15+ Useful DALL-E Prompts for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialists

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As professionals in the field of CRO, we often hit a bottleneck: nurturing creativity within certain boundaries. What if you could complement your strategic expertise with the creativity of AI tool like DALL-E? So, let’s cut to the chase and explore specific DALL-E prompts that can transform your CRO efforts.

20 DALL-E Prompts for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialists

1. Landing Page Visual Testing: “Create an image of a [Product/Service] in a [Setting/Context] for a landing page hero section, appealing to [Target Audience], with [Specific Color Scheme/Emotion].”

2. Call-to-Action Button Design: “Design a [Shape] call-to-action button that says ‘[CTA Text]’ in [Font Style] with a [Color/Gradient] that stands out on a [Background Color] background.”

3. Icon Development: “Generate a set of icons representing [List of Features] in a [Design Style] that matches the [Brand Aesthetic], optimized for visibility at [Size] pixels.”

4. Banner Ad Creation: “Produce a series of banner ads for [Product/Service] featuring a [Central Visual Theme] with [Promotional Message], sized [Dimensions] for [Platform/Device Type].”

5. Infographic Design: “Develop an infographic that communicates [Specific Data or Process] using [Brand Colors] and includes visual elements such as [Charts, Figures, Icons], tailored for [Audience Segment].”

6. Social Proof Imagery: “Create images of [Demographic Group] in a [Environment/Activity] showing satisfaction while using [Product/Service], displaying [Product Benefit].”

7. Navigation Flow Illustrations: “Illustrate a user navigation flow for a [Type of Website/App], showing the journey from [Entry Point] to [Conversion Goal], highlighting any [Friction Points/Calls to Action].”

8. Mockups for Prototyping: “Generate a mockup of a [Specific Web Page Type] for [Product/Service] with [Key Features Displayed] and [Desired User Action], in the style of [Brand Aesthetic].”

9. Personalized Imagery: “Produce personalized images for [Specific Campaign/Email] featuring [Product/Service] that appeal to [Target Segment], including elements that resonate with [Demographic].”

10. Heatmap Visualizations: “Design a visual representation of a heatmap for a [Specific Web Page], showing areas of highest activity in [Color Scheme], with markers for [Clicks/Scroll Depth].”

11. E-commerce Product Visuals: “Enhance an image of [Product Name] by placing it against a [Background Style] with optimal [Lighting/Shadow Effects], ensuring the product is [Centered/Focused].”

12. Interactive Elements Design: “Create visuals for an interactive [Quiz/Calculator] related to [Product/Service], featuring engaging elements that fit within a [Brand Theme] and prompt user interaction.”

13. Reward and Badge Graphics: “Design a series of [Rewards/Badges] for [Specific Achievement], using [Brand Colors] and incorporating elements that signify [Type of Reward].”

14. User Persona Galleries: “Generate images representing user personas for [Market Segment], including [Age/Gender], [Occupation], and [Interests], in a setting that reflects their lifestyle.”

15. Checkout Process Visualization: “Illustrate a streamlined checkout process for [E-commerce Website], from product selection to final confirmation, showing a [Number of Steps] step flow with a focus on simplicity.”

16. Content Upgrade Previews: “Create visuals previewing a [Type of Content Upgrade], showing a glimpse of the [Content Inside], with a [Brand Aligned] look and a [Call to Action].”

17. Mobile Optimization Images: “Design images for [Web Page/Feature] optimized for mobile viewing, ensuring [Key Message/Visual] is clear at [Specific Screen Resolution].”

18. 404 Page Artwork: “Develop a creative and on-brand image for a 404 error page, featuring [Brand Mascot/Icon], a sympathetic message, and a prompt to return to the [Main Site/Helpful Resource].”

19. Background and Texture Creation: “Generate a unique [Textured/Patterned] background for a [Type of Web Page], that complements [Brand Colors] and enhances [Specific Content Type].”

20. Email Header Designs: “Produce a variety of email header designs for [Campaign Type], featuring [Key Visual Elements] that immediately convey the [Campaign’s Purpose], sized [Width x Height] pixels.”


There you have it, a full set of DALL-E prompts finely tuned for CRO specialists looking to infuse AI-powered visuals into their conversion strategy. Customize these prompts with the specifics of your campaign, and you’ll soon find yourself with a wealth of unique images that can elevate your A/B tests, enhance user engagement, and, ultimately, uplift your conversion rates.

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