Top 10 Quotes by Des Traynor

Who is Des Traynor?

Entrepreneur Des Traynor co-founded Intercom, an in-app customer messaging platform. He acts as Chief Strategy Officer. Before Intercom, he co-founded Exceptional. Des is also an author and a sought-after speaker.

What are some of Des Traynor’s best quotes?

  1. “Your product is a conversation with the market; launching is just the opening dialogue.”
  2. “Done is better than perfect.”
  3. “Solve a problem that people have.”
  4. ” Build something that you would use yourself.”
  5. “Talk to your customers like humans.”
  6. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
  7. “Prioritize your time.”
  8. “Think long term.”
  9. “Stay focused on your vision.”
  10. “Be persistent.”

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