15+ Helpful DALL-E Prompts for Paid Ads Managers

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Hey there, Paid Ads Managers! If you’re looking to spice up your ad creatives and drive engagement through the roof, you’ve come to the right place. We all know that an image can say a thousand words, especially in the fast-moving world of online advertising. So, let’s dive straight into the heart of innovation with these custom DALL-E prompts crafted to elevate your ad campaigns to masterpiece status.

20 DALL-E Prompts for Paid Ads Managers

1. Ad Creative Conceptualization

“Create a [style/genre] ad concept featuring [product/service], targeted at [audience demographic], emphasizing [unique selling point].”

2. A/B Testing Visuals

“Generate two variations of an ad for [product/service], one with [specific element, e.g., a green background] and one with [alternative element, e.g., a blue background].”

3. Ad Personalization

“Design a personalized ad for [product/service] that appeals to [specific audience segment], incorporating elements that reflect [audience interests or characteristics].”

4. Platform-Specific Ad Formats

“Produce a [platform-specific, e.g., Instagram stories] format ad for [product/service], adhering to [platform] design guidelines and dimensions.”

5. Seasonal Campaign Imagery

“Illustrate a [season or event, e.g., Christmas] themed ad for [product/service], incorporating [seasonal elements] and [promotional message].”

6. Localized Ad Creatives

“Craft a localized ad for [product/service] in [specific location], integrating [cultural elements], and translating text to [target language].”

7. Dynamic Product Ads

“Create multiple images of [product], showcasing [different angles/variations], suitable for use in dynamic ads.”

8. Ad Refreshes

“Update an existing ad for [product/service] by modifying [specific element to be updated, e.g., background color or layout] while keeping the brand identity intact.”

9. Landing Page Visuals

“Design an engaging image for a landing page tied to [product/service ad], which conveys [desired action or emotion].”

10. Iconography for Ads

“Develop a set of icons representing [product features/benefits] in a [specified style, e.g., flat, line art], that blends with the brand’s aesthetics.”

11. Display Banner Ads

“Assemble a display banner ad in [specified size, e.g., 300×250] for [product/service], ensuring clear visibility of [brand logo] and [call to action].”

12. Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons

“Design a CTA button that stands out on [specific ad background/image], with text that reads ‘[CTA text]’, fitting the brand’s color scheme.”

13. Influencer Collaboration Previews

“Mockup an ad showing a collaboration with [influencer name] for [product/service], including elements that associate closely with the influencer’s brand.”

14. Text Overlay Styles

“Experiment with text overlays for an ad featuring [product/service], trying [specific font style] and [color], ensuring adherence to [platform’s text policy].”

15. Background Removal

“Automatically remove the background from an image of [product], and replace it with a [type of background], suitable for a high-contrast ad.”

16. Animated Ad Elements

“Create a simple animated [element or GIF, e.g., spinning product] to catch the eye in a static ad for [product/service].”

17. Mockups for Presentation

“Build a mockup showing how an ad for [product/service] would look in the context of a [platform, e.g., social media feed], ensuring it’s [time of day/season] appropriate.”

18. Visual Data Representation

“Turn the data point [specific data] into an infographic for an ad, that’s aligned with [brand’s style] and easy to understand at a glance.”

19. Thumbnails for Video Ads

“Generate a thumbnail for a video ad that encapsulates [main topic of the video], includes [brand logo], and is formatted for [platform, e.g., YouTube].”

20. Brand Consistency Checks

“Compare newly generated visuals for [product/service] against the brand’s style guide, focusing on [specific brand element, e.g., color palette, typography].”


And there you have it—20 DALL-E prompts that are more than just a starting point; they’re a leap for transforming your paid ad campaigns. With these, you’re not just running ads; you’re creating visual images that are bound to capture attention and convert prospects.

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