15 ChatGPT Prompts For More Productive Meetings

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The modern remote workforce has become all too familiar with meetings consuming a significant portion of their workday. In fact, a study conducted by Atlassian revealed that individuals spend an astonishing average of 31 hours per month in meetings.

With such a substantial time investment, remote professionals often struggle to balance note-taking and active participation during these crucial sessions.

Thankfully, ChatGPT, the AI-powered tool, has emerged as a game-changer for remote workers seeking to optimize their time and efficiency in the digital meeting landscape.

As it gains popularity, we’re excited to share the top ChatGPT prompts designed to help you master meeting summaries, agendas, and action items.

Get Better Results With ChatGPT Meeting Prompts

To ensure your prompts yield the desired outcomes, here are some expert tips to follow:

Obtain a Comprehensive Meeting Transcript: To enable ChatGPT to provide the most relevant and insightful feedback, it’s vital to have an accurate and complete transcript of your meeting.

Master the Meeting Details: Familiarize yourself with the meeting’s agenda, objectives, and participants to create tailored prompts that address specific needs and concerns.

Craft Clear and Specific Prompts: To receive more accurate and practical suggestions from ChatGPT, make sure your prompts are unambiguous and targeted.

Adopt a Continuous Improvement Approach: Pay attention to how ChatGPT reacts to your prompts, and fine-tune them as necessary.

Remember, the quality of ChatGPT’s output depends on the caliber of your input.

Good Meeting Prompts For ChatGPT

Once you’ve prepared the transcript, you can start using prompts effectively. For longer transcripts, break them into smaller sections.

Follow this user-friendly format with ChatGPT:

Begin with your command.

Insert the transcript after the command.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT displays responses as paragraphs. However, you can request outputs as bullet points or tables. To use a table, mention the labels for columns or rows.

This easy-to-understand approach helps you get the most from ChatGPT during online meetings.

DACI Output

DACI is a decision-making framework used by Agile Teams to make effective decisions and assign responsibilities. It stands for Driver, Approver, Contributor, and Informed.

To use ChatGPT with DACI meetings, consider these prompts:

1. Create a DACI table from this template: https://www.atlassian.com/team-playbook/plays/daci. Fill it out using the transcript below: [your meeting’s transcript]

2. Sum up the decision-making in this meeting with the DACI framework. Use the transcript below: [your meeting’s transcript]

3. Note key points for the Driver role in this meeting [your transcript].

4. Point out the Approver’s duties in this meeting [your transcript].

5. Mention main inputs from Contributors [your transcript].

6. Record details shared with Informed members. [your transcript]

Retro Meetings

Retro, short for retrospective, is a meeting where teams review past events or projects. Agile teams, project managers, and Scrum Masters use retros to find strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve.

Try these simple prompts with ChatGPT for retrospectives:

1. I want you to act as an Agile Coach. Generate a Retro table based on this template https://www.atlassian.com/team-playbook/plays/retrospective. Then fill the table based on the provided transcript: [your transcript]

2. I want you to act as a Project Manager. Summarize the main takeaways from this retrospective meeting: [your transcript]

3. I want you to act as a Team Lead. List the successes and challenges discussed during this retro meeting: [your transcript].

4. I want you to act as a Scrum Master. Identify any patterns or trends during this retro meeting: [your transcript].

5. I want you to act as an Agile Coach. Now note the action items agreed upon to address issues in this meeting [your transcript].

6. I want you to act as an Agile Coach. Capture any feedback or suggestions for improvement in this retro meeting [your transcript].

Stand-up Meetings

Stand-up meetings are brief, daily catch-ups for teams to share updates and organize tasks. Agile teams, Scrum Masters, or team leads often hold these meetings to keep everyone in sync and informed about ongoing work.

Use these simple prompts with ChatGPT to help with stand-up meetings:

1. I want you to act as a startup team leader. Now generate a standup table based on this template: https://www.atlassian.com/team-playbook/plays/standups. Then fill the table based on the provided transcript: [your transcript]

2. List the updates and progress shared by team members.

3. Identify any blockers or challenges mentioned.

4. Note the action items and responsibilities assigned.

5. Capture any additional information or announcements.

Save These Prompts With A Click

As we’ve discussed in this post, integrating ChatGPT with powerful prompts into your remote meetings can truly make a difference. You can enhance your note-taking, focus on crucial points, and ultimately, improve your meeting productivity. Before you dive into your next meeting. To ensure you always have these precious prompts at your fingertips, we’ve got something for you: the Prompt Manager Chrome extension. Prompt Manager allows you to save, organize, and access your favorite prompts anytime, anywhere with a single click. Give it a try.

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