15+ Helpful ChatGPT Prompts for Paid Ads Managers

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AI tools today, like ChatGPT, are shining as a versatile go-to for many professionals.

For Paid Ads Managers, getting your prompts right is crucial to unlocking ChatGPT’s full potential. Fortunately, expert insights are here to help you navigate this. Let’s explore a series of prompts that are tailor-made for your role, ensuring that you get the most out of ChatGPT.

Fortunately, we’ve broken down some handpicked prompts designed with Paid Ads managers in mind. Let’s dive in.

20 ChatGPT Prompts for Paid Ads Managers

1. Keyword Research: “Given the industry of [Your Industry], provide a list of high-performing keywords for paid ad campaigns.”

2. Ad Copy Optimization: “Review this ad copy: [Your Ad Copy]. Provide recommendations to increase CTR and relevance.”

3. Competitor Analysis: “Analyze the paid advertising trends in the [Your Industry] and summarize the strategies of top competitors, focusing on their ad headlines and descriptions.”

4. Geotargeting Recommendations: “Based on past campaign data from [Your Location or Region], suggest optimal locations or regions to target for increased engagement.”

5. Bid Strategy Insights: “Evaluate the effectiveness of manual bidding vs. automated bidding for the campaign with data: [Your Campaign Data]. Provide recommendations for future strategies.”

6. Budget Allocation: “Analyze the past ROAS of these campaigns: [Your Campaign Names or Data]. Recommend a budget distribution for upcoming campaigns.”

7. Ad Schedule Recommendations: “Analyze this ad performance data: [Your Data]. Suggest the best days and times to run the ads for optimal results.”

8. Ad Format Guidance: “Given the target audience of [Your Audience Demographics] and the product/service [Your Product/Service], which ad format would be most suitable?”

9. Landing Page Feedback: “Review this landing page URL: [Your URL]. Provide feedback on design, content, and user experience to improve conversion rates.”

10. Audience Segmentation Tips: “Segment the audiences for retargeting based on this engagement data: [Your Engagement Metrics]. Suggest optimal strategies.”

11. Quality Score Improvement: “Provide insights into factors affecting the Quality Score of this ad: [Your Ad Details]. Suggest actionable steps to improve it.”

12. Ad Extension Recommendations: “Review this ad: [Your Ad Details]. Recommend suitable ad extensions (callout, site link, etc.) to enhance its performance.”

13. Performance Analysis: “Summarize the performance metrics from this data: [Your Data]. Highlight strengths and areas of improvement.”

14. A/B Test Suggestions: “Given this ad copy: [Your Ad Copy], recommend elements (headline, description, CTA) to test for A/B comparisons.”

15. Trend Spotting: “Identify emerging trends in the PPC world for the [Your Industry or Niche] that could be beneficial for our campaigns.”

16. Platform-Specific Best Practices: “Provide best practice tips for advertising on [Your Platform, e.g., Google Ads, Facebook Ads].”

17. Ad Creative Ideas: “Brainstorm creative concepts or visuals for an ad promoting [Your Product/Service Description].”

18. Demographic Targeting Insights: “Given this campaign data: [Your Data], suggest specific demographic segments (age, gender, etc.) to target or exclude.”

19. Device Optimization: “Analyze the ad performance across these devices: [Your Devices]. Offer recommendations for device-specific adjustments.”

20. Negative Keywords Suggestions: “Review this search term report: [Your Report or Terms]. Suggest negative keywords to reduce irrelevant clicks.”


Paid Ads Management is no walk in the park – it takes more than just skill and needs the right tools. While AI tools like ChatGPT are powerful, you can only get the best out of them when you feed them with precise prompts. With these curated ChatGPT prompts, you’re all set to elevate your ad campaigns and make them more creative and effective at getting the best results.

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