$0 to $12M ARR: How Maciej Zawadzinski is Capitalizing on the Google Analytics Sunset with Piwik PRO

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Ever wondered what it’s like to challenge a tech giant like Google? In this podcast episode, we sit down with Maciej Zawadzinski, founder of Piwik Pro, who’s doing just that in the world of analytics.

This episode is all about innovation and adaptability in the fast-paced tech industry. Imagine finding a path where others see a dead end – that’s the story of Piwik Pro. Maciej’s insights are not just enlightening; they’re a call to action for anyone in the digital world.

“Innovation isn’t just about being different; it’s about being brave enough to challenge the status quo,” says Maciej. Now, if that isn’t a hook to keep you reading, what is?

Who is Maciej Zawadzinski?

Meet Maciej Zawadzinski, founder of Piwik Pro, a tech entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to take on industry giants. With an impressive career, Maciej has carved out a niche in the highly competitive analytics market. He’s the CEO of Piwik Pro, a company that stands out as a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

In this era where data privacy is not just a concern but a mandate, Piwik Pro emerges as a game-changer, offering marketers a unique blend of user-friendliness and compliance.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to Piwik PRO and Market Demand

Timestamp: [00:00:00]

Maciej Zawadzinski from Piwik PRO discusses the company’s role in providing a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. With the phasing out of Google Analytics, Piwik PRO is experiencing increasing demand for its user-friendly platform, especially from those dissatisfied with Google Analytics 4 (G4).

Leveraging Google Analytics Sunset

Timestamp: [00:46:00]

Zawadzinski describes Piwik PRO’s strategies to capitalize on the Google Analytics sunset. They launched a freemium model to attract smaller B2B companies, with a focus on enterprise clients needing comprehensive data solutions. The freemium model has led to greater mainstream recognition and PR benefits.

Market Positioning and Client Focus

Timestamp: [02:06:00]

Piwik PRO initially targeted data-sensitive industries (finance, healthcare, telecoms) in Europe, offering privacy controls and data hosting. With the evolving analytics market, they shifted towards a more mainstream audience, providing a robust alternative to G4 and other platforms.

Organizational Shift and Growth

Timestamp: [03:20:00]

Discussing the internal shift towards a freemium model and mainstream market, Zawadzinski explains how Piwik PRO managed the transition within the company, growing over 50% year over year.

Marketing and Sales Evolution

Timestamp: [05:17:00]

Piwik PRO’s marketing strategy evolved from content and inbound-driven approaches to incorporating a freemium model, attracting both self-service and large enterprise customers. The company also saw a surge in popularity through its partner channel, with agencies partnering to implement Piwik PRO solutions.

Partnering and Reseller Dynamics

Timestamp: [07:19:00]

Zawadzinski elaborates on Piwik PRO’s partnership strategies, which involve different models like affiliate programs and reselling. They offer volume discounts to resellers, with larger agencies usually opting for a reseller model, leveraging their client relationships and local support.

Bootstrapping and Funding Insights

Timestamp: [09:10:00]

The podcast delves into the financial aspects of growing Piwik PRO. Initially bootstrapped and supported by an agency, the company later raised funds and redirected agency profits to fuel growth. Zawadzinski highlights the importance of efficient capital utilization, especially for a company that has reached $12M in ARR with minimal external funding.

Agency Spin-off and Management Changes

Timestamp: [13:09:00]

Zawadzinski discusses the challenges and strategies involved in spinning off Piwik PRO from their initial agency business. Key steps included separating marketing and sales teams, establishing dedicated development teams, and eventually creating independent management structures for both entities.

Transition from CEO to Board Member

Timestamp: [18:29:00]

Reflecting on his personal career journey, Zawadzinski shares his decision to move from the CEO role to a board member position at Piwik PRO. This shift allowed him to focus on early-stage investing, leveraging his experience in growing businesses.

Investment Philosophy and Market Outlook

Timestamp: [21:11:00]

As an investor, Zawadzinski emphasizes the importance of the founding team, early traction, and the potential market for a product. He shares insights into the current investment climate and his approach to evaluating and supporting early-stage companies.

Future Vision for Piwik PRO and Personal Goals

Timestamp: [26:27:00]

The podcast concludes with Zawadzinski outlining his vision for Piwik PRO as a leading web analytics platform, and his personal aspirations as an investor. He foresees a more competitive and diverse analytics market and aims to be a successful early-stage investor, particularly in marketing technology.


This podcast episode with Maciej Zawadzinski is more than just a conversation; it’s full of insights for anyone keen on understanding the current and future landscape of web analytics.

Maciej’s journey with Piwik Pro teaches us about the importance of privacy in technology and the courage to fill gaps left by industry giants.

As we wrapped up our enlightening chat, it became clear that this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital world. So, tune in to the full episode and dive deep into the world of Piwik Pro – where analytics meets privacy and innovation.

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