15+ Helpful DALL-E Prompts for Mobile Marketing Specialists

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As a Mobile Marketing Specialist, your daily tasks likely range from creating engaging ad creatives to personalizing user experiences for mobile. With the power of AI, specifically DALL-E, mobile marketing specialists are in for a game-changer. Here’s a comprehensive list of DALL-E prompts tailored for various aspects of mobile marketing.

20 DALL-E Prompts for Mobile Marketing Specialists

1. Ad Creative Design

“Create an [adjective] ad image featuring [product/service], targeted at [demographic], in a [setting/theme]. Include [specific elements/colors] that appeal to [target audience].”

2. App Icon Testing

“Design a series of app icons for [app name], incorporating [core app function/feature] with variations in [color/style/theme] for A/B testing.”

3. Banner Ads Creation

“Generate a [dimension]-sized banner ad for [product/service], with a [theme/style], including [specific elements] and a compelling CTA for [target audience].”

4. Social Media Ad Images

“Create a [platform-specific] social media ad for [campaign/product], with [theme/style], ensuring it resonates with [target audience/demographic]. Include [brand elements/colors].”

5. Promotional Imagery for Push Notifications

“Design a visually engaging image for a push notification promoting [specific offer/event], tailored for a [specific audience], incorporating [brand colors/themes].”

6. Email Marketing Visuals

“Generate a visually appealing email header for [campaign/theme], including [product/service], tailored to engage [target audience], with [specific colors/branding].”

7. Landing Page Visuals

 “Create a [dimension]-sized hero image for a landing page, themed around [campaign/product], aimed at [target audience], featuring [specific elements/branding].”

8. In-app Advertisement Designs

“Design an in-app ad for [product/service], matching [app’s theme/style], including [specific offer or feature], targeting [user segment].”

9. User Tutorial Graphics

“Generate a step-by-step illustration for [app feature/tutorial], using [app’s color scheme/style], making it simple and engaging for [target user].”

10. Localized Ad Content

“Create an ad image for [product/service] tailored for [specific region/country], incorporating local cultural elements of [specified culture], in [language if applicable].”

11. Seasonal Campaign Imagery

“Design a [season/holiday]-themed campaign image for [product/service], incorporating seasonal elements like [specific icons/themes], targeting [audience].”

12. Animated Ads for Mobile

 “Generate a short animated ad for [product/service], lasting [time duration], showcasing [key features/offers], in a style appealing to [target audience].”

13. User Persona Illustrations

 “Illustrate a user persona for [specific demographic], including [characteristics/interests], in a context of [using product/service], with [branding elements].”

14. Infographics for Content Marketing

“Create an infographic on [topic/theme], incorporating [key statistics/messages], in a style that is engaging to [target audience], reflecting [brand identity].”

15. Themed Graphics for App Updates

“Design a series of graphics highlighting new features in [app name] update, themed around [specific feature/theme], appealing to [user base].”

16. Custom Emoji or Sticker Packs

“Generate a set of [number] emojis/stickers for [brand/app], reflecting [brand personality/theme], suitable for use in [context/messaging platform].”

17. Virtual Reality or AR Elements

“Create [VR/AR] elements for [specific campaign/feature], including [specific objects/themes], ensuring they align with [brand style/audience experience].”

18. Influencer Collaboration Visuals

“Design collaborative visuals for [influencer name]’s promotion of [product/service], blending [influencer’s style] with [brand identity], for [platform].”

19. Storytelling Visuals for Brand Narratives

“Generate a series of images telling the story of [brand/product], including key moments like [specific events/themes], tailored for [target audience].”

20. Personalized Ad Imagery

 “Create an ad image personalized for [customer name/group], featuring [product/service], and including personal touches like [location/name specific elements].”


Infusing AI into your mobile marketing strategy streamlines your creative process and paves the way for new levels of customization and innovation. Embrace these DALL-E prompts and watch as your mobile marketing campaigns transform, driving engagement and success like never before.

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