resources to the companies they invest in.

Headquarters: Luxembourg

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands

Operating since: 2018

Stages: Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software, AI, FinTech, InsurTech, HealthTech, Mobility

Number of investments: 8

Number of exits: 1

Check size: $2m – $10m

Notable investments: Kriya, Ramp, Uncapped

Founders/Key People: Norbert Kruszewski, Sylwester Janik

Website: https://cogitocap.com 

Maor Investments

Maor Investments is a Luxembourg-based venture capital firm established in 2017. Its strategic focus is on investing in Israeli technology startups. Maor Investments targets companies with established proof of concept and a need to scale up, thereby focusing on businesses that have already demonstrated some level of viability and are ready for growth. The firm’s approach is specifically tailored towards nurturing the growth and development of these startups, leveraging its expertise and resources to drive their success in the technology sector​​​​​​​​.

Headquarters: Luxembourg

Investment Geography: United States, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Northern Mariana Islands.

Operating since: 2017.

Investment Focus: Israeli Tech (SaaS, Enterprise Software, AI, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, FinTech, MarTech, CyberSecurity, HealthTech, E-commerce, Real Estate Tech, Digital Media, Sports, EventTech).

Stages: Pre-seed, Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 24

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $3M – $5M

Notable investments: Caralogix, Bizzabo.

Founders/Key People: Philippe Guez, Ido Hart

Website: https://maorinvestments.com

Mangrove Capital Partners

Mangrove Capital Partners, founded in 2000 and based in Luxembourg, is recognized for its contrarian, bold, and patient approach to venture capital. The firm is particularly noted as an early backer of five unicorns, including well-known companies like Skype, Wix, WalkMe, K Health, and TBOL. Mangrove Capital Partners has a reputation for being more than just an investor, positioning themselves as “smart cheerleaders” for the entrepreneurs they back, supporting a wide range of ventures at every stage.

Headquarters: Luxembourg

Investment Geography: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Spain, France, Russia, Luxembourg, Denmark, India, Austria, United Arab Emirates.

Operating since: 2000.

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software, AI, ML, Data Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, Blockchain, Business Intelligence, HealthTech, Digital Health,FinTech,CyberSecurity, Digital Media, RetailTech,JobTech, HRTech, PropTech, MarTech, EdTech,Marketplaces

Stages: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 196

Number of exits: 25

Check size: €10K – €5M

Notable investments: Skype, Wix, Wallapop.

Founders/Key People: Michael Rabinowicz, Mark Tluszcz

Website: https://www.mangrove.vc

SGH Capital

SGH Capital is a venture capital firm that deploys capital in early and mid-stage disruptive companies across the US and Western Europe. Since its establishment in 2014, SGH Capital has made over 130 investments, contributing to developing more than 10 unicorns and facilitating over 5 IPOs. Capital has a significant presence in the venture capital landscape, marked by its participation in numerous funding rounds alongside other notable funds and its achievement of many exits. The firm’s approach emphasizes supporting disruptive business models and creative entrepreneurs, indicating a broad investment focus that spans across different regions and industries.

Headquarters: Luxembourg (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)

Investment Geography: USA, Western Europe

Operating since: 2014

Investment Focus: Civic / Media, Enterprise / SaaS, Fintech / Blockchain, Food, Health / Beauty, Logistics, Marketplaces / B2C, X-Tech / Robotics

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B

Number of investments: 142

Number of exits: 56

Check size: $500k – $1m, $1m – $14m

Notable investments: HelixNano, Finesse, Coinhouse

Founders/Key People: Karine Arama, Alexandre Azoulay, Guillaume Deback

Website: http://www.sghcapital.com/ 


You’re now equipped with key insights into Luxembourg’s top VC firms. It’s time to align with investors who provide capital and open doors to growth opportunities. Craft your approach, tailor your pitch, and initiate those conversations. The right partnership could be the catalyst that transforms your startup from a promising idea into a market leader.

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