Top 10 quotes by Julian Shapiro

Who is Julian Shapiro?

Julian Shapiro is the founder of DemandCurve, a growth marketing agency, and a former CMO at Webflow. He also runs his personal blog at He’s written for top tech sites on growth marketing, including TechCrunch. Shapiro is also an investor and a partner at Hyper.

These are Julian’s top quotes.

1. Success is simply having the freedom to focus on the ongoing grind you actually enjoy.

2. “Innovation is the only way to outpace your competition.”

3. “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

4. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

5. You cannot predict your future self. So act on your present self.

6. “Marketing is about telling a story that people want to hear.”

7. “Data beats opinion every time.”

8. “There’s no such thing as a small market.”

9. Well, the real lesson is don’t start a company if you have no idea how it’s going to grow. 

10. “You can’t be a one-man show forever.”

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