7 Andela Alternatives For SaaS Founders

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As a SaaS founder, navigating the world of software development can be a lot of work. Although Andela is a reputable platform that offers dev talent, considering alternatives may benefit you. 

In this guide, you will check out 7 alternatives that offer the same or better benefits than Andela.

What is Andela?

Andela is a platform connecting businesses with top software development talent, mostly from Africa. The idea is to help companies access world-class talent while supporting economic growth and skill development in African countries. 

Key Features of Andela

  • Andela connects businesses with skilled software developers from Africa.
  • They have a rigorous vetting process and provide training to ensure that clients get top-notch developers.
  • Clients get a dedicated remote team that they can scale up or down as needed.
  • Andela’s developers are proficient in web and mobile development, data science, machine learning, and DevOps.
  • Andela has partnerships with leading tech companies and startups, including Fortune 500 companies.
  • Working with Andela gives you access to a diverse talent pool.

Essential factors to consider when choosing Andela

  • Access to global talent: Andela offers access to a diverse pool of skilled developers from around the world, which can help you build a well-rounded team with unique perspectives and ideas.
  • Affordability: Andela understands that budget is a key consideration for SaaS founders, so they offer reasonable fees without compromising on quality.
  • Flexibility: Andela’s developers are known for being adaptable and independent, making them ideal for startups and small businesses that need to work efficiently under tight deadlines and changing requirements.
  • Training: Andela provides strict training for their developers, ensuring they are highly skilled and able to handle any challenges that arise while working on your project.

Searching for an Andela alternative? Here are some questions to ask 

What skills are essential for your product?

Knowing the skills your product needs can help narrow your search for a suitable alternative to Andela. This information will help you find developers with the expertise to complete your project effectively.

What are your requirements for time zone or location preference?

If you need developers within a particular time zone or location, you’d have to factor this in when considering your options. This will help you find candidates who can work during business hours and meet your product requirements.

What is your budget, scope, and timeline?

It’s super important to know your budget, project scope, and timeline when you’re on the hunt for an Andela alternative that fits the bill.

What are you hiring for? Single Project or Full-time?

Determine whether you are hiring for a single project or full-time. This information helps you find a suitable candidate to meet your product’s demands effectively.

Top 7 Andela alternatives to consider

There are plenty of great alternatives to Andela out there. Here’s a list of the top options available on the market.


ReactSquad is an exclusive agency that helps SaaS startups accelerate their product development by providing them with remote React-specialized engineers.

Why ReactSquad is a great alternative to Andela

A budget-friendly alternative to Andela, ReactSquad enables SaaS founders to access top-notch React developers without breaking the bank. This allows you to invest more resources in other areas of your business to boost growth and success.

Known for its rapid response and efficient service, which is crucial for SaaS founders operating in fast-paced industries, ReactSquad’s ability to deliver high-quality work on tight deadlines helps keep your project on track.


This exclusive platform boasts a network of over 8000 developers and designers from the Latin American regions. To ensure that they offer only top-quality talent, CloudDevs uses a strict five-stage vetting process. It’s an excellent choice for startups and entrepreneurs seeking high-quality talent without breaking the bank.

Why CloudDevs is a Great Alternative to Andela

First and foremost, CloudDevs is committed to ensuring effective communication and service delivery by assigning talent based on the client’s time zone. You can be matched with talent in under forty-eight hours, making it easy to start your project as soon as possible. 

Regarding pricing, CloudDevs charges a flat fee of $45 to $70 per hour, making it a cost-effective solution for your business needs.


Turing is one of the top platforms to hire talented software developers. You can hire from over 2 million qualified candidates from all over the world.

Why Turing is a Great Alternative to Andela

Turing is more flexible compared to Andela. This helps to easily scale their teams up or down as needed. Its efficient hiring process reduces the time and effort required to find the right developers for your SaaS company. By handling the screening, vetting, and onboarding processes, Turing enables you to focus on your core business objectives while ensuring access to top-notch talent.


Toptal is a global hiring platform for recruiting top freelance developers, designers, and project managers. This platform can help you hire tech talent at any seniority level from anywhere in the world.

Why Toptal is a Great Alternative to Andela

Toptal offers a global talent pool. This broad reach allows SaaS founders to tap into a diverse array of devs who can help scale their projects quickly and adapt to changing requirements.

Toptal’s strict screening process ensures that you’re matched with top-notch professionals suited to your specific needs. 


Gun.io offers skilled devs who have been thoroughly screened and have been carefully selected for their outstanding abilities and expertise. 

Why Gun.Io is a Great Alternative to Andela

Gun.io offers a competitive rate that doesn’t compromise on quality. Plus, with Gun.io, you can work with an exclusive group of talented software developers. 

In terms of user experience, Gun.io has a straightforward process for hiring and managing your remote team. Lastly, Gun.io prioritizes communication and transparency, which means you’ll always be in the loop on the progress and can provide real-time feedback.


Arc.dev specializes in helping clients hire full-time remote developers in a flash – with a typical completion of 1 to 3 weeks. Their developers are true experts in their fields and charge between  $60 to $200+ per hour. 

Why Arc.dev is a great alternative to Andela

With a six-step screening process and a tight 1.1% pass rate, Arc.dev sets itself apart as a superior alternative. If you’re okay with paying more, then Arc.dev should be on your radar.


Codeable is a platform that specializes in WordPress development. You can access a pool of talented professionals who have undergone a forty-five-day probation period to ensure they meet their high standards. 

Why Codeable is a Great Alternative to Andela

Codeable’s thorough screening ensures that only the most talented and experienced WordPress coders make it onto their platform, so you can be sure you’re getting the best.

If you have a project that requires WordPress expertise, Codeable provides free estimates without any obligation to hire through them.

What are the best alternatives to hiring remote developers for your product?

Each platform listed comes with its unique set of features that makes it the best option for different requirements. Let’s explore some of them.

If you need excellent standards on a lower budgetCloudDevs and Gun.io 
If timing is critical and you want to hire quicklyReactSquad.io and Gun.io 
If it’s a long-term project CloudDevs and ReactSquad.io 
If you require senior developers with 5+ years of experienceCloudDevs and Gun.io .
If you need WordPress developersCodeable 
If you need React developersReactSquad.io


The right partnership in software development is like finding the perfect pieces to a puzzle. With the right match, SaaS founders can accelerate growth, innovate efficiently, and surpass industry standards. Take the time to understand your specific needs, align them with the services these platforms provide, and set your SaaS venture on the path to unparalleled success.

Reactsquad is a React.js agency for SaaS startups. Our expert developers are spread across the European and USA time zones. This means we’re always in sync with your schedule!

You can hit the ground running with a ReactSquad developer embedded in your team, shipping code in less than 7 days. No fine print, no surprise fees. 

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