15+ Useful DALL-E Prompts for SEO Specialists

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In the fast-paced digital game, SEO pros are constantly scouting for the next big thing to edge out competitors and reel in audiences. That’s where DALL-E steps into the spotlight. To truly tap into its genius, you need to nail the prompt game. Let’s take a closer look at how to craft killer DALL-E prompts, perfect for SEO specialists looking to sprinkle some extra creativity into their digital tactics.

20 DALL-E Prompts for SEO Specialists

1. Custom Thumbnail Creation: “Create a thumbnail featuring [central theme/topic], incorporating elements of [specific items or concepts], with a [color scheme] background, optimized for a [platform] aspect ratio.”

2. Infographic Design: “Design an infographic that explains [topic or data point], including [number of sections] sections with icons representing [specific ideas or statistics], in a [color scheme/style] theme.”

3. Featured Image Generation: “Generate a featured image for an article titled ‘[Article Title],’ illustrating [key concept of the article], with a [color scheme] palette, ensuring it’s visually coherent with [website/blog] branding.”

4. Visual Content for Social Media: “Create a [platform]-specific visual for promoting ‘[Content Title],’ incorporating [key elements of the content], using [brand colors/logo], formatted for a [specific platform] post.”

5. Data Visualization: “Visualize the following data: [insert data], in a [chart/graph type], with a clear distinction between [categories/variables], using [brand or theme colors].”

6. Blog Post Visualizations: “Illustrate a scene or concept that complements the section ‘[Blog Section Title]’ of my blog post, with [relevant elements], and align it with the post’s overall aesthetic.”

7. Website Banners: “Produce a banner for [website section or campaign], featuring [central theme or offer], including [any text or CTA], with dimensions [width x height] pixels, matching the website’s style.”

8. SEO Reports: “Enhance an SEO report by creating a visual summary for [specific metric or KPI], showing progress over [time frame], with elements that reflect [brand identity], and easy-to-read figures.”

9. Visual Testimonials: “Turn the following testimonial into a visual format: ‘[Testimonial Text],’ featuring the customer in a [setting/with a backdrop] that reflects [the context of the testimonial].”

10. Interactive Content Elements: “Design a [type of interactive element] for [topic], with engaging visuals representing [key components], compatible with web interactivity, using colors that suit [brand/style].”

11. Schema Markup Visualization: “Show a mockup of a rich snippet for [type of content], including [desired schema markup features], formatted to display on a simulated [search engine results page].”

12. Content Gap Illustrations: “Illustrate the concept of ‘content gap’ in the context of [specific industry/niche], using imagery that highlights [particular missing content], with a visual style that is informative and engaging.”

13. Link Building Assets: “Generate an image that can serve as a linkable asset for the topic ‘[Specific Topic],’ including [unique value proposition], with a compelling design that encourages sharing and linking.”

14. E-commerce Product Images: “Create a clean, high-resolution product image for ‘[Product Name],’ showing it from [angle or perspective], with a [specific background or context], ensuring the product is the focal point.”

15. Brand Mascot Development: “Assist in creating a brand mascot that embodies [brand values/personality traits], interacting with [product/service], in a style that is [fun/serious/cartoonish etc.].”

16. Historical Image Refreshing: “Update the following old image: [description or title of the old image], by recreating it with [modern elements/trends], while retaining the original’s [specific feature to keep].”

17. Local SEO Visuals: “Produce an image that showcases [local landmark or cultural element] for use in local SEO content, incorporating [specific local elements], aligned with [brand colors/theme].”

18. Personalized Visual Content: “Generate a personalized image for an email campaign targeting [audience segment], featuring [custom element, e.g., name or location], in a way that’s engaging and relevant to the recipient.”

19. Visual Concept Models: “Craft a visual model explaining the concept of [SEO strategy/model], using imagery like [relevant symbols or metaphors], designed to be clear and educational for [target audience].”

20. AI-Generated Videos: “Create a storyboard for a short video explaining [complex topic], with keyframes showing [important points], designed in a style that is [educational/entertaining], for an audience of [target audience demographics].”


DALL-E is way more than your average AI—it’s like a canvas ready for SEO Specialists to craft their digital masterpieces. Think of it as grabbing a brush and using those prompts to splash life onto the SEO scene. To the sharp SEO pro, the prompts are the key to a vault of standout content. Just toss in your details, and watch DALL-E whip up visuals that will climb the search rankings and resonate with your audience.

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