7 Best Venture Capital (VC) Firms In Herzliya

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Known as a hub for tech innovation in Israel, Herzliya is home to a thriving startup scene. If you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business looking for a boost, finding the right VC firm is key. In this article, we explore the leading VC firms in Herzliya that are renowned for supporting new and growing businesses.

Genesis Partners

Genesis Partners is a venture capital firm based in Herzliya, Israel, founded in 1996 by Eddy Shalev and Eyal Kishon. The firm specializes in early-stage investments and predominantly focuses on Israeli innovation-driven technology companies. Genesis Partners strongly favors communications, wireless technologies, infrastructure and hardware, enterprise software, and more. The company boasts over $20 billion in assets under management. Notable investments include Any.do, Allot Communications, AudioCodes, Monday.com, Compugen, eToro, and more.

Headquarters: Israel

Investment Geography: Israel, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, France, China

Operating since: 1996

Stages: Seed,Series A,Series B

Investment Focus: Semiconductors, Wireless tech, Communications, FinTech, BioTech, HealthTech, Enterprise Software, Cyber Security, Marketplaces, E-commerce

Number of investments: 163

Number of exits: 87

Check size: $200k – $3m

Notable investments: Monday.com, eToro

Founders/Key People: Daniel Pikula, Ralph Esposito

Website: http://www.genesispartners.com 

Gemini Israel Ventures

Gemini Israel Ventures is a notable venture capital firm based in Herzliya, Israel, established in 1993. It primarily invests in tech companies in a variety of sectors, including mobile, digital media, enterprise software, online services, and semiconductors. The firm has managed over $700 million across five funds and is investing through Gemini V, a $150 million venture fund. 

Headquarters: Israel

Investment Geography: Israel, USA, Germany, Sweden, France, UK

Operating since: 1993

Stages: Seed,Series A,Series B,Series C

Investment Focus: Mobile, Digital Media, Enterprise Software, Online Services, Semiconductors

Number of investments: 203

Number of exits: 87

Check size: $250k – $15m

Notable investments: Outbrain, JFrog

Founders/Key People: Ed Mlavsky, Yossi Sela

Website: http://www.gemini.co.il 

Glilot Capital Partners

Glilot Capital Partners is an Israeli venture capital firm established in 2011 by Kobi Samboursky and Arik Kleinstein. Renowned as the world’s first venture capital firm focusing on cybersecurity, Glilot Capital also invests in enterprise software. Glilot Capital is recognized for its global network of over 150 technology and security leaders, which aids companies in entering new markets and accelerating growth. The firm manages approximately $700 million in assets and is currently investing from its fourth seed fund and its first early growth fund, Glilot+. The firm typically invests in various stages with an investment range of $5 million to $20 million.

Headquarters: Israel

Investment Geography: Israel, USA, Netherlands

Operating since: 2011

Stages: Seed, Series A

Investment Focus: Enterprise Software, AI, Big Data, CyberSecurity

Number of investments: 99

Number of exits: 24

Check size: $5m to $20m

Notable investments: At-Bay, Upstream Security

Founders/Key People: Lior Litwak, Sarit Sharabi

Website: https://www.glilotcapital.com 

Key1 Capital

Key 1 Capital is an active investment firm headquartered in the regions of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), specifically in the Middle East. Founded in 2022, it focuses on the venture capital space. The firm specializes in early-stage venture and venture investments, targeting companies at the initial stages of their development. Operating with a for-profit model, Key 1 Capital is involved in fostering growth and innovation within its chosen investment sectors.

Headquarters: Israel

Investment Geography: Israel

Operating since: 2022

Investment Focus: Gaming, MarTech, Cyber Security, SaaS, Sofware, B2B, Enterprise, FoodTech.

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Post-Seed, Series A, Series B+.

Number of investments: 5

Number of exits: 0

Check size: $500K – $5M

Notable investments: WEKA, Chunk Foods

Founders/Key People: Amit Pilowsky, Danny Akerman

Website: https://key1capital.com/

Magenta Venture Partners

Magenta Venture Partners, founded in 2018, is a venture capital firm located in Herzliya, Israel. The firm is exclusively focused on Israeli and Israeli-related early-stage technology startups, with a keen interest in technological sectors.

Headquarters: Israel

Investment Geography: Israel, United States.

Operating since: 2018.

Investment Focus: Automotive,Mobility,Enterprise Software,Smart Cities,IoT,Industry 4.0,AI,FinTech,Digitalization.

Stages: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 14

Number of exits: 0

Check size: $500K – $2M

Notable investments: Workiz, Veego, 1Beat.

Founders/Key People: Ran Levitzky, Masaji Matsuoka

Website: https://magenta.vc/

Pitango Venture Capital

Pitango Venture Capital, founded in 1993 and based in Herzliya, Israel, is a prominent venture capital firm. With over $1.8 billion under management and a diverse portfolio of over 400 companies, Pitango is recognized as Israel’s leading Venture Capital Fund. The firm operates globally with additional offices in New York and Palo Alto. Pitango invests in startups across various stages and sectors, including vertical SaaS, digital health, deep tech, fintech, insurance technology, devops, generative AI, Web3, and food tech.

Headquarters: Israel (Herzliya)

Investment Geography: Israel, USA

Operating since: 1993

Investment Focus: Health Care (BioTech, MedTech, Medical Devices, Therapeutics, Drug Discovery, Drug Development, HealthTech, Analytics), IT (Enterprise Software, AdTech, MarTech, Cyber Security, Consumer Tech, Semiconductors, FinTech, Hardware, Robotics, RetailTech, Digital Media, Data Analytics, AI, AR, VR, Big Data, Infrastructure)

Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

Number of investments: 456

Number of exits: 165

Check size: $1m – $10m

Notable investments: Taboola, Lumen, Duda

Founders/Key People: Rami Kalish, Nechemia J. Peres

Website: https://www.pitango.com/ 

StageOne Ventures

StageOne Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Herzliya Pituach, Israel, focusing on early-stage investments in deep technology startups. Founded in 2001, the firm is dedicated to supporting Israel-related companies, leveraging the country’s unique ecosystem of innovation driven by strong academic foundations, defense-related R&D, and a vibrant presence of multinational corporations. With a portfolio that includes companies like Capitalise, Common Ground, Coralogix, and many others, StageOne Ventures demonstrates a broad interest in transformative technologies across various sectors.

Headquarters: Israel

Investment Geography: Israel, United States.

Operating since: 2001

Investment Focus: Israeli Enterprise Deep Technology startups (Communication Software, Cloud Computing & Software Infrastructure, DevOps, Deep Compute, Big Data & AI, Next Generation Storage & Data Center, Cyber Security)

Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B.

Number of investments: 105

Number of exits: 16

Check size: $500K – $3M

Notable investments: Epsagon, Coralogix

Founders/Key People: Tal Slobodkin

Website: https://stageonevc.com/


Herzliya’s VC community is vibrant and supportive, offering entrepreneurs a wealth of opportunities. We hope our guide has shed light on some of the top VC firms here and what they offer. Take the time to consider which firm best aligns with your business needs and vision. With the right partnership, you can tap into the resources needed to scale your venture successfully.

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