15+ Useful DALL-E Prompts for UI/UX Designers

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When it comes to UI/UX design, where innovation intersects with user-centricity, how fast you iterate and visualize concepts is of immense value. Enter DALL-E, the AI that’s changing the game for designers. With the right prompts, this tool becomes an extension of the designer’s creative mind. 

Below, you’ll discover carefully curated DALL-E prompts to ignite your creative engine and fuel your design process.

20 DALL-E Prompts for UI/UX Designers

  1. Visualizing Early Concepts: “Create an image of a {app interface description}, incorporating {specific features}, in a {style/era} aesthetic.”
  1. Generating Icons: “Design a set of {number} icons for a {type of app/website}, featuring {specific objects/actions}, styled to reflect {specific style/brand identity}.”
  1. Mocking Up Interfaces: “Generate a mockup of a {type of interface} for a {specific function/feature}, including {specific elements} and following the {specific design style} guidelines.”
  1. Designing Illustrations: “Illustrate a {scene/object} for a {type of interface screen}, ensuring it aligns with the {brand’s tone/theme}.”
  1. Creating Personas: “Create an image of a persona named {name}, a {age}-year-old {occupation}, with interests in {interests}, wearing {type of clothing}, in a {type of setting}.”
  1. Styling Widgets: “Design a {type of widget} with {specific features}, that fits within a {specific theme/style}, for a {type of app/website}.”
  1. Visualizing Data: “Produce a {type of data visualization} showing {type of data}, styled to match {brand style/theme}.”
  1. Developing Color Schemes: “Generate a color palette suitable for {type of project/app}, that is visually harmonious and accessible, including shades for {specific use}.”
  1. Background Patterns and Textures: “Create a {style} background pattern/texture for {type of screen/page}, with {specific colors/features}.”
  1. Creating Animations: “Sketch a sequence illustrating an animation for {specific UI interaction}, from {state A} to {state B}.”
  1. Designing Landing Pages: “Compose a layout for a landing page of a {type of business/industry}, including {elements}, in a {design style}.”
  1. Theming for A/B Testing: “Design two variations of a {specific page element/layout}, one with {variation A’s characteristics} and another with {variation B’s characteristics} for A/B testing.”
  1. Designing Responsive Layouts: “Illustrate a responsive layout for a {type of website/app}, showing adaptation from {device A} to {device B}.”
  1. Augmenting Wireframes: “Enhance a wireframe of a {specific screen/feature} by adding realistic UI elements, styled in {a specific theme/style}.”
  1. Storyboarding User Flows: “Create a storyboard depicting a user flow for {specific task/action} in {type of app/website}, including key interactions.”
  1. Branding Elements: “Generate {type of branding elements} for {brand name}, suitable for use in {specific contexts}.”
  1. Email Template Designs: “Craft an email template design for {type of campaign}, reflecting {brand’s style}, with placeholders for {elements}.”
  1. Interactive Elements Design: “Suggest a design for an interactive element like a {type of element}, incorporating {specific actions/features}, in line with {brand style/theme}.”
  1. Accessibility Enhancements: “Demonstrate an interface design for {specific feature/page}, adjusted for users with {type of visual impairment}, including high contrast and alternative text descriptions.”
  1. Personalization Features: “Create a concept for a personalized {type of UI element}, that changes based on {user preference/behavior}, in {type of app/website} context.”


Kick your creativity into overdrive with these custom DALL-E prompts. Think of them as your secret weapon for design – not just a starting point, but a partner in crime for all your creative schemes. Whether you’re dreaming up conceptual art or crafting slick interactive features, these prompts are here to sharpen your ideas and sprinkle in some of that special sauce to make them pop. 

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