28 ChatGPT Prompts Product Managers Are Using Right Now

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As a product manager, you know that artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field by providing access to vast amounts of data and tools that enable you to make informed decisions, optimize product performance, and improve the customer experience.

One of the most significant impacts of AI on product management is its ability to enhance the accuracy of data-driven decision-making.

With the rise of AI, product managers have a wealth of data at their disposal to meet the evolving needs of customers. The benefits of AI in product management are numerous. AI algorithms can process and analyze large datasets quickly, enabling product managers to identify relevant insights and make informed decisions.

Product Manager’s Responsibilities & Prompts to Help

Following are the 28 prompts your fellow product managers are using to incorporate ChatGPT in their everyday work life.

1. Idea Curation & Product Development

As a Product Manager, you gather data to come up with ideas for new products and features including curating ideas and deciding which ones are worth working on. Here are two prompts you can use to get some help from AI.

Prompt 1:

“Generate a list of innovative product ideas based on the following market trends and customer needs: [Insert market trends and customer needs].”

Prompt 2:

“Help me evaluate the potential of these product ideas by providing a brief analysis of their feasibility, market demand, and competitive landscape: [Insert product ideas].”

2. Market Analysis

As a Product Manager, you will have to analyze market and competition data to create products to match and surpass current industry standards. Here are two prompts to get ChatGPT to find the most effective ideas from your research that you might’ve missed.

Prompt 1:

“Provide a detailed analysis of our main competitors in the [Insert industry] space, focusing on their strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling propositions.”

Prompt 2:

“Based on the current market trends and competitive landscape, suggest product features or improvements that can help us stand out and surpass industry standards.”

3. Product Vision, Roadmap, & Positioning

A Product Manager’s job is to define the product vision, product roadmap, and product positioning. Here are the prompts to get some help from ChatGPT.

Prompt 1:

“Help me define the product vision for [Insert product name] based on our company mission and the target customer segment.”

Prompt 2:

“Create a high-level product roadmap for [Insert product name], outlining the key milestones and deliverables for the next 12 months.”

4. Product Line Strategy & Production Scheduling

A Product Manager creates, maintains, and adjusts the product-line-level strategy and production schedules. Here are the prompts for a more efficient strategy and schedule with AI.

Prompt 1:

“Assist me in creating a product-line-level strategy for our [Insert product line] by suggesting a prioritization framework for product development and resource allocation.”

Prompt 2:

“Provide recommendations to adjust our production schedule to accommodate for changes in demand or resource availability for the [Insert product line].”

5. Product Vision Communication

Communicating product vision to the sales and product marketing teams to obtain market share for the product is also a Product Manager’s job. Here are some prompts to get ChatGPT’s help in that.

Prompt 1:

“Draft a compelling product vision statement for [Insert product name] that can be easily communicated to our sales and marketing teams.”

Prompt 2:

“Create a list of key product benefits and differentiators that our sales and marketing teams can use to promote [Insert product name] in the market.”

6. Product Requirements & Feature Development Coordination

A Product Manager creates product requirements for the support and engineering teams to bring new products to market or to enhance existing features. Following are two prompts to help you with that.

Prompt 1:

“Help me write detailed and clear product requirements for the development of [Insert product feature or enhancement].”

Prompt 2:

“Provide a list of potential technical constraints and dependencies that the engineering team should consider when working on [Insert product feature or enhancement].”

7. Customer & Stakeholder Needs Balancing

It’s a Product Manager’s job to balance the needs of the customers and limitations defined by stakeholders. This could get real frustrating real soon but you can get some help from our computer friends with following prompts.

Prompt 1:

“Analyze the trade-offs between customer needs and stakeholder limitations for the following product features: [Insert product features].”

Prompt 2:

“Suggest a prioritization framework that balances customer needs and stakeholder limitations for our [Insert product name].”

8. Product & Team Board Representation

A Product Manager also advocates for the product and the team members, to the board. This is where presentation skills come in handy. Here are some prompts to involve ChatGPT into your presentation strategy.

Prompt 1:

“Draft a persuasive presentation that highlights the value of our [Insert product name] and the team’s accomplishments to the board.”

Prompt 2:

“Help me create a compelling narrative that demonstrates the impact of our product on the company’s strategic goals and financial performance.”

9. Product Testing & Issue Resolution Management

Managing issue detection and fixing them to make necessary improvements is also a Product Manager’s responsibility. Here are a few prompts to help you with that.

Prompt 1:

“Provide a list of potential test scenarios and test cases for [Insert product feature or enhancement] to ensure its quality and performance.”

Prompt 2:

“Suggest a process for efficiently tracking, prioritizing, and resolving issues identified during the testing phase.”

10. Customer Feedback & Product Improvement

A Product Manager gathers customer feedback and finds the trends and patterns in there that could be used to further improve the product. This is an exciting job but may become a little irritating at some points. Here are a few prompts to make it a little easier.

Prompt 1:

“Design a survey that captures valuable customer feedback on the usability, performance, and value of our [Insert product name].”

Prompt 2:

“Analyze the following customer feedback data and identify key areas for improvement and potential new features: [Insert customer feedback data].”

11. Team Performance Management

A Product Manager monitors the health and performance of the team and ensures a good team environment for everyone. Here are some prompts to generate collaboration ideas using ChatGPT.

Prompt 1:

“Suggest key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to effectively measure and monitor the performance of our product team.”

Prompt 2:

“Provide recommendations for improving team collaboration and communication, based on the following team dynamics and challenges: [Insert team dynamics and challenges].”

12. Product Launch Coordination & Collaboration

As a Product Manager, you have to coordinate with respective teams regarding product launches. ChatGPT can help in creating checklists and plans for an effective product launch. Here are two prompts for that.

Prompt 1:

“Help me create a product launch checklist that outlines the key tasks and responsibilities of different teams, including marketing, sales, engineering, and support.”

Prompt 2:

“Provide a detailed plan for coordinating the efforts of various teams to ensure a successful product launch, including milestones, deadlines, and key communication touchpoints.”

13. Product Performance Tracking

A Product Manager tracks a product’s after-launch performance and gathers feedback for an even better product launch next time. Here are a few prompts that could help you set KPIs for product performance tracking.

Prompt 1:

“Suggest a set of metrics and KPIs that can effectively measure the performance of our [Insert product name] in the market.”

Prompt 2:

“Create a dashboard template to visualize and track the performance of our [Insert product name] across various dimensions, such as user engagement, customer satisfaction, and financial results.”

14. Product Lifecycle Management

A Product Manager also oversees products throughout the product lifecycle. This is where ChatGPT can give you an overview of your product’s lifecycle with these prompts.

Prompt 1: “Provide a high-level overview of the key stages and activities involved in managing [your product] throughout its lifecycle, from inception to discontinuation.”

Prompt 2: “Identify potential challenges and opportunities at each stage of the product lifecycle for our [Insert product name], and suggest strategies to address them.”

How To Save These Prompts?

These powerful prompts, when used correctly, can help you navigate complex projects, streamline decision-making, and ensure your team stays aligned and focused. No more second-guessing or endless meetings. But before you go, here’s the cherry on top.

To ensure you never lose these precious prompts, we’ve got just the thing for you: the Prompt Manager Chrome extension. With a simple click, it allows you to save, organize, and access your favorite prompts anytime, anywhere.

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