6 Founders and One Vision: The Story of Kubeark, with Teo and Adrian

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In an ever-evolving tech landscape, it’s essential to spotlight those pushing the boundaries. This episode of our podcast does just that, featuring the insightful Adrian and Teo from Kubeark. As co-founders of a company that’s revolutionizing software operation management, their journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Kubeark stands out in the crowded tech space with its innovative approach to managing software operations across various infrastructures.

This episode delves deep into the minds of these tech founders, uncovering the challenges, triumphs, and wisdom behind Kubeark’s success. “Imagine a world where your software operations are as flexible as your ideas,” teases Adrian in a moment of revelation.

Who is Adrian Tudoran & Teo Harapcea?

Adrian and Teo, the co-founders of Kubeark, bring a wealth of experience and innovation to the tech industry. Their paths crossed at IBM, where a shared vision and complementary skills led to the birth of Kubeark. With Adrian’s keen business acumen and Teo’s technical prowess, they have propelled Kubeark to the forefront of software operation management.

Kubeark, their brainchild, is offering a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructures, simplifying and streamlining software operations. Their solution caters predominantly to enterprises, addressing complex software needs and enabling scalability and efficiency.

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Summary of the Podcast

Kubeark’s Solution and Customer Base

Timestamp: [00:00] – [02:08]

Adrian and Teo, representing Kubeark, discuss the company’s all-in-one software operation management platform. This platform helps companies manage and scale their software operations across various infrastructures. A key feature they highlight is the ability to create on-demand environments, integrating with external communication platforms like Teams or Slack. Their primary customers are large enterprises with numerous processes and software applications, which allow Kubeark’s platform to be fully utilized and tested.

The Origins of Kubeark

Timestamp: [02:50] – [04:59]

The conversation shifts to the origins of Kubeark. Adrian and Teo recall meeting at IBM, where their partnership and the idea for Kubeark originated. They discuss the early challenges of developing and marketing their initial platform and the strategic decision to establish Kubeark in both Romania and the U.S. This dual-entity approach was a forward-thinking move to eventually capture the U.S. market.

Market Differences and Growth

Timestamp: [05:44] – [07:18]

The duo talks about the differences between U.S. and European markets, noting that U.S. customers are generally more demanding. They also mention Kubeark’s growth, with about 20 employees and a panel of advisors who provide valuable feedback and contribute to the company’s development.

Co-Founders and Company Management

Timestamp: [07:56] – [10:42]

Adrian and Teo describe how they manage the challenges of having six co-founders. Their approach includes regular syncs and a balanced division of labor, with half the group focusing on technical aspects and the other on business. This structure helps them avoid conflicts and maintain a productive working relationship.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

Timestamp: [11:31] – [16:39]

Kubeark’s customer acquisition is multi-faceted. They rely on word-of-mouth, partnerships with cloud providers like AWS and Azure, and their investors’ networks. Additionally, they engage in marketing campaigns, events, and social media outreach. A notable strategy is collaborating with cloud providers to help businesses migrate from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

Engineering and Team Structure

Timestamp: [17:17] – [18:36]

Teo, as CTO, shares insights into building Kubeark’s engineering team. With a background in freelancing and open-source communities, he handpicked team members who were essential for product development. Currently, the engineering team comprises about half of the company’s workforce.

Challenges and Personal Stories

Timestamp: [19:20] – [22:37]

Both guests share personal anecdotes and challenges faced during their entrepreneurial journey. These stories range from near-misses in personal responsibilities due to work demands to serendipitous encounters with potential investors.

Contact Information and Closing

Timestamp: [23:31] – [24:12]

The podcast concludes with Adrian and Teo providing contact information for Kubeark. They invite interested parties to visit their website, connect on LinkedIn, or book a demo through various channels.


This episode with Adrian and Teo is filled with insights for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship. Their story is more than just the rise of Kubeark; it’s a narrative of innovation, determination, and strategic foresight.

From their initial meet-up at IBM to tackling the complexities of the global software market, they demonstrate what it takes to build a company that not only survives but thrives in today’s competitive landscape.

The journey of Kubeark, with its unique challenges and victories, offers invaluable lessons for aspiring tech entrepreneurs and industry veterans alike. To dive deeper into their world and gain more in-depth insights, tune into the full episode.

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