A contrarian way to build a SaaS company with Outseta co-founder Geoff Roberts

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In an era where technology startups are reshaping our world, this podcast episode featuring Geoff Roberts, co-founder of OutSeta, stands out as with insights and inspiration. Geoff’s journey in the SaaS industry, shaping OutSeta into a platform that addresses the multifaceted challenges of startup technology integration, is nothing short of remarkable.

His candid sharing of experiences and strategies offers a heap of knowledge for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.

“Building for SaaS what Shopify built for e-commerce,” as Geoff puts it, captures the essence of OutSeta’s mission – a statement that hooks us and their customers alike.

Who is Geoff Roberts?

Geoff Roberts is a co-founder of OutSeta. OutSeta has carved a niche by offering an all-in-one platform that elegantly solves the jigsaw puzzle of integrating multiple business tools for SaaS startups. This solution has positioned OutSeta as a significant player in the industry, helping startups accelerate their growth without the burdensome overhead of managing disparate software systems.

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Summary of the Podcast

OutSeta’s Mission and Approach

Timestamp: [00:01 – 01:40]

OutSeta aims to simplify the startup process for SaaS companies by providing an integrated platform that combines essential business tools like CRM, billing, and help desk solutions. Geoff discusses the platform’s focus on speed to market and reducing the time founders spend on system integration, likening OutSeta’s role in SaaS to what Shopify has done for e-commerce.

The Genesis and Early Challenges

Timestamp: [01:40 – 05:52]

Geoff describes the origins of OutSeta, born from the frustration of constantly integrating different tools in a previous venture. He emphasizes the inefficiencies early-stage founders face, leading to the creation of OutSeta. The early years were challenging, involving significant product development and the need for perseverance through slow initial growth.

Overcoming Startup Hurdles

Timestamp: [05:52 – 08:36]

Despite a tough start and moments of doubt, the OutSeta team’s belief in their solution and commitment to their vision kept them going. Geoff highlights the importance of having a complementary founding team and a shared philosophical alignment, crucial for navigating through the challenging early phase.

Company Philosophy and Employee Empowerment

Timestamp: [08:36 – 11:58]

OutSeta operates under a unique philosophy, focusing on long-term success and maintaining a small, efficient team. Geoff shares their approach to hiring, emphasizing autonomy and self-management. He details their compensation model, which includes a standardized salary and significant equity stakes for all employees, fostering a co-founder mentality across the team.

Growth Strategies and Customer Acquisition

Timestamp: [11:58 – 17:46]

Discussing growth strategies, Geoff credits content marketing, community engagement, and strategic partnerships (like with Stripe and Webflow) as key drivers. He also mentions a successful affiliate program that complements their no-sales-team approach, leveraging user recommendations to attract new customers.

Future Outlook and Market Positioning

Timestamp: [17:46 – 21:38]

Looking ahead, Geoff is confident in OutSeta’s unique position in the market. Their unconventional strategies, like offering equity to all team members and operating with a long-term mindset, set them apart in the competitive SaaS landscape. He shares insights on their willingness to forego conventional paths, like VC funding, to maintain their vision and values.

Tactical Insights and Scaling Up

Timestamp: [21:38 – 34:16]

Geoff discusses tactical aspects, including the importance of aligning marketing strategies with the company’s philosophy. OutSeta’s current focus is on maximizing existing growth channels, like content marketing and integrations, while being open to new emerging technologies that align with their product.


This podcast episode with Geoff Roberts is a masterclass in understanding the SaaS startup ecosystem. Geoff’s narrative isn’t just about OutSeta’s journey; it’s a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.

The key takeaways from this episode underscore the importance of resilience, strategic thinking, and innovative approaches in the competitive world of startups. Geoff’s philosophy of integrating autonomy, respect, and substantial equity for all team members at OutSeta is a game-changer in how we perceive startup culture and employee empowerment.

To absorb the full depth of Geoff Roberts’ insights and OutSeta’s groundbreaking strategies, listening to the entire episode is a must.

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