15+ Powerful ChatGPT Prompts for Market Research Analysts

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In the fast-growing field of market research, analysts need to adopt innovative tools to streamline their workflow and boost their analytical skills. One game-changing tool is ChatGPT, which has proven to be an asset for professionals in the complex world of market data. 

The way to unlock ChatGPT’s full potential is in the art of prompt engineering. So we’ve gathered a set of expertly crafted ChatGPT prompts designed to assist Market Research Analysts with a variety of specialized tasks.

20 ChatGPT Prompts for Market Research Analysts

1. Data Cleaning: “Please identify and remove any duplicate entries and correct inconsistencies in the specified fields within my survey dataset on [Product/Service].”

2. Sentiment Analysis: “Determine the sentiment of these customer reviews for [Product/Service], summarizing key sentiment drivers.”

3. Competitive Analysis: “Summarize key offerings and strategies of [Competitor’s Company Name], focusing on their online presence over [Specific Platforms].”

4. Market Trend Prediction: “Analyze these recent news articles and social media posts to identify emerging trends in the [specific industry or market].”

5. Consumer Behavior Tracking: “Examine these online consumer discussions about [Product/Service Type] to identify patterns in preferences and concerns.”

6. Brand Perception Mapping: “Create a perception map for [Your Company’s Brand] based on customer feedback compared to [Competitor Brands].”

7. Qualitative Data Analysis: “Code these open-ended survey responses about [Topic], identifying themes and categorizing the data.”

8. Forecasting Market Demand: “Using the provided sales data, forecast the demand for [Product/Service] in the next [time period].”

9. Pricing Strategy Assistance: “Analyze the provided competitor pricing data for [Product/Service] and simulate pricing strategies.”

10. New Market Entry Analysis: “Evaluate the potential of [Target Market] for introducing [Product/Service], taking into account demographics, economy, and industry-specific factors.”

11. Product Feature Feedback: “Consolidate feedback on [Product Name] features, highlighting most and least favored features with reasons.”

12. Customer Segmentation: “Segment customers based on the provided data, using [desired segmentation basis] as a categorization metric.”

13. Promotional Campaign Analysis: “Analyze the impact of the [Specific Campaign] by examining sales data and social media engagement metrics.”

14. Social Media Trend Analysis: “Identify current trending topics and hashtags on [Platform] related to [Industry/Product] for marketing opportunities.”

15. Keyword Research for SEO: “Find trending keywords for [Industry/Product] with search volume and difficulty details.”

16. Supply Chain Disruption Analysis: “Review current reports to identify supply chain disruptions for [Industry/Product].”

17. Crisis Impact Assessment: “Assess the impact of [specific crisis] on market and customer sentiment.”

18. Innovation Opportunities Identification: “Review patents and research within [Technology/Process/Product] for potential innovation opportunities.”

19. Churn Rate Prediction: “Predict potential churn by analyzing these customer interaction transcripts, highlighting risk indicators.”

20. ROI Analysis for Marketing Channels: “Evaluate the ROI of different marketing channels for [Product/Service] over [time period].”


With these targeted ChatGPT prompts, Market Research Analysts can not only optimize their time but also dive deeper into market data research with a focused approach. Each prompt is a starting point for detailed analysis. From there, you can fine-tune the prompts based on the insights you gather.

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