15+ Effective DALL-E Prompts for Public Relations Managers

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PR gurus, the right image can make all the difference for your PR game. Whether it’s making a buzz on social media or landing a killer press release, the right image can turn a message from simply heard to vividly remembered. But to really unlock DALL-E’s game, you need killer prompts. So, let’s jump into these prompts and reshape your PR strategy.

20 DALL-E Prompts Public Relations Managers

1. Crisis Response Imagery: “Create an image that conveys [emotion] in the context of [specific crisis], showing [specific element], in [style/setting].”

2. Event Invitations: “Design an elegant invitation for [type of event] featuring [specific theme or element] with [color scheme] and space for text including [date, time, venue].”

3. Social Media Content: “Generate a [style] themed image that represents [campaign message or theme] for use in social media posts sized for [platform]. Include [any specific elements].”

4. Infographics for Data Release: “Create an infographic that simplifies the data on [topic/subject] using [specific visual elements] and incorporates our brand colors [specify colors].”

5. Mock-ups for Media Kits: “Produce a mock-up for a media kit that includes [specific items] with a cohesive design that reflects our corporate identity.”

6. Brand Image Reinforcement: “Develop an image that embodies our brand’s values of [list values] in a setting that resonates with our target audience, utilizing our brand’s color palette [specify colors].”

7. Educational Materials for PR Campaigns: “Design an educational pamphlet for our [specific campaign] that is visually engaging and explains [key points] with illustrations that reflect our branding.”

8. Visual Press Release Enhancements: “Add visual elements to a press release that highlights [key announcement] and includes imagery that supports the message, such as [specific images].”

9. Reputation Management Visuals: “Craft an image that represents our commitment to [company value or recent change] following [specific event], ensuring a tone of [desired tone].”

10. Historical Image Recreations: “Recreate a [decade]-style image that shows the evolution of our company, incorporating modern branding elements into a historical setting.”

11. Visual Storytelling for Company Milestones: “Design a visual narrative showcasing the major milestones of our company, including [specific events or achievements], in a timeline format with brand-aligned imagery.”

12. Executive Thought Leadership Pieces: “Produce an abstract background for a thought leadership article written by our CEO on [topic], which should convey [concept or mood].”

13. Visual Summaries of Annual Reports: “Convert our annual report summary into a visual format that highlights key figures and achievements, with icons and graphics that align with our branding.”

14. Training Material Illustrations: “Create illustrations for our PR training manual that depict [specific strategies or tactics] in a style that is easy to understand.”

15. Community Relations Photos: “Generate images showcasing our company’s engagement with the community, focusing on [specific initiative], with a warm and inviting tone.”

16. Internal Communication Posters: “Design a series of posters for our internal communication boards that promote [company values or campaigns], including relatable scenarios and diverse teams.”

17. Stakeholder Engagement Visuals: “Create personalized images for our stakeholder report that depict [key aspects of the report], using a professional and clean design that reflects our company ethos.”

18. Visual Q&As for Executive Interviews: “Illustrate a Q&A session with our executive [Name], focusing on [interview topic], with visuals that complement the content and present the executive in a [desired light].”

19. Lobbying Campaign Materials: “Produce a compelling visual for our lobbying materials that clarifies our stance on [policy issue], using symbolism that conveys [desired message].”

20. Brand Mascot Development: “Assist in developing a brand mascot that reflects our company’s spirit of [company value or character trait], suitable for various PR materials, in both a modern and classic style.”


With DALL-E’s prompts as your secret weapon, you can give every piece of communication the visual touch it deserves. Whether you’re navigating through a PR crisis with finesse or shouting from the rooftops about your latest updates, these prompts are your ticket to creating images that will tell powerful stories about your brand. So go ahead, feed them to DALL-E, and let it take care of the visual storytelling.

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