Making Usage-Based Pricing Dead Simple with Abhishek Rajagopal, Founder of Togai

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Imagine a world where pricing strategies in software services are as dynamic and tailored as the services themselves. That’s the future envisioned by Abhishek Rajagopal, the founder of Togai, as he shares his insights in this podcast episode.

Abhishek, founder of Togai, brings a fresh perspective on usage-based pricing, challenging the traditional subscription models. 

“Pricing is not just a number; it’s the language of value,” says Abhishek, setting the stage for a discussion that’s as informative as it is revolutionary. This episode is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the ever-evolving landscape of SaaS pricing and business models.

Who is Abhishek Rajagopal?

Abhishek Rajagopal, founder of Togai, has steered the company into uncharted territories of pricing strategies, making it a beacon for those seeking innovative billing solutions. Togai, under Abhishek’s leadership, emerged from the founder’s firsthand experiences with the limitations of traditional billing systems.

Togai today offers flexible, usage-based pricing models tailored to the diverse and evolving needs of modern businesses. Abhishek’s journey from leading a payment API company to founding Togai reflects his deep understanding of market dynamics and an unrelenting drive to fill gaps within the industry.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to Togai and Usage-Based Pricing

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In this podcast, Abhishek Rajagopal, the founder of Togai, delves into the complexities of usage-based pricing models in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. He begins by outlining his journey with Togai and the challenges faced in the traditional subscription pricing models. With Togai, they aimed to create a versatile billing platform that accommodates various pricing strategies, addressing the limitations of existing systems which were mostly tailored for standard subscription models.

Evolution from a Payment API Company to Togai

Timestamp: [00:31:00]

Abhishek shares the evolution of Togai from its origins as a payment API company in India. He discusses the realization that their diverse API offerings required more sophisticated pricing strategies, which were not supported by the available billing systems. This gap in the market led to the birth of Togai, focusing on a flexible pricing and billing platform to cater to the diverse needs of modern SaaS businesses.

Togai’s Unique Billing Solution

Timestamp: [02:26:00]

Abhishek describes Togai as a flexible billing platform that allows companies to implement a variety of pricing models effortlessly. He emphasizes that Togai is designed to be an intermediary between product usage data and downstream payment systems, enabling businesses to convert user actions into monetizable metrics. The platform is particularly beneficial for communication platforms and other niches with complex pricing models.

Founder’s Journey and Strategic Decisions

Timestamp: [06:12:00]

Abhishek recounts his entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the strategic decisions made while transitioning from the first company, a payment API for crypto companies in India, to founding Togai. He reflects on the challenges posed by regulatory changes in the crypto sector and the strategic decision to pivot away from the crypto market. This pivot was instrumental in leveraging their experience to develop Togai’s unique billing solution.

Future of Pricing and Monetization

Timestamp: [19:49:00]

Abhishek shares his vision for the future of pricing and monetization in businesses. He anticipates a shift towards more data-driven pricing strategies and the rise of dedicated monetization teams within companies. Togai aims to be at the forefront of this evolution, offering tools and solutions to support these emerging needs in business monetization and pricing strategies.

Expansion Plans and Market Adaptation

Timestamp: [17:23:00]

Discussing Togai’s expansion plans, Abhishek talks about the importance of being close to the market, particularly in the US, which is their primary target. He details the decision-making process behind setting up the company in the US and the benefits of operating closer to the customer base. The conversation also touches on the advantages of building a product and tech team in India while focusing on go-to-market strategies in the US.

Lessons Learned and Growth Mindset

Timestamp: [19:49:00]

Abhishek contrasts his experiences building two different startups, emphasizing the change in perspective from short-term goals to a long-term vision with Togai. He reflects on the importance of saying “no” to certain opportunities and customers to align with the company’s long-term strategy and vision. This segment provides valuable insights into the growth mindset of a serial entrepreneur.


This podcast episode with Abhishek Rajagopal is filled with insights for anyone interested in the future of SaaS pricing. Abhishek’s journey from adapting to regulatory challenges in the payment API sector to founding Togai had many challenges, but he didn’t stop.

His vision for Togai, making usage-based pricing dead simple, is a new way of thinking about value in the software industry.

For those seeking to understand the complexities of modern billing systems and the future of SaaS monetization, this episode is an invaluable resource. Dive into the full episode to grasp the depth of Abhishek Rajagopal’s expertise and the groundbreaking strides Togai is making in the industry.

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