15 ChatGPT Prompts You Can Use To Write Company Updates

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a significant part of our daily lives, especially our work lives. It is revolutionizing many industries, including corporate communication. One such AI, ChatGPT by OpenAI, can be a valuable tool for technical writers, aiding in tasks such as content generation, grammar checks, and even sentiment analysis.

This article aims to help you understand how to utilize ChatGPT effectively by providing you with a series of prompts tailor-made for writing internal company updates.

15 ChatGPT Prompts To Write Internal Company Updates

Content Generation

“Generate a first draft for a company update about {specific topic}.”

This prompt can kickstart your content creation process by producing an initial draft based on your specified topic.

Grammar and Style Checks

“Check this text for any grammar or style errors: {insert text}.”

This will help ensure your company update is free of grammatical or stylistic errors.

Text Simplification

“Simplify this technical sentence: {insert sentence}.”

This is especially useful for making sure complex ideas are understandable by everyone in the company.

Content Optimization

“Based on past engagement, how can I improve this piece of content: {insert content}?”

This prompt helps in increasing reader engagement by optimizing content based on past metrics.


“Translate this company announcement into {desired language}: {insert announcement}.”

This can be invaluable for multinational companies wanting to ensure all employees, regardless of their native language, understand the updates.


“Personalize this company update for the {specific team name}: {insert update}.”

This allows updates to be personalized to individual teams, increasing relevance and engagement.

Sentiment Analysis

“Analyze the sentiment of this text: {insert text}.”

This ensures that the tone of your update aligns with its intended message.

Data Analysis

“Analyze the following data and generate key insights: {insert data}.”

This can be used to incorporate data-driven insights into your updates.

Content Curation

“Curate relevant content on the topic of {specific topic}.”

This helps enrich your updates with relevant content from external and internal sources.

Predictive Text

“Continue writing from this starting point: {insert starting point}.”

This prompt speeds up the writing process, providing suggestions based on the starting point.


“What’s the optimal time to send a company-wide update on {specific topic}?”

This helps in scheduling updates for the optimal time to ensure maximum reach.

Feedback Analysis

“Analyze the feedback received on this piece of communication: {insert feedback}.”

This can be used to improve future communications based on past feedback.

Content Classification

“Classify and tag the following company update: {insert update}.”

This aids in organizing and retrieving past updates.

Plagiarism Checks

“Check this text for any inadvertent plagiarism: {insert text}.”

This ensures the integrity of your content.

Trend Identification

“Identify trending topics within our company based on these data points: {insert data points}.”

This helps in addressing trending topics or concerns within the company in your updates.

Using these 15 prompts as a starting point, you can integrate ChatGPT into your workflow to help streamline internal company updates. Remember to replace the placeholders with your specific information when using these prompts.

Conclusion – Saving These Prompts

AI is a powerful tool, but remember that it is a tool to support the human touch in communication rather than replace it. Despite being one of the most advanced technologies, AI still lacks the emotional intelligence that humans bring to the table. Therefore always review and edit your final content to ensure it accurately reflects your company’s values, culture, and voice.

Now before you go and write some crispy new company updates, here’s the cherry on top.

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