$0 to $100K ARR: How Pedro Gutiérrez Grew Avify into the Omni-Channel Inventory Management Leader

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Social commerce is rapidly growing and thus evolving at the same rate. And this industry is where the lines between messaging apps and marketplaces blur. This is where Pedro Gutiérrez, founder of Avify, carved a niche of his own. Our latest podcast episode dives deeper into the journey of Avify under Pedro’s leadership, transforming how businesses manage inventory in an omni-channel landscape like Social Commerce.

From humble beginnings to helping hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in Latin America, Pedro has seen and experienced it all. “We connect inventory directly to WhatsApp,” says Pedro, a statement that encapsulates the essence of Avify’s innovative approach.

Who is Pedro Gutiérrez?

Pedro Gutiérrez, founder of Avify, is an entrepreneur from Costa Rica. He’s targeting social commerce, a field that’s redefining retail and customer interactions. Avify, under Pedro’s leadership, stands at the forefront, especially in Latin America. The company specializes in omni-channel inventory management, seamlessly integrating various sales channels with inventory systems.

This not only enhances operational efficiency for businesses but also positively affects the consumer shopping experience.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to Avify and Its Role in Commerce

Timestamp: [00:00] – [01:46]

Pedro Gutiérrez, founder of Avify, shares insights into the evolving landscape of social commerce, particularly in Latin America. Avify addresses the challenge of integrating inventory management with platforms like WhatsApp, streamlining the process for merchants. This solution offers real-time updates across online and physical stores, ensuring 360-degree traceability and connecting various services like payment gateways and delivery, thus automating processes that were previously manual.

Customer Base and Expansion Plans

Timestamp: [01:46] – [03:29]

Gutiérrez discusses Avify’s customer base, initially centered in Costa Rica and expanding into Mexico and other Latin American countries. Avify’s focus is on aiding small and medium-sized businesses which are often overlooked by larger, expensive systems. The company aims to grow its presence internationally.

Identifying Customer Pain Points and Pricing Strategy

Timestamp: [03:29] – [06:22]

The conversation shifts to Avify’s approach to identifying customer pain points, particularly for e-commerce businesses with monthly revenues around $10,000. Pedro highlights the challenge these businesses face managing multi-channel orders and inventory. To address these issues, Avify shifted their pricing strategy, moving from a lower cost, high-volume customer base to focusing on more stable, growing customers. This strategic shift involved increasing prices, which initially reduced their customer count but eventually led to more revenue and a more sustainable business model.

Overcoming Financial Challenges and Refocusing Business Strategy

Timestamp: [06:22] – [09:20]

Facing financial difficulties, Avify made the tough decision to increase revenue by charging more, even at the risk of losing customers. They engaged in direct discussions with their clients, explaining the value addition and new pricing. This approach led to a significant improvement in revenue and customer engagement. Avify also changed their product offerings, focusing on core strengths like inventory synchronization and traceability, and providing additional support for e-commerce platforms.

Customer Acquisition and Product Evolution

Timestamp: [09:20] – [12:39]

Gutiérrez explains Avify’s approach to customer acquisition, highlighting their referral program and the importance of providing comprehensive solutions to their clients. He also mentions the evolution of their product, which now includes features like WhatsApp integration, increasing their value proposition. A significant portion of their new customers comes through referrals, indicating strong customer satisfaction.

Business Growth and Market Focus

Timestamp: [12:39] – [17:07]

The discussion shifts to Avify’s growth strategy and market focus. Gutiérrez notes the company’s decision to target specific industries like fashion and cosmetics, where they found a majority of their customers. This focus has allowed Avify to create a more tailored and effective product for these sectors.

Strategies for Scaling and Partnerships

Timestamp: [17:07] – [21:41]

Pedro outlines Avify’s growth strategies, including refining their referral program, partnering with distributors and software agencies, and collaborating with delivery and payment solutions. These partnerships aim to improve efficiency and sales for their clients, thereby creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Vision for the Future and Closing Remarks

Timestamp: [21:41] – [26:58]

In concluding, Gutiérrez shares Avify’s ambitious vision for the future. They aim to become a leading platform in inventory management and e-commerce operations, integrating advanced features like AI for forecasting and cross-border management. Avify strives to be the go-to operating system for merchants globally, facilitating efficient commerce. Pedro emphasizes their commitment to continuous improvement and adapting to customer needs, ensuring Avify remains at the forefront of the industry.


Pedro Gutiérrez’s insights in this podcast are a beacon for businesses navigating the complex waters of modern commerce. Avify’s journey, from its conception to becoming a driving force in omni-channel inventory management, is a testament to the power of innovation and understanding market needs.

Key takeaways from this episode include the importance of adapting to customer demands, the role of technology in transforming business operations, and the potential of social commerce in reshaping the retail landscape. For a deeper dive into how Avify is charting a new course in e-commerce and for more pearls of wisdom from Pedro, tune into the full episode.

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