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  • Codementor is a popular choice for staff augmentation. It doubles as a mentorship community for software developers.
  • Codementor offers access to pre-vetted talent but can be expensive and lack transparency. It is also less suitable for long-term dedicated hires.
  • There are some good Codementor alternatives like ReactSquad and Turing.
  • Some offer more affordable pricing and free trials, while others lack diverse programming skills.
  • If your project requires ReactJS, then ReactSquad is your best bet. 

Codementor might be a popular pick, but is it THE perfect fit to help your startup ship code faster? The platform has become a top choice since staff augmentation emerged as the favored model for SaaS startups. This hiring model is leveling up the recruitment game and helping founders build their dream tech team.

But Codementor isn’t the only player in town. This article will dissect its pros and cons and check out great alternatives you probably didn’t know about.  

What is Codementor?

Codementor are the creators of, a platform to find and hire remote software developers. But Codementor is more than a talent marketplace. It’s also an online mentorship community where programmers learn from each other, work on projects together, and find helpful coding tutorials.

Is Codementor free?

Nope. Codementor allows developers to set their own rates for both mentorship and coding services. You can expect to pay between $8 and $30 for 15 minutes of mentoring, with a minimum $8 charge for each additional minute. 

This means a one-hour mentoring session could set you back at least $368. 

For the developer marketplace, most Arc Developers charge between $90-150+ hourly.

Is Codementor worth it?

Codementor gets positive reviews, but it has some drawbacks if you’re looking to hire remote developers. Let’s take a look at Codementor’s pros and cons and some customer reviews. 


  • Access to vetted talent pool
  • You can choose between hiring or having a 1:1 session with a developer.


  • Finding a good developer is time-consuming.
  • Can be expensive
  • Lack of complete transparency with pricing and billing.
  • Not ideal for hiring dedicated developers as most of them spare only a few hours.


The majority of client feedback is positive. Most founders are pleased with the quality of developers they hired from Codementor’s talent marketplace. 

However, there have been complaints about the transparency of their pricing and billing. Bill has something to say about that on Product Hunt.

Top 5 Codementor Alternatives You Didn’t Know About

#1 ReactSquad


ReactSquad is a budget-friendly outstaffing agency that allows startups to hire expert React developers to work with their in-house teams. That way, you can access quality talent without the high costs of hiring full-time software engineers

React is one of the most popular web frameworks because it is versatile, simple, and optimizes performance. In fact, 40% of developers in this survey report using React. And 68.9% of developers in this survey said they were interested in continuing to use React.js.


  • Access to vetted developers
  • Startup-friendly rates (starting from $75/hr).
  • Developers can work in US and EU time zones.
  • You can hire for short-term and long-term projects. 
  • One week free trial


  • Not ideal if your project requires a different technology from React.JS


ReactSquad rates start from $75 per hour. 


Here are some reviews from the company’s customers:

#2 YouTeam

With over 50,000 software engineers in its talent pool, YouTeam is one of the biggest outstaffing agencies in South America. Interestingly, the company doesn’t enlist freelance developers. Its talent pool consists of full-time employees working at software development companies across South America and Eastern Europe. These companies are carefully chosen by YouTeam. 


  • One-month trial period.
  • Vetted agencies with qualified developers
  • Dedicated customer success manager for your project.


  • Limited talent in multiple tech stacks.


The engineer determines the hourly rate for the project, and YouTeam takes a 10% cut. But expect a minimum of $70 an hour. 


YouTeam has several positive reviews too. Many customers have been pleased with their user interface and communication. The downside is they have limited talent skilled in diverse tech stacks.

#3 Geekhunter

This is a Brazilian company that specializes in recruiting tech talent, such as front-end, back-end, full-stack, and mobile developers, from Latin America. It connects these pre-vetted devs to startups based in South America, North America, and Europe.


  • Great source of quality talent from Latin America
  • Free trial available
  • Large pool of vetted developers


  • Limited options in the tech stacks developers are skilled in
  • Lack of transparency with pricing


Their pricing fees are not directly stated on their website or any review site. However, they state that the average cost of hiring a Geekhunter developer is $80,000 a year. 


Geekhunter has a few positive reviews on sites like G2 and Trustpilot, though many of them are by developers. The few client reviews we found love Geekhunter’s fast process. 


Turing is one of the biggest tech talent marketplaces. It hosts over 1 million developers, project managers, and other professionals. The company’s AI matching engine is one of its most popular features for reducing the time to hire. 

We wrote a more detailed review of Turing. Why not check it out? 


  • Access to highly talented developers
  • Large talent pool.
  • 2 week free trial available


  • Expensive
  • Service is restricted to only US or Canadian companies


It depends on the developer’s skill and experience, but rates are normally between $150 and $250 per hour for mid-level and senior developers. 


Turing has received rave reviews from its customers about the quality of talent they hired. But, no service is perfect, so a few customers complained about Turing’s poor communication and customer support. 

#5 Andela 

Andela is a marketplace that links startups with top-notch software engineers, mainly from Africa. Their mission is twofold: to offer companies top-tier talent for full-time roles and to contribute to the growth of African economies. 


  • AI talent matching engine shortens time-to-hire
  • Access to dedicated account managers
  • You can hire entire software teams


  • Can be expensive. Monthly rates range from $6,000 to $14,000.
  • Time zone overlap issues. Many of their developers are based in Africa. That means there is sometimes a gap of 5+ hours, which can impact effective communication. 


Andela charges a monthly rate for hiring its developers. According to their website, hiring costs between USD $6,000 and USD $14,000 a month. This depends on the developer’s experience, location, and technology stack. 


We found a notable review from a customer on Trustpilot. They noticed a drop in the quality of developers since Andela stopped their training-to-full time-hire program.

If you want a deeper review of Andela, check out this article

Why Remote Developers Are In High Demand Today

The trend of remote workforces isn’t going away anytime soon. Over 67% of employees in the tech industry work primarily remotely. It goes to show that tech companies are increasingly relying on remote teams for software development. 

As a result, staff augmentation has also become a popular hiring choice for SaaS startups for many reasons:

Access to a diverse talent pool: Staff augmentation allows startups to tap into a diverse talent pool beyond their local region. By hiring remote professionals, they gain access to specialized skills and expertise from around the world.

Scalability: Startups often face fluctuating project demands. Staff augmentation lets startups adjust their team size quickly. They can hire more people when needed and reduce staff during slower periods. This agility is crucial for adapting and keeping them afloat.

Cost Savings: Instead of hiring full-time employees, startups can pay for specific tasks or hours worked. This saves money on overhead costs associated with full-time employees (such as benefits, office space, and equipment).

You can read all about the advantages staff augmentation has over traditional hiring models in our article. 

What Is The Best Alternative To Codementor? 

If your project requires ReactJS and you want the best talent to work with, ReactSquad is your answer. It is the best alternative to Codementor, and you can get started in less than 48 hours. 

Visit ReactSquad’s website to book a consultation today and get started with a free ReactSquad trial.

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