7 Best VC Firms in Bangalore

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Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, a hotspot for tech startups and innovative businesses. If you’re looking to boost your startup with some funding, you’re in the right place. We’ll introduce you to the best VC firms in Bangalore that are known for their support and investments in budding startups.

Arali Ventures

Arali Ventures is a VC firm focused on investing in early-stage companies, particularly in the B2B technology sector. The firm has a keen eye for startups in various tech domains, including SaaS, robotics, fintech, healthtech, and more. Regarding check sizes, Arali usually puts in anywhere from $300k to $1 million in a startup. Their investments primarily focus on the Indian enterprise-tech landscape, showcasing their expertise in recognizing and elevating promising tech solutions in the region

Headquarters: India

Investment Geography: India, USA, Norway

Operating since: 2017

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed

Investment Focus: DeepTech Enterprise/B2B Tech (Software, AI, Robotics)

Number of investments: 26

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $300k – $1m

Notable investments: FinBox, Wingman

Founders/Key People: Arun Raghavan, Harshal Gupta

Website: https://araliventures.in 

Incubate Fund India

Incubate Fund, originally from Japan, is a prominent seed-stage venture capital firm that expanded its operations to India in 2016 under the name Incubate Fund India, now rebranded as Incubate Fund Asia. With over 200 startups in its investment portfolio across Japan and other parts of Asia, the fund focuses on pre-seed and seed-stage startups, providing hands-on support and mentoring derived from extensive experience with startup successes and failures.

Headquarters: India.

Investment Geography: India, United States.

Operating since: 2016

Investment Focus: Mobility, Enterprise Software, Gaming, eSports, TravelTech, HRTech, PropTech, EdTech, FinTech, InsurTech, HealthTech, Marketplaces.

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed.

Number of investments: 32

Number of exits: 5

Check size: $100K – $5M

Notable investments: Yulu, PlumHQ

Founders/Key People: Emiko Shiinoki

Website: https://www.incubatefund.in/

Kalaari Venture Partners

Kalaari Capital is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology investments, emphasizing startups at the Seed and Series A stages. Founded in 2006 and based in Bengaluru, India, it has $650 million in assets under management. The firm is dedicated to empowering visionary entrepreneurs who are developing unique solutions that significantly impact how Indians live, work, consume, and transact. Kalaari Capital operates with a mission to create deep, long-term partnerships with founders, assisting them through the challenges of building their ideas into successful enterprises.

Headquarters: India

Investment Geography: India, United States, Singapore

Operating since: 2006

Investment Focus: E-commerce, Internet, HealthTech, FinTech, EdTech, Mobile, Digital Media, Social Media, E-commerce Enablers, Enterprise Software, Tech-enabled Services, Media & Entertainment, Retail, CleanTech, AgTech.

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 247

Number of exits: 28

Check size: $500K – $5M

Notable investments: Workday, Dream11

Founders/Key People: Rajesh Raju

Website: https://kalaari.com/

SEA Fund

SEA Fund, based in Bangalore, India, is an early-stage venture capital investment firm established in 2018. It focuses on empowering startups with not just financial investments but also hands-on advice, mentorship, and strategic planning across various sectors including technology, health, and education. The fund values passionate, adaptable founders with a commitment to lifelong learning and a contrarian approach to innovation. SEA Fund emphasizes the importance of technology in creating value and is dedicated to supporting startups that are at the intersection of diverse talents, cultures, and industries.

Headquarters: India (Bangalore)

Investment Geography: India

Operating since: 2018

Investment Focus: Health Care/MedTech, AgTech, Hardware/Internet of Things, FinTech, EdTech, MediaTech/Gaming, E-commerce, Enterprise/B2B Software, Machine Learning

Stages: Seed, Series A

Number of investments: 21

Number of exits: 3

Check size: $100k – $1m

Notable investments: BestDoc, Finsall, GenRobotic

Founders/Key People: Mayuresh Raut, Manoj Kumar Agarwal

Website: https://seafund.in/

Sprout Venture Partners

Sprout Venture Partners is an early and seed-stage venture capital firm that focuses on backing next-generation entrepreneurs, particularly in India. This VC firm is a SEBI registered Category-I Alternative Investment Fund, designed to institutionalize India’s active angel investing market. It is supported by notable first and second-generation entrepreneurs, aiming to collaborate with founders who possess a strong vision, meticulous execution, and the unwavering ambition to solve significant problems by creating scalable businesses.

Headquarters: India

Investment Geography: India, Australia, Singapore.

Operating since: 2016

Investment Focus: Consumer Goods, Logistics, EdTech, Software, E-commerce, Cyber Security.

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 21

Number of exits: 5

Check size: $300K – $500K

Notable investments: Trell, Goals101

Founders/Key People: Sahil Gupta

Website: https://sproutvp.com/

Stellaris Venture Partners

Stellaris Venture Partners is an early-stage, technology-focused, and sector-agnostic venture capital firm based in Bangalore, India, founded in 2016 by Alok Goyal, Rahul Chowdhri, and Ritesh Banglani. The firm prides itself on partnering with businesses across diverse sectors, including SaaS, financial services, B2B commerce, consumer brands, social commerce, education, electric vehicles, and healthcare, aiming to be either the first or the second institutional investor on a startup’s cap table.

Headquarters: India

Investment Geography: India, United States, United Kingdom.

Operating since: 2015

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software, Logistics, Mobility, Consumer Brands, HealthTech, FinTech, AdTech, MarTech, Data Analytics, AI, E-commerce.

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 74

Number of exits: 8

Check size: $500K – $6M

Notable investments: MamaEarth, Whatfix

Founders/Key People: Naman Lahoty

Website: https://www.stellarisvp.com

Together Fund

Together Fund, based in Bengaluru, India, is an early-stage venture capital firm that recently announced the first close of its second fund, targeting a total corpus of $150 million. The fund aims to support SaaS startups and will start deploying capital in 2024. Together Fund was established by notable founders, including Girish Mathrubootham of Freshworks and Manav Garg of Eka Software, and raised its first fund in July 2021 with a corpus of $85 million.

Headquarters: India

Investment Geography: United States, India, Singapore.

Operating since: 2021

Investment Focus: SaaS, Enterprise Software, Developer Tools, Open Source Software, Cloud-native Infrastructure, APIs.

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 22

Number of exits: 0

Check size: $250K – $3M

Notable investments: UIFlow, TopLyna

Founders/Key People

Website: https://together.fund


Securing the right VC firm can make all the difference for your startup in Bangalore, a city bustling with entrepreneurial energy and opportunities. We’ve highlighted the leading VC firms that offer more than just financial backing; they provide valuable networks and guidance. Consider what each firm could bring to your venture. Choose a partner that aligns with your goals and can support your growth in this vibrant market.

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