$0 to +$7M Raised: How Chris Strahl built Knapsack into a Leader in the Design Systems Space

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In the ever-evolving digital world that we live in, the fusion of design and engineering holds the utmost significance. This is precisely what we go over in the latest podcast episode featuring Chris Strahl, the founder of Knapsack, a company revolutionizing the design systems space.

Chris uncovers not just the intricacies of his entrepreneurial journey but also the innovative solutions Knapsack offers to complex design and engineering challenges.

He describes how Knapsack bridges the gap between a designer’s vision and an engineer’s execution.

Who is Chris Strahl?

Chris Strahl, founder of Knapsack, an enterprise revolutionizing the way design systems are approached. He has transformed a simple idea into a beacon for enterprises grappling with the complexities of digital design and engineering integration.

Knapsack, under Chris’s leadership, shows us how creativity and technology can coexist to create systems that not only streamline processes but also inspire a new wave of digital creativity.

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Summary of the Podcast

Bridging Design and Engineering

Timestamp: [00:01] – [00:34]

Chris Strahl discusses Knapsack’s mission to streamline the process where design and engineering intersect. He explains the challenges large companies face in scaling digital application production, focusing on efficient collaboration between designers and engineers. Knapsack aims to simplify the transition from design to code, enhancing efficiency and scalability in enterprise environments.

From Agency to SaaS Company

Timestamp: [01:07] – [02:14]

Strahl recounts his journey from running an agency addressing similar issues to establishing Knapsack as a SaaS company. The agency experience, particularly with CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress, highlighted the persistent design-to-code challenges across various projects. This experience laid the groundwork for Knapsack’s approach to component-driven development and scalable design systems.

Scaling Up and Overcoming Challenges

Timestamp: [05:03] – [08:58]

The discussion pivots to Knapsack’s evolution, emphasizing its growth amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Strahl describes how they utilized a PPP loan to sustain operations and pivot towards product development. He shares insights into the company’s early struggles, fundraising efforts, and the unique historical moments that coincided with Knapsack’s milestones.

Target Market and Sales Strategy

Timestamp: [09:27] – [14:08]

Strahl details Knapsack’s go-to-market strategy, focusing on enterprise-level clients facing design and engineering integration challenges. He explains their consultative approach in addressing system-level pain points and emphasizes the importance of timing in their sales cycle. The discussion also covers their sales team structure and the evolution of their sales strategy.

Product Development and Future Directions

Timestamp: [24:32] – [29:14]

The conversation shifts to Knapsack’s current focus and future plans, highlighting their emphasis on AI integration. Strahl talks about leveraging AI for design system discovery, content generation, and enhancing the design-to-code process. He shares the vision of enabling design in the production medium, reducing the need for handoff processes.

Connecting with Knapsack and Chris Strahl

Timestamp: [29:49] – [30:26]

Finally, Strahl shares how listeners can connect with him and access resources on design systems, including his LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, the Design Systems podcast, and Knapsack’s website.


This podcast episode with Chris Strahl of Knapsack includes the importance of efficient collaboration, the evolution from a simple agency to a SaaS powerhouse, and the future direction of design systems in the age of AI.

For those seeking in-depth insights into overcoming industry challenges and embracing technological advancements, this episode is a goldmine. We encourage you to listen to the full episode and explore the fascinating world Chris Strahl and Knapsack are creating.

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