15 Best ChatGPT Prompts SaaS Founders Will Find Helpful

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In the digital age where SaaS entrepreneurship is at its peak, every founder feels the pressure of staying ahead of their competition. This can be done by creating a better product, offering more for less, or staying relevant and keeping your pace up.

In recent years, it’s getting hard to develop something new in such a saturated industry. So, a lot of founders are competing on pace.

This takes me to AI. An emerging sidekick who is ready to lighten the load of SaaS founders. Many founders are exploring how artificial intelligence, specifically chatbots like ChatGPT, can help in running a SaaS company.

From market research to investor communications, we also explored a treasure trove of jobs that AI can tackle.

And our conclusion? It is a beast with the right master. Meaning if you know how to get the most out of it, you’re winning. That’s why, today we’re giving you 15 prompts you can use with ChatGPT to cover some of your shifts.

15 Prompts For SaaS Founders

1. Market Research: “Generate a report on the current market trends and key competitors in the {Specific SaaS industry.}”

2. Product Development: “Based on current SaaS trends in {industry}, what are some innovative product features we could consider adding to {your product}?”

3. Customer Support: “How would you respond to a customer experiencing {describe issues} with {your SaaS}?”

4. Content Creation: “Draft a blog post about the advantages of using our SaaS solution {product} for small businesses.”

5. Brainstorming: “Generate ideas for increasing user engagement with {your SaaS platform.}”

6. Data Analysis: “Interpret this data set of user engagement metrics and suggest potential actions: {Data Set}”

7. Software Debugging: “Provide potential solutions for {a user-reported bug}.” (ChatGPT might ask for code and will further inquire about the issue. So, make sure you give the right answers.)

8. Sales Scripts: “Create a persuasive sales script for {your new product feature.}”

9. User Testing Analysis: “Analyze this feedback from our recent user testing session and provide a summary of key insights: {feedback}”

10. Training Materials: “Draft an outline for a training guide for {your new software update.}”

11. Strategic Planning: “What could be a strategic plan for growing the user base for {your product} in the next quarter?”

12. Project Management: “Provide a suggested timeline and list of tasks for our upcoming product launch of {your product}.”

13. Investor Communications: “Help me draft an update on our Q2 progress to send to our investors. Here’s our Q2 report: {your report}”

14. Social Media Management: “Generate a series of engaging posts about {your new product feature} for our social media channels.”

15. Networking: “Provide me with information about the latest successful SaaS startups and their founders in {specific industry}.”

Remember, these are just templates. Prompts should be adapted based on the specific details of your SaaS and the current state of the industry. And, as always, human review and judgment are essential to ensure the AI’s outputs are accurate and appropriate.

How to Save These Prompts?

For now, it’s clear that AI is not just another cog in the machine but a pivotal ally in the SaaS landscape. However, the key takeaway is that while AI can be a robust co-pilot, the captain’s hat firmly rests on your head.

Now before you go back to your cockpit, here’s a little something for you.

To ensure you always retain these precious prompts, we’ve got the Prompt Manager Chrome extension. Prompt Manager allows you to save, organize, and access your favorite prompts anytime, anywhere with a single click. Try it out.

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