Raising funds in a bearish tech market with Matt Ford, Founder of Prism.fm

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If you can, would you transform tedious event and festival planning into a seamless, tech-driven process? Yes, right? That’s what Matt Ford, founder of Prism.fm, is doing. His journey is showcased in this captivating podcast episode.

Ford’s story is about understanding and innovating within a niche industry. His insights offer valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and industry insiders alike. If you’re intrigued by how technology reshapes traditional industries, this episode is a must-listen.

Who is Matt Ford?

Matt Ford, founder of Prism.fm, has a unique blend of coding skills and real-world experience in the live music scene, This sets him apart from other founders in this industry. As the brain behind Prism.fm, Ford has carved a niche in the event planning sector, specifically targeting the concert and festival industry.

Prism.fm offers a comprehensive toolset for concert organizers to streamline their operations. From financial management to detailed event planning, this platform epitomizes efficiency and user-centric design in an industry ripe for digital transformation. Ford’s journey from a self-taught coder to an industry innovator shows us the power of bridging tech know-how with industry-specific knowledge.

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Summary of the Podcast

Prism.fm’s Purpose and User Benefits

Timestamp: [00:01 – 00:38]

Summary: Matt Ford introduces Prism.fm, a comprehensive solution for the live music and concert industry. Prism.fm caters to professionals involved in concert organization, offering tools for managing financials, generating contracts, and planning event details. The software serves as an all-in-one platform, streamlining various aspects of event organization and addressing the complex needs of its users.

Insight Behind Starting Prism.fm

Timestamp: [01:13 – 02:59]

Summary: Ford shares his journey to founding Prism.fm, rooted in his experience in the live music industry. Initially, he developed a festival system to aid festival planning and later established his own festival, inadvertently starting a concert promotion business. This hands-on experience revealed the industry’s reliance on inefficient spreadsheet systems, inspiring Ford to develop Prism.fm. The one-year development period, although unorthodox, resulted in a robust and defensible product that significantly outperforms competitors.

Fundraising Journey and Pandemic Challenges

Timestamp: [04:01 – 07:49]

Summary: Ford discusses Prism.fm’s fundraising journey, totaling $15 million to date. The company navigated various challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which drastically impacted the live music industry. Prism.fm’s resilience during this period, along with its strong business fundamentals, enabled successful fundraising even in a challenging tech downturn. Ford emphasizes the importance of serving real-world operators, which contributed to the company’s stability and growth post-pandemic.

Company Structure and Strategy

Timestamp: [09:59 – 12:38]

Summary: Ford provides insight into Prism.fm’s company structure, highlighting a strong focus on product and engineering with 17 team members, complemented by go-to-market and customer success teams. The company is currently prioritizing go-to-market strategies, aiming to significantly increase its market share. Ford envisions a balanced team distribution between product, engineering, sales, marketing, and customer success, with a slight emphasis on product and engineering.

Product-led Growth and Network Effects

Timestamp: [13:14 – 14:13]

Ford explains Prism.fm’s approach to revenue generation, emphasizing product-led growth and network effects. The platform’s design encourages its users, such as talent agencies and venues, to recommend Prism.fm to others, creating a self-sustaining cycle of new business. This strategy highlights the importance of a superior product experience and the inherent business generation capabilities of Prism.fm.

Founder’s Journey and Insights

Timestamp: [14:51 – 16:13]

Reflecting on his journey as a founder, Ford shares how his direct experience in the live music industry has been instrumental in Prism.fm’s development. This experience provided him with genuine insights and empathy for the challenges faced by his customers, allowing him to make more informed product decisions and establish trust within the industry.

Navigating Through the Pandemic

Timestamp: [16:49 – 19:34]

Ford recounts the challenges faced during the pandemic, describing it as a critical period for the live music industry and Prism.fm. Despite the severe impact, Ford’s belief in the platform’s potential and his spiritual faith motivated him to persevere. This resilience led to Prism.fm emerging stronger post-pandemic, securing significant funding and proving the business’s durability.


This podcast episode with Matt Ford is a masterclass in industry-specific innovation. Ford’s journey with Prism.fm illuminates the path for aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of understanding your industry’s unique challenges and leveraging technology to address them.

His experiences during the pandemic underscore the effort needed to navigate uncertain times. The episode is not just about Prism.fm’s success; it’s about every founder who is thriving in today’s fast-paced business environment.

For more in-depth insights into Ford’s entrepreneurial journey and how Prism.fm is making waves in the concert industry, tune into the full episode.

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