15 Useful ChatGPT Prompts for Growth Marketing Managers

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the blend of AI and marketing is super important. ChatGPT-4 is leading the pack in this space. So, how can growth marketers make the most of it?

Let’s dive in and explore the many ways ChatGPT-4 can totally transform growth marketing game plans.

15 ChatGPT-4 Prompts For Growth Marketers

1. Content Creation: Craft a compelling [ad/blog post/email/social media update] copy targeting [specific audience] about [specific topic or product].

2. Audience Segmentation: Analyze the following customer feedback and segment the audience based on preferences, behaviors, and pain points: [insert feedback here].

3. SEO Assistance: Provide keyword suggestions for a [specific topic or industry] and recommend on-page SEO improvements for the following content: [insert content or URL].

4. Landing Page Optimization: Review this landing page copy [insert link or content] and suggest improvements to ensure clarity and appeal for [specific audience].

5. A/B Testing Ideas: Propose variations for the following headline/CTA/content [insert original content] for A/B testing purposes.

6. Ad Copy Testing: Craft three versions of ad copy targeting [specific audience] for [product/service] to be used on [specific platform, e.g., Facebook].

7. User Onboarding: Draft an onboarding email series for [specific product or service] aiming to activate and retain new users.

8. Chatbot Scripts: Develop a conversational flow for a chatbot guiding visitors about [specific topic or service] and addressing common queries.

9. Competitor Analysis: Outline the main strategies and campaigns observed on the following competitors’ platforms or sites: [insert competitor names/URLs].

10. Feedback Analysis: Summarize and identify areas of improvement from the following customer feedback or reviews: [insert feedback].

11. Personalization Strategies: Suggest a personalized messaging strategy for users who have [specific behavior, e.g., ‘abandoned their cart’] on our website.

12. Retention Strategies: Recommend strategies to re-engage the following segment of dormant users: [insert segment details, e.g., ‘users who haven’t logged in for 3 months’].

13. Affiliate Marketing: Draft an email outreach script proposing a partnership to potential affiliates in the [specific industry or niche].

14. Influencer Outreach: Craft a personalized outreach message to the following influencer [insert influencer name or profile], emphasizing collaboration on [specific campaign or product].

15. User Surveys: Design questions for a survey aimed at understanding [specific insight, e.g., ‘product usage habits’] of our users.


Blending ChatGPT-4 with the right prompts can take growth marketing to a whole new level. Think magnetic content, deep insights into your audience, and more effective retention strategies. 

With AI in the mix, you get accuracy, quick results, and the ability to change things up on the fly. It just goes to show what tech can do when used wisely. For growth marketers, the future isn’t just coming – it’s already here, and it’s packed with potential.

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