15+ Tailored ChatGPT Prompts for Product marketing managers

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Having the right tools as a Product Marketing Manager can give you a competitive edge. Top of the list are AI-powered tools like ChatGPT. They’re super useful for different product marketing jobs, from nailing your positioning to setting important KPIs. 

We’ve compiled a list of clever prompts a Product Marketing Manager can use to make their workflow smooth and seamless. 

20 ChatGPT Prompts for Product Marketing Managers

1. Positioning and Messaging: “Provide a refined positioning statement for a product that offers [specific feature/benefit] targeting [specific audience].”

2. Competitive Analysis: “Structure a competitive matrix comparing [Your Product Name] to [Competitor Product Names] with emphasis on [specific features or benefits].”

3. Customer Persona Development: “Based on a target audience of [demographics and characteristics], describe a detailed customer persona with motivations and challenges.”

4. Content Creation: “Draft an introductory blog post on [Product Name]’s new feature, [specific feature], and its benefits for [target audience].”

5. Sales Enablement: “Outline a sales training document for [Product Name], highlighting common objections and how to address them.”

6. Product Feature Explanation: “Translate the technical aspects of [specific feature] into clear benefits for a non-technical audience.”

7. Go-to-Market Strategy: “Suggest channels or unique strategies for launching [Product Name] in the [specific market or industry].”

8. Pricing Strategy Feedback: “Provide input on structuring pricing tiers for [Product Name] considering its features like [list main features].”

9. Customer Testimonial Framework: “Design a questionnaire to gather effective testimonials for [Product Name] focusing on [specific benefit or feature].”

10. Event and Webinar Topics: “Brainstorm topic ideas for a webinar targeting [specific audience] interested in [specific product category or challenge].”

11. Feedback on Visual Collaterals: “Create guidelines for designing visual collaterals for [Product Name] emphasizing its USPs like [list main USPs].”

12. Product Launch Checklist: “Provide a comprehensive checklist for launching a product in the [specific category or market].”

13. Promotional Ideas: “Suggest promotional campaigns or partnership ideas for [Product Name] during [specific season or event].”

14. User Feedback Analysis: “Analyze the following user feedback for [Product Name]: [insert feedback snippets] and provide actionable insights.”

15. Localization Strategy: “Offer insights into cultural nuances for marketing [Product Name] in [specific country or region].”

16. Retention Strategies: “Brainstorm initiatives to increase user engagement and reduce churn for [Product Name].”

17. Cross-selling & Up-selling Strategies: “Suggest ways to promote [Related Product or Service] to existing [Product Name] users.”

18. Survey Design: “Craft questions to gather insights on [specific aspect, e.g., user satisfaction] for [Product Name].”

19. Referral Program Ideas: “Design a framework for a referral program for [Product Name] with potential incentives for referrers.”

20. KPI Setting and Monitoring: “Assist in setting KPIs for [specific campaign or initiative] and provide interpretation of the following data trends: [insert data].”


Product marketing is always dabbling in tech innovations. Tapping into gems like ChatGPT can optimize processes and sharpen decision-making. For product marketers, mastering these prompts can be the key to tackling various product marketing challenges and making their products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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