15+ Powerful ChatGPT Prompts for Community Managers

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Community managers are at the heart of digital communities. From creating content to resolving conflicts, their plate is always full. This is where ChatGPT comes in.

With the right prompts in hand, community managers can tap into ChatGPT to enhance their workflow. And that’s what we have for you- a list of helpful prompts for community managers.

20 ChatGPT Prompts for the Modern Community Manager

1. Drafting and Proofreading: “Please draft an announcement for [specific event/topic] for our community and proofread for errors.”

2. Content Suggestions: “What content topics are currently resonating with online communities related to [specific niche/interest]?”

3. Feedback Analysis: “Analyze the following feedback from our community members and highlight key trends or concerns: [list of feedback].”

4. Event Planning: “Provide ideas or a checklist for an online/offline community event themed around [specific topic/theme].”

5. User Profile Analysis: “Based on the following activities and posts [list of activities/posts], can you identify key active members or potential troublemakers?”

6. Conflict Resolution: “How should I handle a dispute between community members regarding [specific issue]?”

7. Onboarding Guides: “Craft an onboarding guide for new members joining our community focused on [specific topic/interest].”

8. Automation of Recurring Tasks: “Suggest a way to automate sending out birthday wishes or reminders for [specific event] to our community members.”

9. Community Health Check: “Based on the following interactions and posts [list of interactions/posts], can you provide insights into the overall sentiment of our community?”

10. Poll Creation: “What would be a relevant poll topic related to [specific interest or current event] for our community?”

11. Content Calendar: “Help me draft a content calendar for [specific month/year] considering major holidays and [list of community milestones/events].”

12. FAQ Compilation: “Based on the following common queries from our community [list of queries], can you help create a FAQ section?”

13. Monitoring for Inappropriate Content: “Scan the following texts [list of texts] and alert me if any content violates typical community guidelines.”

14. Suggestions for Engagement Activities: “Can you suggest creative engagement activities or challenges for a community interested in [specific topic]?”

15. Training Modules: “Assist in creating a training module for new moderators focusing on [specific skill or guideline].”

16. Crisis Management: “Provide best practices and guidelines for handling a PR crisis related to [specific issue] in an online community.”

17. Identifying Potential Collaborations: “Who are the influential members or external entities related to [specific niche] that we should consider for collaborations?”

18. Recognizing Trends: “What are the emerging trends in online communities related to [specific field or interest]?”

19. Measuring Community KPIs: “How can I effectively measure and evaluate the following community KPIs: [list of KPIs]?”

20. Regular Updates: “Keep me updated on new tools, platforms, or best practices emerging in the community management field for [specific niche/interest].”


To wrap things up, ChatGPT can be a game-changer for community managers. As the digital communities continue to evolve, you just need the right prompts to let ChatGPT help you engage, assist, and expand your tribe and grow your brand.

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