Top 10 Quotes by Lenny Rachitsky

Who is Lenny Rachitsky?

Lenny Rachitsky is an ex-Airbnb Product Leader, product management expert, and the author of “The Lenny’s Letter,” a monthly newsletter with advice for product managers.

Here are 10 of Lenny’s best quotes on product management:

  1. Great Product Managers anticipate what’s around the corner to get ahead of it.
  2. “Product management is all about learning and adapting.”
  3. “A successful product manager always puts the customer first.”
  4. “Product managers need to be able to wear many hats.”
  5. “When people trust you, life is easy. When they don’t, not so much.
  6. Great PMs hunt for misalignment and quickly push everyone back into alignment.
  7. “Collaboration is key in product management.”
  8. Great PMs ruthlessly prioritize both the team’s work and their own.
  9. “Communication is key in product management.”
  10. “Great PMs hold the bar high for the work they, and their teammates, do.”

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