15 Helpful ChatGPT Prompts for Public Relations Managers

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In the field of Public Relations (PR), precision, timeliness, and adaptability are important. The emergence of AI and ChatGPT presents an exceptional chance to transform the traditional PR workflow. This article dives deep into the potential of using ChatGPT prompts to assist PR managers in their daily tasks.

15 ChatGPT Prompts for Public Relations Managers

1. Drafting Press Releases: “Craft a press release announcing [Product/Service/Event Name] with details including [Key Features/Highlights], set to launch on [Date].”

2. Media List Management: “Update the media contact list by adding any journalists or influencers focusing on [Specific Topic or Industry] and their recent articles or contributions.”

3. Crisis Communication Strategy: “Provide best practices and key messaging suggestions for addressing [Specific Crisis Situation] to the public.”

4. Speech Writing: “Compose a speech for [Executive/Spokesperson’s Name] to deliver at [Event Name] highlighting [Key Points/Themes to Address].”

5. QA Preparation: “List potential questions journalists might ask about [Topic/Product/Service] and suggest well-crafted answers.”

6. Media Monitoring: “Summarize recent news articles or social media mentions related to [Company/Product Name] from the past [Time Frame].”

7. Stakeholder Communication: “Draft a communication to [Stakeholder Group] about [Specific Update or Announcement], emphasizing [Key Points or Benefits].”

8. Social Media Copywriting: “Create engaging social media posts about [Topic/Product/Event] that align with our brand voice for [Specific Social Media Platform].”

9. Event Planning: “Outline an agenda for [Event Name], suggesting key speakers, topics, and potential media outreach strategies.”

10. Analysis of Public Sentiment: “Analyze public sentiment from the comments and reviews on [Platform/Channel] about [Product/Service/Event] over the past [Time Frame].”

11. Competitor Monitoring: “Summarize PR activities of our main competitors, [Competitor Names], over the last [Time Frame].”

12. Content Ideas: “Suggest topics or angles for articles and blog posts relevant to [Industry/Topic] that can be used for PR purposes in the upcoming [Month/Quarter].”

13. Award Submissions: “Help draft a submission for the [Specific Award Name], emphasizing our achievements in [Specific Areas or Projects].”

14. Internal Communication Strategy: “Propose a strategy for communicating [Specific Update or Change] to our employees, ensuring clarity and positive reception.”

15. Feedback on PR Materials: “Review and provide feedback on the provided press kit/fact sheet about [Product/Service/Event], ensuring it’s comprehensive and effective.”


The impact of AI, especially in fields that rely on timely, accurate communication like PR, cannot be emphasized enough. These ChatGPT prompts provide just a glimpse of the numerous ways technology can enhance PR tasks. By integrating these prompts, PR managers can become more efficient and develop more nuanced strategies.

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