$10K in the Bank to 1600+ Clients: How Seymur Rasulov Grew Whelp.co into a Customer Support Titan

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In this episode of our The Venture-Scale Operator podcast, we dive deep into the entrepreneurial journey of Seymur Rasulov, founder of Whelp.co. Seymur, with his unique blend of experience and insight, takes us through the evolution of Whelp.co from a fledgling startup to a customer support titan.

“It’s about finding the melody in the chaos of starting up,” he says, setting the stage for an episode packed with invaluable lessons and raw truths about the startup world.

Who is Seymur Rasulov?

Seymur Rasulov isn’t just any founder, he’s a storyteller, a problem-solver, and an innovator. His journey with Whelp.co is nothing short of inspiring. Whelp.co, under Seymur’s leadership, has revolutionized customer support by tackling one of the most frustrating aspects of service: being put on hold.

Seymur’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of customer pain points and a relentless pursuit of efficient solutions. His company is an example of the power of customer-centric innovation.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction and Background of Seymur Rasulov

Timestamp: [00:00]

Summary: The podcast opens with an introduction of Seymur Rasulov, the founder of Whelp.co. He expresses gratitude for platforms that allow entrepreneurs like himself to share their stories of success and failure, offering insights to aspiring and new founders.

The Core Problem Solved by Whelp.co

Timestamp: [00:36]

Summary: Seymur delves into the primary problem addressed by Whelp.co: eliminating customer frustration caused by being put on hold during support calls. He emphasizes how this issue affects customer satisfaction and the innovative solution offered by Whelp.co to automate customer support, ensuring no customer is left waiting.

Target Customers and Industry Focus

Timestamp: [02:20]

Summary: Seymur discusses Whelp.co’s initial focus on small and medium businesses and its expansion into six key industries: e-commerce, retail, real estate, hospitality, banking and financial services, and insurance. He highlights the company’s evolution in identifying and catering to specific market needs.

Market Strategy and Customer Feedback

Timestamp: [04:12]

Summary: The conversation shifts to market strategies and the importance of not aiming to serve everyone. Seymur shares insights on how customer feedback helped refine Whelp.co’s offerings, focusing on chatbot automation, omnichannel support, and advanced reporting to meet specific client needs.

Building the Company and Sales Strategies

Timestamp: [09:45]

Summary: Seymur reflects on the initial phases of building Whelp.co, emphasizing the value of personal branding and networking. He narrates his experiences in reaching out to potential clients and the importance of asking the right questions during sales pitches.

Financial Struggles and Team Downsizing

Timestamp: [15:45]

Summary: A candid discussion ensues about the financial challenges faced by Whelp.co, including a period with only $10K in the bank and the difficult decision to downsize the team. Seymur shares personal stories of resilience and the harsh realities of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Personal Reflections

Timestamp: [20:17]

Summary: The episode concludes with Seymur sharing his personal journey as an entrepreneur. He discusses the joys and hardships of building a business, emphasizing the spiritual, mental, emotional, and financial rewards of entrepreneurship, despite its challenges.


This podcast episode with Seymur Rasulov is full of entrepreneurial wisdom for anyone who wants to navigate the turbulent waters of business growth and team management. Seymur shares insights that are as practical as they are inspiring.

The episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the real-world challenges and victories of building a company. Seymur’s candid storytelling and the in-depth analysis of Whelp.co’s journey make this episode a compelling narrative of what it truly means to be an entrepreneur in today’s dynamic business environment.

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