$0 to +$1.2M ARR: How Andrea grew WordLift to help businesses future-proof their SEO strategies

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In this captivating episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Andrea Volpini, founder of WordLift. Andrea, with his rich experience and profound insights, takes us through the world of SEO and digital marketing. WordLift is helping companies optimize their digital presence by uplifting their SEO.

Imagine a product that not only enhances your online visibility but does so by intelligently structuring your content to mirror Google’s Knowledge Graph. Andrea’s discussion offers a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic foresight, essential for anyone looking to excel in today’s digital landscape.

“SEO is not just about being seen; it’s about being understood,” Andrea remarks, setting the tone for a thought-provoking session that challenges conventional SEO strategies.

Who is Andrea Volpini?

Andrea Volpini, founder of WordLift, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With a career spanning over two decades, Andrea has been an integral part of the internet’s evolution. His current venture, WordLift, is his contribution to revolutionizing SEO.

WordLift is empowering businesses to create their own Knowledge Graphs, enabling search engines to understand and represent their content more effectively. Andrea’s expertise makes him a sought-after figure in the industry, and his insights are invaluable for businesses aiming to thrive in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

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Summary of the Podcast

WordLift and SEO Automation

Timestamp: [00:00]

Andrea Volpini from WordLift joins the podcast to discuss how WordLift is revolutionizing SEO by automating the creation of Knowledge Graphs, similar to Google. This automation facilitates building topical authority in SEO, a current trend in the field. By structuring data and creating Knowledge Graphs, WordLift assists search engines in organizing content by author and topic, significantly boosting topical authority.

Target Industries and Customers

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The typical WordLift customer primarily belonged to the news and media sector, focusing on blogs and content marketing. However, with the advent of COVID-19, e-commerce websites have become a significant customer base for WordLift. The company also has initiatives in the travel industry, with a current customer distribution of about 50% in e-commerce and the rest split between news, media, and other sectors like finance, real estate, and health.

E-Commerce Shift and Knowledge Graphs

Timestamp: [02:45]

Andrea explains WordLift’s strategic decision to focus on e-commerce. Initially targeting content creators obsessed with SEO, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted their focus to e-commerce due to its significant growth. This shift involved adapting their technology to create product knowledge graphs, accommodating the boom in e-commerce and the increasing importance of SEO in this sector.

Company Evolution and Funding

Timestamp: [07:52]

Discussing WordLift’s journey, Andrea talks about starting with EU research project funding and consulting activities. They later received seed investment from a Belgian SEO tool company. This investment marked a strategic shift towards focusing on SEO and was followed by a second round of funding from an Italian venture fund, maintaining profitability throughout.

Technology Development and Market Strategy

Timestamp: [13:26]

Andrea highlights WordLift’s balance between technology improvement and market expansion. The company invested VC funds in technology development and expanding their sales and marketing team. Their success stems from a combination of public and private investments, enabling them to pivot into the e-commerce sector effectively.

Growth and Future Outlook

Timestamp: [15:57]

WordLift’s growth is attributed to its innovative approach, with 82% of revenue from large corporations and the rest from smaller clients like bloggers. They plan to focus on the intersection of deductive and inductive AI approaches, blending rule-based and predictive analytics to enhance their platform. Looking ahead, they aim to increase resources, attract talent, and possibly seek Series A funding to expand, particularly in the United States.

Conclusion and Invitation

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Andrea Volpini’s insights in this podcast are a goldmine for anyone navigating the complex world of SEO and digital marketing. His innovative approach with WordLift, emphasizing the importance of structured data and Knowledge Graphs, is a game-changer for businesses seeking to enhance their online visibility and authority.

We highly recommend listening to the full episode for a deeper dive into Andrea’s visionary ideas and practical strategies.

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