The 6 Best MindInventory Alternatives For Startups

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  • MindInventory is a web development and staff augmentation company based in India.
  • MindInventory has many skilled tech talent who are very good at building mobile apps.
  • They are quite expensive with prices starting from $15,000 a month. 
  • There are several good alternatives to MindInventory. ReactSquad is one. 
  • With prices starting from just $75/hr, ReactSquad can provide expert React developers for your project within 24 hours.
  • Many of their software developers are available in the USA and European time zones.

Searching for tech talent can be a headache due to the hundreds of options available. Startup founders have made staffing agencies a popular choice. MindInventory is a well-known player in this arena. However, for those seeking alternatives to MindInventory, there are other options. 

We’ve done the legwork to compile a list of the top 5 alternatives to MindInventory. Whether you’re a fresh startup or looking to scale, this guide will present you with outstaffing agencies that meet your project needs, budget, and the specific expertise you’re after. Dive into our insights to choose the right partner for your tech team.

What is MindInventory?

MindInventory is a web development company focused on digital transformation. They offer businesses custom digital solutions, including AI, web and mobile app development, and staff augmentation. The company uses modern technologies to improve business operations and digital experiences.

Who is MindInventory for?

MindInventory typically serves many types of clients. Their customers include: 

  • Startups looking to launch digital products
  • Medium-sized businesses aiming to upgrade their tech capabilities
  • Large enterprises looking for digital transformation

Some of their reputable customers include Panasonic and Tinder. 

Their services are mostly for founders looking to develop mobile apps to enhance their operations and customer engagement.

Pros and Cons of MindInventory

We scoured review sites for customers’ experiences with MindInventory and created pros and cons based on them.  


  • Strict vetting process.
  • Developers are very good at building mobile applications. 
  • There are diverse tech talents to hire from. Eg. engineers, product managers, and data scientists


  • Quite expensive. Although they offer custom pricing, states MindInventory’s minimum pricing as $15,000 for a month’s project. Pricing can go as high as $100,000 for a six-month project. 
  • Customer support needs improvement, especially with communication.
  • Very difficult to get a refund or compensation if the final work is unsatisfactory.
  • Some customers have complained about their project managers missing deadlines.

6 MindInventory Alternatives to Consider

Here’s a list of great staff augmentation agencies that are as good as MindInventory.


ReactSquad is a specialized staffing agency that helps SaaS startups boost their product development by providing them with remote React-specialized engineers. Their vetted pool of React.JS specialists is spread across the European and USA time zones. This means they’re always in sync with your schedule. 

All you have to do is tell them how many developers you need, and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours with the best-matching developers in their pool. You can hire developers on a month-to-month contract for short—and long-term projects.


Peerbits is a global IT consulting and software development company with over 12 years of experience and a team of over 180 developers. They specialize in web and mobile app development, SaaS, custom enterprise software, and emerging technologies. Peerbits operates from six countries: India, the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Colombia. 

The company excels at creating tailored mobile applications across different sectors, such as enterprise mobility, on-demand services, and healthcare solutions. 

The Flock

Based in Miami, FL, The Flock has earned praise for its communication, timely delivery, results, and project management. They serve many industries, including financial services and IT, offering services in Amazon, Azure Platform, and Google App Engine. The Flock has two years of experience in IT staff augmentation services, with most of their talent coming from Latin American countries. Their minimum project size is $50,000.


Diffco is a global software development and staff augmentation company based in Sunnyvale, CA. With over 15 years of experience, the firm is known for their high-quality work, transparency, and customer service. Diffco offers custom software solutions in mobile, web, and AI, among other services. Projects start at $50,000, and they’re available to hire for both short- and long-term contracts.


Codiant provides technology services specializing in enterprise mobility, web application development, and UI/UX design. They’re known for transforming industries such as healthcare, E-commerce, and logistics with innovative technology and design. They deliver enterprise mobile and web app solutions and offer solutions in SaaS, analytics, and IoT. 

The company is ISO-certified, based in the USA, and operates globally. It supports industries like healthcare, e-commerce, and logistics, emphasizing its role in driving business success through digital innovation.

Capital Numbers

Capital Numbers is a digital engineering company known for its software solutions. Their clients include large corporations, startups, SMEs, and agencies. The company specializes in various services, including web and cloud solutions, mobile development, DevOps, AI, and blockchain technology. 

The company is highly regarded for their focus on quality and security, proven by ISO 9001 & 27001 certifications. Capital Numbers has a significant global footprint, especially in India, the US, and Australia. They are a good option for cutting-edge, reliable digital solutions.

The MindInventory Alternatives Compared

The comparison table below compares the alternatives based on certain key criteria. 

Our Recommendation

We recommend ReactSquad as the ideal staff augmentation agency for startups looking to beef up their engineering team for their software projects. 

Why We Recommend

  • Unlike other alternatives, ReactSquad is fully focused on one specific tech stack (React & Node.js). Their developers have high expertise and a niche focus on SaaS products
  • Reactsquad has a rigorous vetting process for their developers; with 4 interview rounds and 4 weeks working on a paid test project
  • Senior developers with 5+ years experience
  • Startup-friendly rates (starting from $75/hr)
  • 7-day free trial with your matched developer and a replacement guarantee at any point during your project
  • You can hire React devs for short and long-term SaaS projects and pay on a month-to-month basis

Visit ReactSquad’s website to get matched with the best React developers for your SaaS startup.

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