12 ChatGPT Prompts For Persuasive Sales Pitches & Proposals

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT are empowering professionals across industries with unprecedented capabilities.

For sales professionals, AI can help in crafting persuasive sales pitches and proposals, making their work more efficient and effective. This article will explore how sales professionals can leverage the power of ChatGPT in their work. We also curated 15 prompts you can use to draft effective sales pitches within seconds.

12 ChatGPT Prompts To Draft Persuasive Sales Pitches

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

“ChatGPT, could you help me brainstorm unique selling points for a product/service that specializes in [product/service features]?” This prompt can help you in identifying unique and persuasive selling points for different products or services.

Cold Email Drafts

“ChatGPT, could you draft a cold email for a [industry type] client introducing our new [product/service]?” Utilize this template to generate effective cold email drafts to reach out to potential clients.

Sales Scripts

“ChatGPT, could you help me write a sales script for our new [product/service] targeting [specific audience]?” Crafting persuasive sales scripts for telesales or in-person pitches can be made easier with this prompt.

Follow-up Messages

“ChatGPT, I need a follow-up email to a potential client who showed interest in [product/service]. Could you help me draft one?” Use this template to automate the crafting of thoughtful, personalized follow-up messages.

Sales Proposals:

“ChatGPT, I need to create a sales proposal for our [product/service]. The client is specifically interested in [specific aspects]. Can you help me draft one?” Draft compelling sales proposals efficiently using this prompt.

Personalizing Pitches:

“ChatGPT, I’m pitching to a prospect who values [values/needs]. Can you help me personalize my pitch for [product/service]?” This prompt can help you tailor your pitches for better engagement.

Addressing Common Objections:

“ChatGPT, how would you address a customer’s objection about the cost of our [product/service]?” Use AI to come up with thoughtful responses to common sales objections.

Sales Training Content:

“ChatGPT, can you help me create a training module about effective communication techniques in sales?” Utilize AI to create engaging and informative content for sales training and development sessions.

Lead Qualification:

“ChatGPT, could you help me develop some qualifying questions for leads interested in [product/service]?” This prompt can aid in formulating precise questions for lead qualification.

Case Studies:

“ChatGPT, I need to write a case study showcasing how our [product/service] helped a client achieve [specific results]. Could you help me draft it?” Use AI to assist in drafting powerful case studies that can help close deals.

Sales Presentation:

“ChatGPT, I need to create a sales presentation for our [product/service]. Could you help me with the slides and talking points?” Make your sales presentations persuasive with AI-powered slides and talking points.

Product/Service Differentiation:

“ChatGPT, how can I effectively differentiate our [product/service] from competitors in the [specific market/industry]?” Utilize this prompt to generate compelling arguments that set your offerings apart from the competition.

Remember, to get the best results, provide as much specific information as possible in these prompts. This allows ChatGPT to generate more tailored and effective responses.


In the digital age, AI has become an indispensable tool for professionals in various fields. For sales personnel, tools like ChatGPT can drastically improve the quality and effectiveness of their sales pitches and proposals. By leveraging these 15 prompts, sales professionals can harness the power of AI to enhance their sales strategies, engage potential clients more effectively, and ultimately, drive business growth. It’s time to embrace the new era of sales – an era where AI and human creativity work hand-in-hand to achieve success.

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