0-6M Videos Delivered, How Andrew Horn Grew Tribute to Help Companies Cultivate Appreciation

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Have you ever received a gift so impactful it left you speechless? Imagine an entire podcast episode dedicated to exploring such transformative experiences. That’s exactly what unfolds in the latest episode featuring Andrew Horn, founder of Tribute.co.

Horn’s story is not only inspiring but also explores the profound impact of gratitude in both personal and professional realms. 

His company, Tribute, has revolutionized the way we express appreciation, turning simple video messages into unforgettable emotional experiences. Get ready to dive into an episode that’s not just heard but felt, revealing how a simple concept can blossom into a global movement of love and appreciation.

Who is Andrew Horn?

Andrew Horn is a beacon of innovative thinking in the realm of digital communication. His journey began with a deeply personal experience that led to the creation of Tribute, a platform that simplifies the process of making video tributes to celebrate, connect, and bring people closer.

Horn’s entrepreneurial spirit and insightful understanding of human connections have propelledTribute in the digital appreciation space. With millions of videos delivered, Tribute is now spreading joy, appreciation, and meaningful interactions across the globe.

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Summary of the Podcast

The Birth of Tribute: A Personal Story

Timestamp: [00:00 – 01:48]

Andrew Horn, founder of Tribute, begins the podcast with a touching story about the birth of Tribute, a service that facilitates the creation of meaningful video tributes. He shares how his partner created a tribute video for his 27th birthday, involving friends and family expressing their love and appreciation. This emotional and impactful gift, despite its logistical challenges, inspired Horn to create Tribute. This anecdote sets the stage for Tribute’s mission: to provide a platform for people to express their love and appreciation in a seamless and impactful way.

Growth and Impact of Tribute

Timestamp: [02:17 – 02:42]

Andrew discusses the remarkable growth of Tribute, highlighting its global reach with over 6 million videos delivered in eight years. He talks about partnerships with major companies like 1-800-Flowers and Bed Bath & Beyond, showcasing Tribute’s expansion and relevance in various sectors. This segment highlights Tribute’s success in fostering appreciation and gratitude, illustrating its impact on both personal and corporate levels.

Transition to B2B: Expanding Tribute’s Reach

Timestamp: [03:06 – 05:47]

Andrew dives into Tribute’s transition from a B2C to a B2B model, addressing the growing demand for employee recognition and engagement tools within organizations. He explains how Tribute’s platform naturally attracted enterprise clients seeking effective solutions for internal purposes like employee recognition. This shift involved fine-tuning the platform’s messaging to meet specific needs of HR departments and people officers. Andrew emphasizes the importance of strong workplace relationships and how Tribute aims to enhance these through its enterprise offerings, highlighting an upcoming enterprise product tailored for Fortune 500 companies and large organizations.

Building Company Culture and Employee Appreciation

Timestamp: [10:09 – 13:55]

Andrew shares insights into cultivating company culture and employee appreciation, using Tribute as an example. He talks about establishing rituals and consistent practices like connection prompts, weekly wins, and gratitude sessions. This segment underscores the significance of regular, meaningful interactions and recognition in building a positive work environment and a sense of community, especially in remote or distributed teams.

Leadership, Empathy, and Rituals in the Workplace

Timestamp: [14:17 – 25:24]

The conversation shifts to leadership and the implementation of cultural rituals in a company. Andrew advises on engaging employees in the creation of these rituals and the importance of leadership in setting the tone for a culture of appreciation. He emphasizes the need for leaders to model and encourage gratitude and recognition, suggesting practical ways to integrate these values into routine interactions and team meetings. This section provides actionable advice for new managers and leaders on fostering a culture of empathy and appreciation, enhancing team dynamics and job satisfaction.

The Vision and Future of Tribute

Timestamp: [25:52 – 28:20]

Andrew concludes the podcast with his vision for Tribute, aspiring to be the digital age’s equivalent of Hallmark in creating contexts for meaningful communication. He elaborates on Tribute’s expansion into various services like one-to-one virtual greeting cards, group tributes, and an employee appreciation product. The aim is to facilitate meaningful connections in both personal and professional spheres, impacting over a billion people with messages of appreciation, gratitude, and love.


This podcast episode with Andrew Horn explores the impact heartfelt appreciation can have on individuals and communities. Through Tribute, Horn has not only provided a tool but has sparked a global movement, emphasizing the importance of expressing gratitude in our daily lives.

The episode is full of insights on building a culture of appreciation, both in personal and professional settings. It’s a must-listen for anyone looking to deepen their connections and spread positivity. Remember, the power of a simple ‘thank you’ can be monumental. So, tune in to the full episode to hear directly from Andrew Horn and discover how Tribute is redefining the art of appreciation in our digital world.

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