15+ ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Specialists

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As a seasoned SEO specialist or a curious marketer, understanding how to effectively use ChatGPT can elevate your strategy and give you a competitive edge. Here, we unpack a set of prompts that have been crafted for key SEO tasks.

20 ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Specialists:

1. Keyword Research: “Provide long-tail keyword suggestions related to [insert topic or niche here].”

2. Content Ideas: “Based on current trends in [insert industry or topic], what are engaging content ideas that users would find interesting?”

3. Title and Meta Descriptions: “Craft a compelling title tag and meta description for a webpage about [insert webpage topic or theme here].”

4. Content Optimization: “Review the following content: [insert content here]. Suggest ways to incorporate the keyword [insert target keyword here] naturally.”

5. Schema Markup: “Generate structured data (Schema markup) suitable for a [insert content type: e.g., article, product, event] about [insert topic or item details].”

6. Backlink Analysis: “Explain the significance of [insert specific backlink metric] in evaluating a site’s backlink profile.”

7. Technical SEO Audit: “List common technical SEO pitfalls for websites in the [insert industry or category] and provide solutions.”

8. SEO Updates: “Summarize the most recent changes in search engine algorithms that affect [insert specific industry or topic].”

9. Localization: “Provide best practices for local SEO optimization in the [insert region or language].”

10. Voice Search Optimization: “What are the key strategies to optimize content about [insert topic] for voice search?”

11. Mobile SEO: “Share best practices to optimize a webpage about [insert topic] for mobile SEO.”

12. Page Speed: “What are specific tactics to improve page load times for a website in the [insert industry or type: e.g., e-commerce, blog] category?”

13. Internal Linking: “Given the content about [insert topic], suggest potential internal linking opportunities.”

14. User Experience (UX) & SEO: “Highlight UX factors that might impact SEO for a website in the [insert industry or category] and recommend improvements.”

15. Featured Snippet Optimization: “Provide strategies to target and optimize content about [insert topic] for featured snippets in search engine results.”

16. Video SEO: “Recommend best practices to optimize a video titled [insert video title] for search, including suggestions for thumbnail, title, description, and tags.”

17. E-commerce SEO: “Offer tips to optimize an e-commerce product page for [insert product name or category], especially considering SEO.”

18. Image Optimization: “What are the steps to optimize an image titled [insert image title or subject] for SEO, including considerations for file size, format, and alt text?”

19. Duplicate Content: “Identify potential risks and solutions for duplicate content issues when dealing with [insert specific content or topic].”

20. User-generated Content & SEO: “What are the best strategies to encourage and manage user-generated content about [insert topic or theme] in a way that positively impacts SEO?”


Tapping into ChatGPT for SEO isn’t as tricky as it sounds. With the perfect prompts, you can uncover insights and tactics that are both data-driven and human-friendly. As we sail into a future where AI is a key player in content strategy and optimization, mastering these AI prompts will be a game-changer. So grab these prompts and enhance your SEO game.

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