6 Best Venture Capital (VC) Firms in Boston

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If you’re on the hunt for the right venture capital to kickstart or boost your Boston-based startup, this article zeroes in on the top VC firms in Boston. 

We’re spotlighting six standout venture capital firms in Boston with a track record of backing successful startups. These firms aren’t just about funding; they like to forge partnerships that nurture growth and innovation. Whether you’re tech-focused or disrupting other sectors, these Boston VCs could be the game-changers you need.

So, let’s get started and find you the right VC partner for your startup.

  1. Accomplice

Accomplice is a VC firm and a contemporary family office co-founded by Jeff Fagnan and Ryan Moore. It’s known for having a patient investment approach​. Accomplice typically engages in deals ranging from 10 to 50 million dollars and focuses on startups valued between 100 to 500 million dollars. It has a strong track record, having been part of the story of several successful companies such as AngelList and Klaviyo.

Headquarters: USA 

Investment Geography: USA, Canada, Israel, UK, India, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Brazil, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Germany

Operating since: 2015

Investment Focus: B2B Software, Enterprise SaaS, Cyber Security, eSports, Gaming, Data Analytics, Emerging Hardware Platforms, AR/VR, Robotics, Marketplaces, Consumer Tech 

Stages: Seed, Series A

Number of investments: 366

Number of exits: 112

Check size: $ 10m – $50m

Notable investments: Klaviyo, Patreon, Angellist

Founders/Key People: Jeff Fagnan, Ryan Moore

Website: http://www.accomplice.co/ 

  1. Advancit Capital

Advancit Capital is a venture capital firm focusing on investments in media, technology, and web3 startups. They aim to form long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs, offering not only capital but also access to a network and strategic support. Typically, their investments range between $5 and $10 million for startups valued at $50 to $100 million. Annually, they’re involved in about 7 to 12 investment rounds.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Argentina

Operating since: 2011

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B

Investment Focus: Media/Entertainment/Technology/Web 3 (Gaming, eSports, SportsTech, Content, Digital Media, Creative AI, SaaS/Software, FinTech, B2B, B2C)

Number of investments: 154

Number of exits: 68

Check size: $5-10m

Notable investments: Masterclass, Thrive Global, Mux

Founders/Key People: Jonathan Miller, Jason Ostheimer

Website: https://www.advancitcapital.com 

  1. Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures is a multi-stage, domain-focused venture fund. The firm has over $10 billion in assets under management. It brings over 30 years of experience to the table, leveraging this expertise and a global network to support the growth of its portfolio companies. The firm’s investment approach recognizes and focuses on entrepreneurs who are deep thinkers and tenacious builders. Bain Capital Ventures primarily targets seed to growth-stage startups that use technology to disrupt existing markets or create new ones. 

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Israel, France, India, China, Lithuania, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Italy

Operating since: 1984

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

Investment Focus: SaaS, Data Services, Infrastructure Software, CyberSecurity, FinTech, HealthCare, CommerceTech, ConsumerTech

Number of investments: 767

Number of exits: 231

Check size: $1m – $100m

Notable investments: Redis, LinkedIn

Founders/Key People: Ajay Agarwal, Zeeza Cole

Website: https://www.baincapitalventures.com 

  1. Battery Ventures

Battery Ventures is a global, tech-focused investment firm. The firm has offices in the U.S., Europe, and Israel, and it practices a collaborative, research-focused style of investing. Battery Ventures has a broad portfolio with a history of more than 1,300 investments and over 500 exits​​​​​​​​. In terms of investment size, Battery Ventures has a wide range of check sizes, indicating a flexible investment strategy. Their check sizes range from $100K to as high as $50M. This range allows Battery Ventures to support startups at different growth phases and in various tech sectors.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Germany, France, India, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Malaysia, Belgium, Morocco, Singapore, Italy, Chile, Brazil, China, South Korea

Operating since: 1983

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

Investment Focus: Business Software, Enterprise IT, Cloud Computing, AI, Cyber Security, Online Marketplaces, Financial Technology, Health Care IT, Industrial Technology

Number of investments: 1384

Number of exits: 528

Check size: $100k – $50m

Notable investments: Amplitude, Coinbase

Founders/Key People: Morad Elhafed, Dharmesh Thakker

Website: https://www.battery.com 

  1. MassMutual Ventures (CVC)

MassMutual Ventures (MMV) is a multi-stage global venture capital firm founded in 2014 as a venture capital arm of MassMutual Financial Group. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, MMV specializes in investments across various domains, including enterprise software, cybersecurity, financial technology, digital health, and climate technology companies. The firm plays an active role in the growth of the companies it invests in by providing capital, connections, and strategic advice.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: United States, Singapore, India, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Austria, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Hungary, France.

Operating since: 2014.

Investment Focus: B2B Enterprise Software,Cyber Security,FinTech,Digital Health.

Stages: Pre-seed, Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 127

Number of exits: 16

Check size: $100K – $5M

Notable investments: RiskIQ, Nydig

Founders/Key People: Eric Emmons, Mark Goodman

Website: https://massmutualventures.com/

  1. Mendoza Ventures

Mendoza Ventures, established in 2016, is a venture capital firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in early and growth-stage investments. The firm is particularly focused on Fintech, AI, and Cybersecurity sectors. Mendoza Ventures stands out for its actively managed approach to venture capital, investing in areas where the team has substantial domain expertise.

Headquarters: USA

Investment Geography: USA, UK, Canada.

Operating since: 2016.

Investment Focus: AI,FinTech,Cyber Security,Blockchain,SaaS,E-commerce.

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Post-Seed, Series A.

Number of investments: 15

Number of exits: 2

Check size: $100K – $5M

Notable investments: SensoAI, FiVerity

Founders/Key People: Susana Hirs, Adrian Mendoza

Website: https://mendoza-ventures.com


That’s a wrap on your tour of Boston’s finest in venture capital. These six top VC firms in Boston are more than just funding partners; they’re catalysts for turning bold ideas into market realities.

As you take the next steps with your startup, consider these firms not just for their financial backing but for their expertise, connections, and commitment to growth. Remember, the right VC partner is out there, one that aligns with your vision and is as excited about your success as you are.

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