Bearish VC Market, Life as a Solopreneur, and much more with Robin Singhvi, founder of SmartCue

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In this episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Robin Singhvi, founder of SmartCue, an innovative player in the B2B SaaS industry. This episode is a journey through the intricate world of tech entrepreneurship, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of building a business in today’s dynamic market.

Singhvi, with his unique blend of expertise and candidness, shares invaluable insights that resonate with anyone interested in the tech startup ecosystem.

Picture this: a world where product demos become a breeze, and sales cycles are no longer a labyrinth – that’s the vision Singhvi paints in our discussion.

Who is Robin Singhvi?

Meet Robin Singhvi, founder of SmartCue, a platform revolutionizing the way companies handle product demonstrations. With a background steeped in enterprise sales and a knack for identifying market gaps, he founded SmartCue to tackle a persistent challenge in the B2B SaaS space – the complexity of product demos.

SmartCue stands out with innovation, simplifying this process and making it more accessible to marketing and sales teams. Singhvi’s approach has a vision to transform the sales landscape, making it more efficient and customer-centric.

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Summary of the Podcast

Introduction to SmartCue and Its Solutions

Timestamp: [00:00:00]

Robin Singhvi, founder of SmartCue, opens the podcast by discussing the unique solution SmartCue provides. It’s an interactive demo platform designed for go-to-market teams, simplifying the creation of interactive product showcases. This innovation addresses the challenge of marketing and sales teams relying heavily on development teams for creating personalized demos.

By reducing this dependency, SmartCue empowers B2B buyers to engage more actively with products early in their decision-making process, enhancing the efficiency of the sales funnel. This approach also improves lead qualification, contributing to a more streamlined sales motion and higher conversion rates.

SmartCue’s Target Market and Customer Profiles

Timestamp: [03:38]

Singhvi delves into the typical buyers of SmartCue, noting a trend among companies with complex software products. SmartCue aids these companies in simplifying their sales cycles and product demonstrations.

Interestingly, the platform serves two distinct customer segments: traditional enterprises with longer sales cycles and Product-Led Growth (PLG) companies. For PLG companies, SmartCue is particularly beneficial in enhancing top-of-funnel lead quality, which is crucial for their free-to-paid conversion ratios.

Journey of SmartCue: Founding and Funding

Timestamp: [08:02]

The conversation shifts to SmartCue’s inception and funding journey. Founded in October 2021, Singhvi initially bootstrapped the venture. However, recognizing the importance of external validation, he later pursued and secured a small funding round comprising a fund and several angel investors. This decision was driven by a desire to not only validate the business concept but also to leverage the expertise and networks of investors in the B2B SaaS space.

Approach to AI and Product Development

Timestamp: [13:00]

Singhvi discusses his cautious approach towards integrating AI into SmartCue. He emphasizes the importance of AI adding significant value to the user experience before considering its integration. Singhvi’s focus remains on refining SmartCue based on direct customer feedback and real-world use cases, ensuring the product continually evolves to meet user needs effectively.

Challenges and Strategies as a Solo Founder

Timestamp: [15:05]

The podcast explores the unique challenges Singhvi faced as a solo founder. He highlights the importance of a supportive network, including advisors, mentors, and a personal board of directors, in navigating the entrepreneurial journey. Singhvi also touches upon the recent addition of a CTO and a lean team structure, which has positively impacted SmartCue’s development and customer engagement.

Customer Acquisition and Marketing Strategies

Timestamp: [22:43]

Singhvi shares insights into SmartCue’s customer acquisition strategies. The first ten customers were secured through personal networks, leveraging his background in enterprise sales. Subsequently, LinkedIn personal branding and Product Hunt launches proved to be effective channels for scaling to over a hundred customers. Singhvi emphasizes the selective and strategic approach to marketing, focusing on channels that resonate most with SmartCue’s target audience.

Future Vision for SmartCue

Timestamp: [30:51]

The podcast concludes with Singhvi sharing his vision for SmartCue. He aims to enhance various aspects of the sales motion for go-to-market teams, starting with product demos. While keeping the details under wraps, Singhvi hints at further innovations to streamline and optimize the sales process, ultimately driving faster revenue growth for clients.


This podcast episode with Robin Singhvi of SmartCue is a goldmine of insights for entrepreneurs, marketers, and tech enthusiasts alike. From the conception of a user-friendly demo platform to the challenges of fundraising in a bearish market, Singhvi’s approach to integrating AI, cautious yet forward-thinking, is a valuable lesson in product development.

Moreover, his strategies as a solo founder offer practical guidance for anyone in the startup arena.

We highly encourage you to dive into the full episode to absorb the depth of knowledge Singhvi shares.

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