15+ ChatGPT Prompts for Podcast Producers and Managers

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If you’re into podcasting, staying current and efficient is essential. As a result, many podcast producers are turning to ChatGPT to help streamline their production process. If you’re a podcast producer or enthusiast, you’d be pleased to know that, when equipped with the right prompts, ChatGPT can be a game-changer for your show. 

Check out these carefully selected prompts tailored for podcast professionals.

20 ChatGPT Prompts for Podcast Producers and Managers

1. Script Review: “Review this podcast script for clarity, grammar, and engagement: [Insert Script Here].”

2. Guest Recommendations: “Suggest potential podcast guests for a topic on [Insert Topic/Niche].”

3. Episode Structuring: “How should I structure a podcast episode about [Insert Episode Theme] to maximize listener engagement?”

4. Music Selection: “Recommend royalty-free music that fits the mood of a [Insert Podcast Theme/Topic] podcast episode.”

5. Editing Advice: “I’m facing an audio issue where [Describe Issue]. How can I address this in post-production?”

6. Audience Engagement Strategies: “What are some strategies to increase audience interaction for a podcast in the [Insert Podcast Niche] niche?”

7. Monetization Guidance: “Provide strategies for monetizing a podcast focused on [Insert Podcast Niche].”

8. Interview Techniques: “Give me tips on phrasing questions for an interview with [Insert Guest’s Field of Expertise].”

9. Promotion Strategies: “What are the best ways to promote a podcast episode about [Insert Episode Topic] on social media platforms?”

10. Equipment Recommendations: “Which microphones, mixers, and headphones would you recommend for a podcast with a budget of [Insert Budget] focused on [Insert Podcast Niche]?”

11. Platform Analytics Interpretation: “Help me understand these analytics: [Insert Specific Analytics Data] from my podcast platform.”

12. Legal & Ethical Guidelines: “Are there any legal or ethical concerns about using [Insert Specific Music/Soundbite/Topic] in my podcast?”

13. Feedback Analysis: “Analyze this set of listener feedback for my podcast: [Insert Feedback Here]. What improvements can I make?”

14. SEO Optimization for Episode Descriptions: “How can I optimize this episode title and description for search engines? Title: [Insert Title], Description: [Insert Description].”

15. Sound Quality Checks: “Evaluate this soundbite for audio quality: [Insert Soundbite or Describe Sound]. How can I improve it?”

16. Episode Archiving & Organization: “What’s the best way to archive and organize podcast episodes for easy accessibility?”

17. Listener Surveys & Poll Creation: “Help me craft a survey for my podcast audience about [Insert Specific Topic or Question].”

18. Engaging Episode Intros and Outros: “What are some ideas for creating an engaging intro/outro for a podcast episode about [Insert Episode Topic]?”

19. Time Management: “Provide time management strategies for producing multiple podcast episodes about [Insert Podcast Topics].”

20. Up-to-date Industry News: “Update me on the latest trends and developments in the podcasting world for [Insert Current Year/Quarter].”


Harnessing the power of ChatGPT is about more than just asking random questions. You need to craft prompts that extract the maximum value from the AI tool. These prompts are designed to help podcast producers tap into ChatGPT’s vast knowledge to create a smoother, more efficient production process. So, the next time you’re facing a podcasting challenge, lean on ChatGPT and let these prompts guide you.

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